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(2010-04-17 00:41:19)


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your April Horoscope by Susan Miller

Gemini Horoscope for April 2010

By Susan Miller

Whenever there is a full moon at the end of the previous month, as we had March 29, emotions tend to run strong. So as the new month begins, you will likely still be thinking about what occurred. This full moon focused on your personal life - the person you love, or even a child - and brought a conclusion, ending, or major new development. That new moon helped you make a decision and move forward with greater certainty. If a cloud passed overhead at the end of March (possible, due to the presence of Saturn, which was so close to that full moon), you should find April to be a better month.

The new moon April 14 will bring you a chance for more fun, to socialize, widen your circle of friends, and find ways to enjoy yourself. When this new moon sets up this trend, you will find it a magnificent change from the formal, hard-work focus you've had for weeks. You will truly enjoy what comes up. What makes it delicious is that your social life will become so unexpectedly exciting. Neptune will be beautifully oriented toward this new moon, so you'll be inspired by those you meet and by some new friends who will bring ideas and contacts that will allow you to move ahead in your profession in a big way.

Combining business and pleasure will be a big plus this month, for all parts of your life will benefit. In April, it'll soon become clear that being out of the office will have awesome benefits, on many levels. If your birthday falls on June 14 or within five days of this date, you will benefit even more from this lively new moon.

Simultaneously, there is something else happening that will help your social life. Saturn will move out of your fifth house of true love and back into your fourth house of home from April 7 to July 21. This will be the last visit of Saturn to your house of home - after it leaves at end of July it won't be back until 2036. For now you may see a return of an ongoing situation you have already experienced since September 2007. Saturn's exit of your fifth house will instantly open up and ease your love life, and if any frustrating conditions existed since the end of October, it will loosen up now. Of course, Saturn is headed back to your love life in late July, but what's significant now is that you can now find a solution that you can apply later. Sometimes it is a lot easier to think of a fix when pressure is off and it's possible to think freely.

For example, if your sweetheart has been working very long hours, has gone back to graduate school, or for any other reason has been unavailable to you, you will find that situation temporarily calms down. You can have fun, reconnect, and strengthen your bond now. Saturn will be back to your romantic house at July's end for two years, until October 2012, but you will, in time, become quite adept at handling the situation.

If you delayed starting your family, or had problems in achieving conception or getting approval on an adoption of a child, you will have an extraordinary, short, 14-week opportunity to dissolve this impasse and move ahead. If you wait and miss this window, you may have more delays from July 21, 2010, to October 4, 2012, a period of more than two years. It would be more advantageous to move ahead with plans to start or add to your family in April, May, June, or most of July, if possible. I am not saying you CAN'T start a family from 2010 to 2012, but delays and obstacles will more likely come up then and that while the road ahead is clear from April through most of July 2010, you have a better chance at success in this matter.

Now let's turn to your work life, which seems to have been VERY active in March. Mars is still in Leo, so if you are involved in a writing or communication project, it will continue forward now. You have apparently worked very hard, but it's all been worthwhile, for your reputation has grown, and you're well on your way to establishing yourself as a master communicator. I say this because you've had Mars in your communication house since mid-October and that is a very long period for Mars to be positioned. If you write, edit, lecture, do research, sell, proof manuscripts, are a broadcasting producer, librarian, PR expert, or are involved in any other phase of the communication process, you have Mars at your side, helping you every step of the way- and he will continue to do so until early June.

The third house is not only about communication but also about transportation and travel, too. You may have traveled to other cities more than usual since the end of last year and into the first quarter of this year, and if so, you will have used this period to its maximum advantage. There'll be more travel next month.

Now that Mars is moving more rapidly than it has in five months, you will find that more assignments come in. This could be really good news if you are self-employed and depend on a steady stream of new projects to make your living. It also could mean you are among the most favored person in of your department, the one singled out by your bureau chief or editor for all the plum assignments. This strong demand for your talents will continue until June 7, but until then, hold on to your hat - you're on quite an exciting ride. Your arena is getting bigger and more and more people will be hearing your words.

May could turn out to be a landmark month for success. By September you may be on top of the world, for lucky breaks will be coming your way.

Proof that the quality of your work has come to the attention of higher ups will come on April 17, thanks to the wink of Venus to Jupiter in your house of fame. Then, after that, also circle April 23 when an unexpected praise comes from a VIP, straight out of nowhere! Yes, these moments are yummy!

This month, Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde from April 18 to May 11, but you will feel the influence of this planet for longer, from April 5 to May 15. Mercury rules thinking, communicating, perception, and judgment, and all these areas will be impaired during this phase. Put off any key decisions during this period because a Mercury retrograde period points to rapidly changing conditions. You won't know exactly where things are headed until next month. Keep your options open, and refuse to be pressured into giving an answer. If you must sign an agreement, do so in the first week of April or table the signing until May 15 or beyond.

This time Mercury will retrograde in Taurus, ruling your twelfth house of secrets, so you may be having meetings that you will need to keep under wraps for a while. The Sun will be moving through this house too, as will Venus most of the month. Even if you want to tell others about your plans, you will probably be bound by confidentiality clauses. You will actually benefit by not telling anyone about what has been proposed to you, so take time to mull things over.

When Saturn and Uranus oppose one another on April 26 you may feel like you are being needed both at home and at work, with no idea of how to satisfy everyone equally. Saturn will now be in your home sector, so you may be concerned about taking care of your home, other property, or a parent. Your career will be vying for your attention, and one area (not sure which in your case) may feel volatile.

Because Saturn rules your finances, you may see a licensing fee, commission, or other form of income drop precipitously - or actually rise unexpectedly. When Uranus is involved, you never know what to expect, but an opposition usually indicates a propensity for untoward or jarring events. It is alternatively possible that there will be a sudden separation or departure from a person or business entity. If you do pull away from a client or a job, it's because you feel you have no option but to do so. It's possible your company may merge or be sold, too. Right now, anything is possible. Uranus, in aspect, often leaves a scar, but even so, upon reflection afterward, you may say, "Good riddance!" to the old condition. This business situation seems to have reached an end, and in the process tired you to the bone, so by the end of April, you may feel only relief.

There will be a full moon at almost the same time, and this full moon in Scorpio will bring a major project to an end. Full moons bring an enormous amount of energy, so you will be able to rally the team quite effectively to help you finish the project, if necessary. If you are working alone, you will still feel revitalized and determined to polish off this project, once and for all. Pluto will be friendly to this full moon at month's end, so there appears to be good money to be made. Mars will be at hard angles to the moon, and with Mercury retrograde, you may encounter obstacles at every turn - and that will increase pressure as those obstacles eat up time. Try to start early, if possible.

Keep your health strong at the end of April, as you may feel you are under strain. Still, with Pluto so friendly, you can find answers. Pluto is the planet that can help you succeed even in against-all-odds situations, so as you see, you have awesome help at this full moon to overcome even difficult health concerns. (I am not saying you will have one, but if you have a chronic condition or a health concern, Pluto's excellent beams should be a big help.)

Reviving or redoing your fitness routine could be a theme, too. If you feel you've become out of shape, this full moon will make you determined to do something about your fitness now, not later. Your timing would be perfect too - with your energy high, and a corresponding yen to release tensions, you would enjoy your time at the gym working out, or outdoors, doing sports.

Venus will tour Gemini from April 25 to May 19, so if you decide it's time to tone up, you'll garner quick compliments. (If you have been working out, it's a good time to switch things up a bit.)

This period would also be your ideal time to think about giving your looks an upgrade. With Mercury retrograde, however, I would suggest you wait to have that major restyle to your hair or any other part of you scheduled after May 15. Wait until then to buy clothes, too. You will be glad you waited. You'll love the results that you begin to see by the end of May.

Romantically, certain realities were becoming clear at the end of March, and you may still be grappling with what you learned as you enter April. It was important to remain realistic and unemotional about facts that came to light. You may have recently heard some sort of news, or suffered a break up, or are suddenly coping with an enforced separation, perhaps due to work, university study, or family demands on you or your partner. What you decide is up to you, as there is no "destiny" there - you can fix things, bond closer or, if you feel there's no hope, leave.

If you've not been dating, mid-to-late April will be the perfect alignments of planets for meeting someone new.

If you are happy and in love, you may have recently become engaged or wed, or will soon plan for a baby. Clearly, in the future, you will want to see progress in your relationship, and if it stagnates, you won't show the patience you have in the past.

Your very best time for fun and love no matter what your status will come over the weekend of April 17-18. That's when Venus, planet of love and natural ruler of your fifth house of true love-new love, will reach out to Jupiter. This would be the perfect time to plan to go away for the weekend. You'll be in a happy mood too, for career news that comes on April 15 or 16 could be very upbeat and affirming of just how valuable you are in the marketplace.

The following week, on Friday, April 23 (plus or minus one day), a party that you might attend could turn out to be quite special. Certainly it's a day to try your luck, as Venus and Uranus will be cooking up surprises. It looks like you'll be in a grand mood because again your career may bring lively, positive news and that evening you'll be radiating a glow.

Most romantic dates: April 17-18, 25-26, and 30, but also you can add as runner up dates: April 7-8, 13, and 14-16.


Saturn is now settled back in your home sector from April 7 to July 21 for an eleventh hour visit before leaving this area of your chart for the coming nearly three decades. Once gone, Saturn won't return until 2036. You appear to be intent on achieving a home-related goal, such as to buy or sell a home, add furniture, or renovate a part of your space. Much can be accomplished now, and warmer days will make those plans easier to accomplish. If you have been trying to think of a solution to a situation involving a parent, you can now do so, once and for all.


Allow time for relaxing travel, too. Can't go far? That's OK! Even a simple trip taken in April's second half will go far to rejuvenate your spirit. Choose a B&B in a charming locale that is within a two-hour drive from home - nearby trips sparkle now. Your best weekend for your mini-trip would be April 17-18, just after the new moon in your friendship and happiness sector, due April 14. You can travel to see friends, relax, or attend a special event, such as a wedding, birthday party, or other gathering that will draws many happy people together.

No matter where you go, even around town, keep track of your cell phone and other electronics, though, for Mercury will retrograde from April 18 to May 11. Under a Mercury retrograde period we become forgetful and often experience unnecessary loss.

The theme of making new friends will be very strong in the second half of April. Consider joining an online community or, in real life, look into joining a club or charity / volunteer effort. By working with others, you'll open new paths of interest and growth. You can expect a breezy exchange of information that will help you shape a larger worldview and increase your likelihood for romantic and career progress. Friends will pay a very large role this summer and beyond, so get busy cultivating people you meet now. You may want to investigate having a summer cottage rental share in a pretty locale where mingling is easy - this year your investment would pay all sorts of happy dividends.

Speaking about your career, influential people have apparently noticed your work and have even spread a buzz about you. Unexpected breakthroughs could occur in late April, May, or June - be ready. Publicity and praise for recent work could be the icing on the cake. At the full moon, April 28, you may get a plum assignment that will allow you to show off your creative side in a big way.

Still, the opposition of Saturn and Uranus spells change involving a family, parental, home / property, or career situation. You may be making a radical change now, either because you have to do so, or because you have suddenly may feel you have come to the end of the line with one association or job and it's time to move to something fresh and new.

Venus will tour Gemini from April 25 to May 19, bringing three weeks of romantic bliss in April and most of May. During this time, steal a little time off for yourself. Mercury will be retrograde, so rather than shop for expensive things, indulge in fun salon / barbershop and spa treatments.

Also plan to initiate a new fitness routine. Join a gym, hire a trainer or take up a new sport. With the full moon in Scorpio April 28 supporting your efforts to be healthy and trim, you'll be motivated to be bikini-ready for summer (or if you live down under, the new fall season) in no time flat.

Dates to Note:

Saturn will be back to your home sector April 17 to July 21. Home-related matters, real estate issues and those involving family, especially the care and well being of your parents, now need to be addressed.

Travel is lovely fun this month. Try for a quick trip April 17-18.

The new moon April 14 will bring lots more people - and the possibility to make new friends - to your sphere. You'll be socializing up a storm in the second half! Join or participate in a club, community, or charity in real life or online.

Your career is about to take a big step up in late April, May, or early June. Publicity could flow to you.

A coveted assignment may come to you within days of April 28 that allows you to reveal your creativity.

You may decide you can benefit from a new fitness routine at the full moon, April 28. If you have had a health difficulty, special treatments, or physical therapy, you will see that phase come to an end now, much to your relief.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde April 18 to May 11. Keep track of your electronics and cell phone during this phase.

At the full moon, April 28, health matters are reaching an end point. It will be the perfect time to sign up for fitness classes or get a trainer.

Romantically, you are becoming more realistic. The end of March may have brought a watershed moment when something came to light. You will want to see progress from now on, or you'll leave.

Venus will favor you when she glides in Gemini from April 25 to May 19. Indulge in spa treatments and some new things - you may meet someone new or reconcile with someone from your best.

Most romantic dates: April 17-18, 25-26, and 30, but also you can add as runner up dates: April 7-8, 13, and 14-16.



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