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(2008-02-28 15:55:11)



在此背景下,勒布朗开始了他的少年篮球赛季。 In as coach for SVSM was Dru Joyce, the father of LeBron’s best friend and the team’s point guard. 在作为教练svsm是dru乔伊斯,父亲的勒布朗最好的朋友和球队的控球后卫。 The Fighting Irish faced one of the toughest schedules in the country. 战斗爱尔兰所面临的一个最棘手的时间表,在该国。 Indeed, nearly half of the school’s opponents were ranked nationally. 事实上,有将近一半的学校的对手,被评为全国。 LeBron and his teammates opened against Germantown (Pa.) Academy, which featured a pair of stars, Lee Melchionni and Matt Walsh. 勒布朗和他的队友开对Germantown的(宾州)学院,其中内容包括对颗星,李梅尔基翁尼和马特沃尔什。 Thanks to LeBron’s 38 points and 17 rebounds, SVSM won 70-64. 感谢勒布朗的38分和17个篮板, svsm韩元70-64 。 Next, at the JAR Arena, the Fighting Irish registered a 49-41 victory over Vashon of St. Louis and their shifty point guard, Jimmy McKinney. 其次,在罐子上,战斗爱尔兰登记49-41战胜vashon的圣路易斯和他们的大牌控球后卫,麦麦克金利。 LeBron led the way with 26 points. 勒布朗领导方式的26分。

SVSM rode the momentum from those victories into the Slam Dunk to the Beach, a Christmas tournament held in Delaware. svsm乘着势头,从这些胜利进入扣篮到海滩上,一个别开生面的赛举行在美国特拉华州。 There the Fighting Irish fell for the first time, an 84-83 loss to Amityville of New York. 有战斗力的爱尔兰首次下降的时候,一个84-83损失艾米提维尔的纽约。 LeBron almost gave his team a dramatic win with a four-point play near the end of regulation. 勒布朗几乎给他的团队戏剧性赢得了四点发挥临近结束时的规例。 But Amityville followed with two free throws to seize the lead for good. 但艾米提维尔遵循的两次罚球,以抓住领先优势。 Weeks later, in a game against local rival Brush, LeBron felt like he was back on the gridiron. 两周后,在一场针对当地竞争对手刷子,勒布朗就象要他回来就多格。 Roy Hall, a well muscled guard headed to Ohio State on a football scholarship, bodied him all over the court. 罗伊会堂,以及肌民警卫队前往俄亥俄州状态对一个足球奖学金,健全他都法院。 LeBron responded with a grinding defensive effort, limiting Hall to eight points in an easy victory. 勒布朗回应与磨削防御性的努力,从而限制了大堂,以8分,在轻松的胜利。

In February SVSM suffered its first two-game losing streak since LeBron joined the team. 在2月svsm遭受了第一次两连败,自从勒布朗加入团队。 The first defeat came in a highly anticipated rematch with Oak Hill, at the Prime Time Shootout in Trenton, NJ. 首次击败了世界排名在高度预期rematch与橡树山,在黄金时间枪战,在特伦顿,新泽西州。 Though LeBron sizzled with 36 points, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Warriors and their top gun, Carmelo Anthony, who poured in 34. 虽然勒布朗sizzled 36分,这是不够的,以克服勇士和他们顶炮,安东尼,他们倾注了34个。 The Fighting Irish were beaten again a week later by George Junior Republic of Pennsylvania. 战斗中,爱尔兰被毒打又一个星期后,乔治初级共和国宾夕法尼亚州。

Antoine Walker, 1997 Upper Deck 沃克, 1997年上层

The pair of losses did nothing to diminish LeBron’s reputation. 在对亏损没有做任何削弱勒布朗的声誉。 Kobe Bryant, hoping to lure the teenager to adidas, gave him a special pair of sneakers decorated with American flags. 科比,希望诱使少年到阿迪达斯给了他一个特殊一双运动鞋装饰着美国国旗。 While in Cleveland to play the Cavs, Shaquille O’Neal caught one of LeBron’s games at the JAR Arena. 而在克利夫兰扮演骑士,奥尼尔陷入之一勒布朗的游戏,在罐子上。

The Fighting Irish, meanwhile, embarked on a new winning streak that fueled another run to the state final. 战斗爱尔兰人,同时,走上了新的连胜即燃另一个高潮,国务院最终决定。 In front of 20,000 screaming fans on the Ohio State campus, however, they failed in their quest for three titles in a row, losing 71-63 to Roger Bacon of Cincinnati. 在前面的20000名尖叫的歌迷对俄亥俄州立校园,然而,他们未能在追求三届冠军,在连续亏损71-63至罗杰培根的辛辛那提市。 LeBron, who battled back spasms all night long, wasn’t at his best, and his teammates were unable to pick up the slack. 勒布朗,他们战斗背部痉挛一整夜,是不是他最好的,和他的队友们不能带着这种呆滞。

LeBron finished the year averaging 28 points, six assists and just under nine rebounds. 勒布朗完成全年平均为28分, 6次助攻和刚下9个篮板。 An All-American on everybody’s list, he was named National Player of the Year by Gatorade, USA Today and Parade Magazine . 全美国对每个人的名单中他被评为全国年度最佳球员gatorade , 今日美国报杂志 But LeBron wasn’t completely satisfied with his season. 但勒布朗并没有完全满意,他的赛季。 His greatest cause for concern was the drop in his 3-point shooting (34%) and free throws (59.3%). 他最大的令人担忧的问题是落在他的3分射手( 34 % )和罚球( 59.3 % ) 。 He resolved to spend extra time in the gym working on both areas. 他决心花额外的时间在健身房工作,就这两个领域。


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