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How To Stay Fabulous When You Fly Coast To Coast

video by Howcast

Think bicoastal travel has to be a bore? That is so last century! Follow these simple steps to turn your itinerary from drab to fab!


You Will Need 你需要

  • Versatile essentials 多用的必备物
  • Comfy, cute clothes  舒服又漂亮的衣服
  • A water bottle with a filter 带过滤器的水壶
  • Planning 计划
  • Disposable cleansing cloths or spritzer 湿纸巾或保湿喷雾
  • Concealer 密封袋
  • Cream blush 腮红
  • Gentle laundry detergent 洗衣液
  • Open-toe shoes or sandals 凉鞋或拖鞋
  • Pack less by packing right

    Step 1: Pack less by packing right

  • 第一步:正确的打包


    To save space in your luggage, pack versatile essentials. A black cotton jersey dress works for both daytime and evening. A pashmina shawl serves as an onboard blanket and keeps you warm on those cool L.A. nights. And tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 is a triple threat: foundation, lotion, and sunscreen all in one.

  • 为了节省你行李袋中的空间,你需要携带那些有多种用途的旅行必备品。一套可以白天穿也可以晚上穿黑色的运动衣。一条即可以在飞机上当毯子又可以帮助你抵御洛杉矶寒冷夜晚的羊绒披肩。和含有SPF 30防晒因子的多效润肤霜,它集粉底,润肤霜,以及防晒霜的功能于一体,


  • Tip 小窍门

    Can't cram your wardrobe into a carry-on? No problem – JetBlue lets you check your first bag free!

  • 不能把你的衣橱都塞进手提行李中? 没问题——JetBlue 允许你托运一件免费行李

  • Dress comfortably but be cute

    Step 2: Dress comfortably but be cute


    Wear comfortable but cute clothing for your trip. Stay away from linen, which wrinkles easily, and favor low-maintenance, stylish knits and jeans. Dress in layers to adjust to temperature fluctuations.

  • 旅行时的穿着要即舒适又时尚。不要穿亚麻的衣物,太容易皱了。应该穿那些容易维护,又有型的针织衫和牛仔裤。穿上外套,这样可以根据气温随时调节。


  • Tip 小窍门

    Bring a travel-size container of gentle laundry detergent to wash clothes at your destination. One little packet equals two whole outfits you can leave at home.

  •  带上一包旅行装洗衣液,这样你就可以在到达目的地后洗你的脏衣服。一小包就可以洗两身衣服。

  • Wear open-toe shoes

    Step 3: Wear open-toe shoes

  • 第三步: 穿露脚趾的凉鞋


    Wear your favorite pair of open-toe shoes or sandals. Not only are they easier to pop on and off at security, but once you’re through you can indulge in a pedicure.

  • 穿你喜欢的露脚趾的凉鞋或拖鞋。不仅仅因为这样的鞋方便穿脱,而且你已到达目的地就可以立刻享受足疗。


  • Stay hydrated

    Step 4: Stay hydrated




Bring a water bottle with a built-in filter to fill up at a drinking fountain after going through security. It saves money and keeps you hydrated and healthy.



  • Enjoy some

    Step 5: Enjoy some "you time"

  • 第五步:享受那些属于你的时间


    Before your flight, relax and enjoy some “you time.” Today’s terminals aren’t a black hole of boredom – take advantage of all the modern amenities.

  • 在你上飞机前,尽可能的放松并享受那些属于你的时间。今天的机场航站楼再也不是无聊的黑屋子,利用里面所有的现代化设施吧!


  • Tip 小窍门

    JetBlue's Terminal 5 at JFK offers a wide variety of gourmet restaurants. Or stay put, and use T5's touch-screen monitors to have a meal delivered directly to your gate.

  • JetBlue's 在JFK的五号航站楼里有许多美味的餐馆。或者你可以用T5里面的触摸式显示器点餐并让食物送到你的登机口前。

  • Practice proper etiquette

    Step 6: Practice proper etiquette

  • 第六步:举止文明


    Once on board, make yourself at home, but be considerate of your seatmates – remember that in close quarters, every smell is magnified, every sound amplified, and every movement intensified.


  • 登机后,让你自己尽可能的舒服,但是也请替你的邻座考虑——请记住在密闭客舱内,任何气味,声音和移动都会被放大。

  • Practice airplane yoga

    Step 7: Practice airplane yoga 

  • 第七步:练习机舱瑜伽


    Fight stress and stiffness by doing some basic yoga stretches from your seat. Take a few deep breaths and circle your neck slowly in one direction, then the other. Flex your feet by pointing your toes upward and then away from your body.

  • 在座位上做一些基本的瑜伽伸展能够帮助你解除身体的紧张和僵硬。深呼吸,慢慢转动你的脖子,然后向相反方向转动。将你的脚趾向上和向前伸展能够帮助你舒缓脚部的紧张。


  • Tip 小窍门

    Is being out of touch what gets you stressed? Relax. JetBlue's new BetaBlue plane offers free wireless so you can e-mail and IM during the flight.

  • 无法上网会让你感到紧张吗?请放松。JetBlue's的新BetaBlue机舱内可以提供免费的无线网络,你可以在飞行中收发电子邮件和上网。

  • Freshen up before landing

    Step 8: Freshen up before landing

  • 第八步:在下飞机前整理自己的仪表


    Before you land, take time to freshen up. Wash your face with disposable cloths, or use a refreshing spritzer. Add concealer under your eyes and a little cream blush to your cheeks for a rosy glow.

  • 在下飞机前,花点时间整理一下自己的仪表。用湿纸巾擦脸或使用保湿喷雾。在眼睛下面涂点遮瑕霜,并在脸颊上涂点腮红,这样会让你看起来容光焕发。


  • Step off the plane in style

    Step 9: Step off the plane in style

  • 第九步:有型的下飞机


    Let Hollywood know you’re ready for your close-up.

  • 让好莱坞知道你已经来了。


  • Fact 事实

    The TWA Flight Center at JFK, now connected to JetBlue's Terminal 5, was designed in 1956 by Eero Saarinen and is considered one of the most architecturally distinguished airport terminal designs in the world.

  • JFK的TWA飞行中心,现在与JetBlue的五号航站楼相连,是由Eero Saarinen 于1956年设计的,并在世界范围内被认为是最具风格的建筑的机场航站楼。


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