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分类: 英语学习

1. P 41  2000年作文

Directions:     Study the following two pictures carefully and write an essay to

A.       Describe the pictures.

B.       Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the pictures, and

C.       Suggest counter-measures.

You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET II.

A Brief History of World Commercial Fishing


       As is shown (vividly depicted, illustrated, described) in the pictures, (we can see clearly that 此括号内容重复) with the increase of commercial fishing, the number of fishes sharply decreased. In one picture, there were various kinds of fish and only one fishing-boat in 1900. On the contrary, in 1995 there was only one fish, but many fishing-boats.

       The purpose of this picture is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the decrease of ocean resources. Owing to over-fishing, the number of fishes has obviously decreased. If we let this situation go as it is, we won’t know where fish is in the future. By that time, our environment will suffer a great destruction.

       Therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. For one thing, we should appeal to our authorities to make strict laws to control commercial fishing. For another, we should enhance the awareness of people that the ocean resources are very vital to us. Only in this way can we protect our ocean resources. Also, I believe that we human beings can overcome this difficulty, and we will have a bright future.

[给分] 14分with the speedy social and economic development as well as the reform and opening-up in recent decades, the number of adolescents worshiping their idoles sharply increased

[评语] 内容切题,包括提纲的全部要点;文章通顺,语言流畅,句式变化多样;用词面较宽;虽有个别不妥之处,但该生基本功较好;表达能力较强;长度符合要求。




2. P11.

When we use the word “love”, we do not simply mean an attraction to a person of the opposite sex, which is a very narrow definition of the word. The picture below illustrates the real meaning of love, by stressing the fact that love is emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark the world around us becomes. In fact, throughout history people of many different cultures have regarded love as the noblest of human emotions.


As an example of the power of love, we should remember how the Chinese people of all nationalities respond to the call to help the victims of natural disasters every year. Although their incomes are still low by international standards, people all over the country do not hesitate to donate whatever they can——be it money or goods——to help their needy fellow citizens. Moreover, they do this with no thought of gain for themselves.


In my opinion, the best way to show love is to help people who are more unfortunate than we are. We should always be ready to give a helping hand to those who are in trouble, no matter whether they are family members or complete strangers. In this way, we can help to make the world a better place, for, as the picture shows, the darker the shadows of sorrow become, the more brightly the lamp of love shines. (232)


















3. p12.

The picture vividly depicts a lovely American girl in traditional Chinese costume with a sweet smile on her face. She wears ribbons, necklaces and other accessories that are characteristic of the clothes of a certain Chinese minority group. Undoubtedly, the costume has added oriental charm to her beautiful look/appearance/features.


What the picture conveys goes far beyond only a new fashion trend. Instead, it carries cultural meanings. The fact that people from different countries are attracted to mysterious Chinese culture indicates that to some extent a culture can be accepted, respected, appreciated and shared internationally. In other words, a nation’s unique culture can become international through worldwide economic and cultural exchanges. Since the trend of globalization become irresistible, cultural communication can effectively improve mutual understanding and friendship.


It is my view that national culture as priceless spiritual treasure should be preserved and cherished. Meanwhile, there are good reasons to advocate international culture for those ideas from the other cultures, controversial or even absurd at first sight, can provide a different perspective for us to observe the world in the long run. Nevertheless, when we are confronted with a different culture, we should be sensible enough to absorb its essence and to resist its dark side. Only in this way can we promote cultural development positively and make our world dimensional, colorful and vigorous. (220)

















The set of drawings above vividly depicts the destiny of a flower in different circumstances. As is shown in the first cartoon, the flower is placed in a comfortable greenhouse that shelters it from the threatening lightening and storm. With proper temperature, moisture and fertilizer, the flower is growing in full bloom. On the contrary, when removed from the greenhouse and exposed to the driving rain, the flower soon fades and withers, with the petals cast about on the grounds.


To begin with, the purpose of the drawings is to show us that the flower growing in the green house cannot withstand the test of the storm, yet the symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously. The delicate flower is naturally associated with young people, to be specific, the only children in our current society; the greenhouse epitomizes parents’ doting care and abundant material supplies that can shield the children from the storms, or the harsh reality. Once the young people begin to seek independence and accept challenges from the real world, they are found too spoiled to be strong enough in the face of difficulties.


Accordingly, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from these thought-provoking drawings. On the one hand, we can frequently use them to enlighten the youth to be more independent in life. On the other hand, parents should be sensible enough to give their children more freedom to deal with troubles and problems. Only by undergoing more challenges and toils in adversity can young people cultivate strong personality and ability, and only in this way can they become winners in this competitive world. (272)















It is vividly depicted in the cartoon that a boy is running along the racetrack with painstaking efforts, sweat pouring down his face. After a long journey, he is making the final spurt toward the finishing line, with strong determination to become the champion.


Undoubtedly the cartoon conveys the meaning that life is like the process of running in which one should make constant efforts and never stop making progress. Owing to the quickening pace of life, competition goes increasingly fierce in all walks of life, stimulating everyone to pursue one goal after another. Once a person stops making progress, he can hardly maintain his past glory and survive in this competitive world. Generally speaking, neither a country nor a person can remain stagnant.


A case in point is the successful launching of “Shenzhou V Spacecraft” which sets china in a high position of aviation and space flight. Although it means a great achievement for us Chinese, we are facing new challenges in the future and need to do further research in space technology. Another illustration is closely related to us, the examinees. If we pass this test and are fortunately admitted by a university, we shall not stop making efforts. On the whole, these examples effectively clarify the saying that “destination is another starting point.” (216)




















As is vividly depicted in the cartoon, four children are playing a “football match” of taking care of their aged father. Each of them stands in a different corner of a football field. The eldest son kicked out the father with the other three children guarding their goals.


The purpose of the drawing is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the mistreatment of senior citizens. First and foremost, some people shirk their duty of financially supporting their old and helpless parents due to their own interests. Furthermore, some elderly people are often ill-treated by their own children and cannot lead a normal life. Last but not least, while some young people enjoy a comfortable life, their parents are neglected and reduced to utter poverty.


It is imperative for us to take drastic measures. To begin with, relevant laws and regulations should be made to severely punish those who shun the responsibilities of caring their parents. In addition, we should cultivate the awareness of the young that respecting the old has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese culture. Only in this way can we curb the current evil phenomenon revealed in the picture. (198)




















7.p16. Directions: Study the following photos carefully and write an essay in which you should first describe the photos briefly; then interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and give your point of view.

You should write 160-200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)


图一:把崇拜写在脸上。       图二:花300元做个"小贝"头。


As is vividly depicted in the photos above, Beckham, the smart British football superstar, is enjoying a striking popularity among the adolescents. In the first picture, Beckham’s name appears on a young man’s face. The caption indicates that worship for the idol is written on the face. In the second photo, another young man is doing Beckham’s chic hairstyle in a barbershop. We are informed that he is spending 300 yuan imitating his idol’s haircut.

  Undoubtedly, the pictures have subtly reflected the social phenomenon that idol worship is prevalent among the teenagers nowadays. Beckham represents the image of sport hero whose handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills are passionately adored by all the sports fans. Likewise, several teenage girls won their fame overnight in The 2005 Super Girl Contest in China, which provoked nationwide noisy debates on the value and harm of admiring these idols. Briefly speaking, young people are inclined to idolize the people who excel in appearance, intelligence or talent.

  Hence, idolatry, the thought-provoking social phenomenon, is a double-edged sword which can exert profound influence on the growth of young people. If we simply worship the idols by imitating their hairstyles or pursuing fashions unreasonably, the obsession will certainly waste us a great deal of money or time, endangering the efficiency of our work. On the contrary, we will lead a positive and fruitful life if we endeavor to improve ourselves by bridging the gap between our models and us. Accordingly, the latter attitude should be adopted to direct our way of life. (254)









Directions: Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should first describe the drawing briefly; then interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and give your point of view. You should write 160-200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.


河南上万大学生蜂拥招聘会                         浙江招聘会现场


As is illustrated in the pictures, thousands of students in Henan and Zhejiang Province went to two conferences to find jobs. Job hunting has been a headache for college graduates.


Why do college graduates find it increasingly difficult to get jobs? The causes of this phenomenon are various. For one thing, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on that the number of graduates is greater than the need in the market. For another, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country. According to the recent statistcics by China’s Ministry of Education, 3.38 million college students graduated all over the country in 2005 and only 75% of them are employed right after graduation.


I assume this hard nut can be cracked if both colleges and students take effective actions. First and foremost, universities should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. In addition, students’s attitude towards employment should be changed. Going to some small cities and country, they can give full play to their professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Briefly speaking, if we attach much importance, this situation can be improved. (209)





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