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Get Marry or Not

(2009-05-18 19:42:45)





都忘了是哪天欠的一个speach ,不过还好记得题目是Get marry or not

要怎么写呢?当然,我的外语水平不是一般的poor ,那就先写好汉语在找网站翻吧。







一辈子不结婚的人很多,其原因也不同,如精神恋爱的鼻祖柏拉图,因追求精神恋爱而单身一生。英国伟大物理学家牛顿因一生致力于科学的研究,一生并没有get marry 但却影响了整个人类!著名哲学家金岳霖先生因痴情与一代才女林微音而选择终生不娶,其精神并非现在的人可以明了。


Get marry or not ?这不是个问题!


Marriage, as if it is a necessity. Is an end-result is a combination of both the performance of the soul. In ancient times, get married and have children is "the arrangement" a kind of performance, after all, "there are three unfilial, no major post-" and it seems that marriage is to carry on the family line. At the time, there is not much of marriage and love relationship is a relationship purely a constraint, a kind of affirmation of identity.
The marriage is now the majority of people think it is a crystallization of love. They look forward to a long life together for a long time, so they chose to form a family. Marriage has become a kind of hope he door.
There is another part of the marriage from the old to the emptiness is, after all, there is a saying called "bring up their children to old age." Can not take care of themselves until they are afraid of the day, unaccompanied and unattended.
But now the phenomenon of divorce, more and more, some people chose not to get married, they think marriage is a form of cohabitation is not marriage can still be children. If it is found that living together and unpleasant, and also very easy to separate. There is no "marriage certificate" no one who can not restrict the freedom of what each other do not need their responsibilities and obligations. In addition, marriage to invite friends and relatives, before big feast, it is some of extravagance and waste, not to marry a lot of trouble will be saved, but also to promote the conservation and harmonious society to coordinate the ... ...
Not a happy marriage life is not it? Heavenly king Andy Lau is not music you still single? But he still had a very well-being, ah, to accompany him for more than ten years spent zhuliqian, he said: "We are to accept each other to get along now because it is natural and comfortable, simply do not want too much." Comfortable Naturally, this is life, ah, why marry?
Former Vice Premier Wu Yi also unmarried is not it? Her career and life is also very good is not it!
Married life is not a lot of different reasons, such as the originator of the spirit of Platonic love, the spirit of love and the pursuit of a single lifetime. Newton United Kingdom because of the great physicist's lifetime commitment to scientific research, life did not get marry but it affects the whole of humanity! A result of a well-known philosopher, Mr. Jin Yuelin Lin talented woman infatuated with the generation of micro-sound chosen not to marry for life, the spirit of the people can not understand now.
In my opinion, marriage is not important or not, married and unmarried is just a label, just like to ask people where you are? This problem may affect many aspects, but they will not is an important place. Only the key to everything that nature, or called themselves, their own happiness, in marriage or not there Got to Do? The level of self-cultivation can not be given water and soil.
Get marry or not? This is not a problem!


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