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分类: 城市美食
食物是去美食街。 From New York to Saigon, here are the can't-miss options.从纽约到西贡,这里是不容错过的选择。 From July 2010 By Emma Sloley 2010年7月 通过爱玛Sloley

It's 3 am You're walking home from a night out with friends when something stops you: the irresistible smell of spicy fried meat and onions emanating from a brightly lit kebab truck parked by the side of the road.这是凌晨3点你走朋友家的同一个晚上从出站时,你的东西:在路上不可抗拒的辛辣气味炸肉和洋葱产生从一个侧面灯火通明的烤肉串车停放。 This is no hot dog cart.这不是热狗车。 It's a little slice of heaven.这是一个天上的小片。

As any late-night reveler or hungry commuter will tell you, there's nothing quite like the (cheap) culinary thrill of lining up at a food cart or stall as a sidewalk maestro rustles up something steaming and delicious to go.由于任何深夜狂欢者或饥饿通勤会告诉你,有什么能比得上的大师(便宜人行道)烹饪作为刺激排队的车档的食品或掀动了热气腾腾的可口的东西去。 And as street food undergoes something of a renaissance, especially in the US, it's possible to unearth amazing roadside finds that are worth a detour.和街头食品经历了文艺复兴时期美国的东西,特别是在,就有可能发掘惊人的路边发现一个值得绕道。

Street food has a long history—in Pompeii, you'll find remains of snack shops with painted menu items on the walls.街头食品有着悠久的历史,在庞贝城,你会发现墙壁仍然保持了小吃店画与菜单项。 Today, it's extremely popular: the UN estimates that some 2.5 billion people eat street food every day.今天,这是非常流行:联合国估计,约有25亿人每天吃街头小食。

It seems that number is only growing.看来这个数字只是增长。 In cities like New York , San Francisco , and Portland, OR , street food has risen to the level of cult obsession, revered by the world's greatest chefs and blogged about by devotees as they track the location of their favorite trucks on Twitter.在这样的城市纽约 旧金山波特兰,或 ,街头食品已经上升到了痴迷程度的崇拜,崇敬世界上最伟大的厨师和信徒的博客上讲述了他们的轨道位置的Twitter对他们最喜欢的车。 New York even has the Vendy Awards, an annual competition for the best street food vendor.纽约甚至有Vendy奖,一个食品供应商的年度比赛的最佳街道。

And this street food is—in some cases—incredibly good.而这条街上的食物是在某些情况下非常好。 The best street food is not just a hasty snack, but a slice of the culture from which it originates.最好的街头食品并不只是一个草率的零食,而是源于切片从它的文化。 Take, for example, pho, the deliciously herbaceous noodle broth found all over Vietnam .以河粉,例如,清汤面的美味草本植物遍布所有越南 “The street-side stalls in Hanoi are amazing,” enthuses David Myers of California restaurants Comme Ça , Sona , and Pizzeria Ortica . “方在河内街头摊档是惊人的,”兴奋大卫迈尔斯餐厅加州Comme钙 索娜 ,和比萨饼店Ortica “The clean, light, and pure flavors remind you that you're not in Kansas anymore.” “清洁,光线,味道纯正提醒你,你不是在堪萨斯了。“

Erica Wides, a chef-instructor at New York's Institute of Culinary Education who's also known as Chef Smartypants, explains why Asia is the source of so much beloved street food—some of which has made the transition into fine dining.埃里卡Wides,一个厨师的教练在纽约烹饪教育学院谁也Smartypants称为厨师,解释了为什么亚洲是深受大家爱戴的来源,使街头食品,其中一些已经过渡到美食。 “A lot of street foods originate in cultures with open-air dining, like Southeast Asia's night markets,” she says. “一个食品了街头文化起源于市场与露天晚上用餐,像东南亚的,”她说。 “It becomes a social activity for people, to shop, snack, and catch up. “这成为人们社会活动,购物,小吃,,迎头赶上。 In Japan , sushi was originally a fast food snack for fishmongers, an easy, portable snack they could finish in a few bites.”日本 ,寿司,原本是为鱼贩小吃快餐,一个简单,便携小吃他们可以在完成了几口。“

But street foods respect no boundaries, crossing continents and borders with impunity.但是,街头食品方面没有国界,跨越国界与大陆和有罪不罚。 How else to explain the proliferation of ethnic food carts in Portland, OR, for instance, where the number of carts is estimated to be around 550 by foodcartsportland.com , a site dedicated to the city's street food culture.否则怎么解释增殖的约550名不同民族的食物推车在波特兰,或者,其中instance,这个数字估计车是foodcartsportland.com ,饮食文化的网站,致力于城市的街道。 Famished pavement pounders can savor everything from Peruvian snacks to Korean kimchi to delicate onigiri , nori-wrapped rice balls with pickled fillings from Todbott's Triangles, a cart on Alberta Street with a devoted following.饿路面庞德斯可以品尝小吃,一切从秘鲁韩国泡菜精致饭团 ,紫菜包裹致力于水稻的球后用腌制馅料从Todbott街的三角形,一车在艾伯塔省。

While many of the world's best street foods originated many oceans away, you don't need a passport to try all of them.虽然吃了许多世界一流的街头很多海洋起源的时候,你不需要护照审判他们所有。 Here's the inside scoop on the best spots around the globe to get your fast food fix.这里是全球最佳景点周围里面舀上让你的快餐店解决。 So hit the street and start snacking.因此传遍大街小巷,开始吃零食。


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