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(2008-12-03 12:19:43)


分类: 如歌的人物

Haley and the ego problem 海利和他的理想抱負


Translated by The Haley Joel Osment Zone...and special thanks to Margaret
此篇文章由海利喬奧斯蒙中文天地翻譯...特別感謝 Margaret 的協助翻譯

HALEY JOEL OSMENT has pulled off a portrayal of a haunted child in The Sixth Sense that should win him an Oscar nomination. And he's turning in another masterly performance before my eyes.
The scene is a London hotel and the bit part actors are a crowd of journalists who have come to ask Haley a few questions about himself and his ghost film. The star, aged 11, is so small that his little pointed face scarcely peeks above the table top, but his assurance is immense
"What is the scariest experience you have ever had?" asks one.
"I'm too young to have had any bone-shaking experiences, so I guess it was reading the script of The Sixth Sense," he replies.
"What was it like acting with Bruce Willis?" asks another.
"He was really comfortable to be around," Haley says. "And he works real hard. He never comes out of character, even when he's walking down the street."
Conducting this press conference on his own, the boy seems uncannily relaxed. If it weren't for his bat-squeak of a voice, he could be an old pro as he talks of "serving the script" and the "honour" of being involved in a film that has been described as "a brief lapse in America's infatuation with brainlessness".
他的敬業使得奈沙馬蘭(靈異第六感的編劇兼導演)為之傾心。其他的候選人穿著拉塌的T-Shirt和棒球帽就來試鏡了,但是Haley出現時,穿著扣得整整齊齊的襯衫和西裝外套。而且在他輕輕的吐出"I see dead people"這段台詞時,奈完全被他降服了。
The respect he showed for his work was what bowled over M Night Shyamalan, the writer/director of The Sixth Sense. While all the other hopefuls turned up to audition in sloppy T-shirts and baseball hats, Haley appeared in a button-down shirt and jacket. And, when the child whispered the line "I see dead people", Night resisted no longer.
For this "publicity junket", as he calls it, with a familiarity born of seven years in the business, Haley is once again neatly turned out in Oxford shirt and well-cut trousers. He looks like a miniature adult and sounds like one, too.
海利準備在這個秋天拍下一部電影,Sebastian's Love,與威廉賀特和Lena Olin一起演出,"它是關於一個孤苦無依的媽媽與孩子間共生共存的故事"他一口氣說完這些,而台下的觀眾對這位早熟的小孩的詞彙則是嘖嘖稱奇。(站長在此打上一個大問號,海利根本沒有演過類似的片,有可能是A.I.人工智能開拍時所放出的假信號彈)
Haley is making another film this autumn, Sebastian's Love, with William Hurt and Lena Olin. "It's about a reclusive mother caught in a co-dependency relationship with her son," he rattles off - and his audience's eyebrows shoot up at this precocious display of vocabulary.
"I read a lot and I talk a lot, too, because I like to use the new words I learn," he says, by way of explanation.
Haley claims that he is just a "normal" boy who also enjoys maths, basketball, golf, Robbie Williams, e-mailing and action movies. He talks, too, about his large collection of pets - including geckos, rats and Amazon tree frogs - and explains, oh so sensibly, that his earnings from movies are being put aside to fund future college studies in zoology.
The wunderkind, who has a bedroom shelf so full of sporting trophies that there would scarcely be room for an Oscar, appears to have a sense of humour, too. When asked what happened to the Star Wars script that he was working on a few years ago, he replies, quick as a flash: "George Lucas got there first".
在那段妙語之後,一個笑聲從從後面傳來,所有人把目光轉了過去,一個穿著與海利相似的男子,坐在與群眾有一小段距離的地方,甚至他穿的鞋子都跟海利是同個 style 的。
At that quip, a guffaw goes up from the back of the room and all eyes swivel. Sitting a discreet distance from the gathering is a man dressed identically to Haley, right down to the style of their shoes.
This is Eugene Osment, Haley's father, who is also his acting coach, chaperone, manager and, to judge from the expression on his face, chief fan. Once he has come into the picture, Haley's frequent use of the first person plural makes sense - as in "we've auditioned", "we would also like to do more comedy and voice-over work" and "the script bowled us over"
Haley seems too confident to be a puppet operated by his father, but when my chance comes to talk to the boy alone, I don't take it. "You don't need me here," says Osment p鋨e breezily, once the rest of the admiring crowd have dispersed.
It doesn't take much arm-twisting, however, to make him stay and talk about how he trained his son for stardom. "Acting? Oh, fire away," he says, glad to address his favourite subject.
Eugene Osment studied drama at a college in Georgia and was all set to do his Masters degree when he was lured over to Hollywood. "I had a really good first year," he remembers, "but then it stopped. The trouble is that there are too many reasonably good-looking men like me around."
當尤金接受了劇院工作時,他的妻子,一個學校教師,還有海利和他的妹妹~ 艾米莉,三餐吃的都是最簡單的意大利麵,日子不算很好。但6年前這些都改變了,就當海利接拍了比勝客的廣告,及後來被邀請在阿甘正傳中演佛洛斯二世(阿甘的兒子)。
His wife - a school teacher - Haley and his younger sister, Emily, lived on noodles with ketchup while Eugene took theatre jobs. All that changed six years ago, when Haley appeared in a Pizza Hut advertisement and was asked to play Forrest Junior in Forrest Gump.
Ever since, Eugene's career has been "sitting by the wayside" while he handles that of his son. "Let me put it another way, it has turned in a different direction, because coaching is every bit as good as performing in front of the camera.
“我必須要徹底的瞭解海利所要演的角色,所以我對他分析所有的角色,很多次,在 8.30 海利該上床睡覺的時候,我就獨立一個人繼續工作直到我能充分掌握角色的特性。”
"I have to live the role as thoroughly as Haley does, so I do all the character analysis with him and, many times, without him, because he goes to bed at 8.30 and I'll carry on working until I figure it out."
Occasionally, Eugene takes a small part in a film with Haley, but he finds it both more lucrative and more satisfying to teach his young son.
"Aged 11, there's not a lot to draw on for the heavy emotional scenes. He hasn't had the difficulties that grown-ups have experienced, but if you really look hard, you can find small things, like the death of a pet."
這是累人的工作,這樣頻繁的指導可能對海利造成壓力,但是尤金說他不會用一個父親的身份去指導他 , 在一旁聆聽的海利插句話說,這種方法很適合我"。
This intensive study, night after night, might lead to tension between father and son, but Eugene protests that he "drops" the father bit when he's coaching. Haley, who has been listening quietly, jumps in to say that the regime suits him fine.
"Sometimes, we get frustrated because things aren't going right, but I don't get frustrated with Dad."
"He's just being nice," says his father, casting the boy a grateful glance. Haley, the cool professional, seems older in spirit than his enthusiastic father. He says he loves being with other kids and talking in cool California slang, but he refers to such activities as being his "other age", in acknowledgement of his extraordinarily adult side.
This maturity didn't come by accident, Eugene explains: "I learnt a lot from a priest who retired to have a family. I remember visiting him before his first child could even speak and he would not do baby talk. The baby would go 'Baba, boo', and he would say: 'Here are your feet'.
"He said he wanted the kid to have a gift for language, so he was going to start off by talking to him like a regular person. I did the same."
海利是一個優秀的學生。在 3 歲時,他會大聲的唸他的童書,在家族聚會的時候,他總愛跟大人聊天。
Haley was a proficient pupil. At three, he was reading his Berenstain Bear books aloud and he always loved chatting to adults at family parties.
"Other kids would just run past," says Haley, "but I was always glad to have a conversation."
He also displayed an early ease in front of a camera and a desire to act.
"He had a far greater ability to take on character than I had at his age," Eugene says. "I would play soldiers and, given the chance to die, I would act it out, but I can't remember going to the elaborate lengths he did."
“死亡的場景是很酷的”海利插嘴說。“我們做了很多表演,而我媽媽會幫我縫表演用的服裝。當我 5 歲時,我花了一個月時間去演唐老鴉,然後再花一個月去演米老鼠。”
"Death scenes are cool," chips in Haley. "We did a lot of puppet shows and my mum would sew costumes for me. When I was five, I spent a whole month as Donald Duck and then a month as Mickey Mouse."
Once he had got his break, he was delighted to elevate his favorite form of play to an "art" and he believes it has done him good: "Being different personalities brings out different sides of your own, so I guess I have become more well-rounded." And more confident - perhaps too confident: doe he have to remind himself that he's not brilliant at everything?
"I try to make sure I'm not over-confident, but putting yourself down is not the way to a balanced ego. I just think, this is great but it's not about me, it's about acting." His father says he makes him pick up "dog poop" just like everyone else to keep him in his place, but that his wife is more worried by the "ego enlargement". Nor is she too pleased about the amount of time Haley and Eugene spend away from home.
"At the moment, she's there with a hole in the ceiling over her head. I don't have time to fix it," Eugene admits.
Aspects of this story are worryingly reminiscent of the Macaulay Culkin disaster. There, too, the father worked with the son and the mother stayed at home with the rest of the children. The result was divorce and a young star whose life appeared to have been upended. The Osments might be too level-headed to go the same way, but their seriousness of purpose, one can't help thinking, could one day present its own problems.
For now, Haley is highly employable, not least because he is tiny for his age. Sooner or later, however, he will grow into just another adult actor competing against all those later starters who went to drama school. Ominously, he already admits to feeling "frustrated" if he doesn't act for a couple of months.
被拒絕的樣子一定很難想像,目前人人談論著獲得奧斯卡獎的可能性,各方劇本也如漲潮般湧入,但是天賦異秉並不保證一帆風順,而這些可能性,海利的父親早就了解了,看看從1935年的Shirley Temple,到1993年因鋼琴師和他的情人獲得最佳女配角的Anna Paquin之間,就有八位座擁獎盃的小演員,但現在又有誰還有再聽到他們的消息,就從此消聲匿跡。
It must be hard to imagine rejection, with talk of an Oscar in the air and scripts flooding in - but even talent isn't a protection against rejection, as Haley's father knows all too well. Between Shirley Temple in 1935 and Anna Paquin, who was best supporting actress in 1993 for The Piano, eight other children have walked away with a golden figurine, but most of them have never been heard of again.
Such worries, however, aren't on Haley Joel Osment's mind at the moment. His concern is whether he'll be cast as Harry Potter in the forthcoming movie. To prepare, he has read each of the books 13 times.







     海利喬奧斯蒙也表示,不管認識或不認識,學校同學碰到他最喜歡拿他在靈異第六感裏的經典台辭~I see dead people~來跟他開玩笑。他說:等到AI人工智能推出之後,同學們將又有新題材來開我玩笑了。


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