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Andy Gray的报道

(2008-04-08 14:03:11)


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It will be fascinating to see what team Arsene Wenger decides to go with in the Carling Cup final against Chelsea at the Millennium Stadium on Sunday.


The Arsenal kids have taken the competition by storm this year with fantastic away wins against West Brom, Everton and of course the 6-3 demolition of a weakened Liverpool side at Anfield.


The question now is, are these youngsters capable of repeating their earlier efforts against the Premiership champions in a major cup final?


There's no reason not to believe Arsene Wenger when he says he is going to remain loyal to his kids in the final. I just think they will need a few experienced heads to combat the power of Chelsea.


There are all sorts of little questions that Arsene will have to answer as he decides on his team, not least who plays up front.


Does Emmanuel Adebayor come in or does he stay with Jeremie Aliadiere and Julio Baptista who have performed heroics to get them to the final?


I think we might see a few of Arsenal's more experienced players come in and take the field in Cardiff on Sunday. Players like William Gallas and Freddie Ljungberg for example might well find themselves in the team.


There is a major trophy at stake and after their disappointing result against PSV in midweek Wenger will want to get his hands on some silverware at the first attempt.


There's no doubt that the next fortnight could blow Arsenal's season wide open. They might lose the Carling Cup final, they might be out of the FA Cup and PSV might dump them out of Europe.


That's a horrible prospect for Wenger to contemplate and that's why over the next 14 days that have to be at it 100 per cent and on the top of their game.


Chelsea have their own injury problems going into the game with only one fit recognised central defender in Ricardo Carvalho.


John Terry's absence will be keenly felt and with Khalid Boulahrouz also unavailable, Michael Essien will probably fill in at the back again. That leaves Mourinho able to play Lampard, Makelele and Ballack in the middle of the park which isn't too shabby!


And the two guys up front are now scoring in tandem and looking like a partnership for the first time this season. So despite being stretched at the back, Chelsea still look a strong and powerful unit.


I think people have been very swift to condemn Andriy Shevchenko this season, which when you consider what he has achieved in the game is bordering on the disrespectful. He hasn't been afforded the settling in period that his achievements in the game have deserved.


Now with a few goals under his belt he looks much more like the player that AC Milan had and it was just a matter of time until he came good.


For all the problems off the pitch at Stamford Bridge this season I can think of 18 managers that would want to swap places with Jose Mourinho and Chelsea.


Manchester United would be the only other team that would be happy with what they have got but Chelsea are still in all four competitions and only six points off the top of the league.


That is a testament to their professionalism in getting the job done during a tricky time in the season in the absence of some key players.


From here on in we will learn something new about Chelsea. It's the first time under Jose Mourinho they have gone into the last third of the season under pressure to perform and get results.


And I have to say that if Arsenal play a lot of their youngsters - as good as they are - and Chelsea are at it, the Blues will have too much power for the young Gunners.


天空体育216号报导 作者:安迪·格雷 Andy Gray


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