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(2009-06-04 21:54:50)


分类: 职场

How To Deal With a Mean Boss

Sadly, into each life at least one mean, nasty, low-down, no-good boss must fall. When it’s your turn, you’ll want these survival tips.


You Will Need


  • Cunning  机智
  • Suck-up skills 拍马屁的技巧
  • Some little white lies 一些没有恶意的谎言
  • Limit contact

    Step 1: Limit contact

  • 第一步:尽量避免相处


    Avoid contact with your boss—if you see him down the hall, duck into the nearest file room; if you spy him headed toward your cubicle, pick up the phone and pantomime that you’ll get back to him.

  • 尽量避免与你老板相处— 如果你看见他在走廊里,快速多到最近的房间里;如果你看到他正在走向你的工位,拿起电话并示意你过一会去找他。


  • Tip 小窍门

    If you and the boss are the same sex, note his bathroom routine—most people have one—so you don’t have to endure awkward stall-to-stall or sink-to-sink encounters.

  • 如果你和你老板是同性,观察他去洗手间的频率——大多数人都有固定频率——这样你就可以避免和老板在洗手间尴尬的相遇。

  • Volunteer for work trips

    Step 2: Volunteer for work trips 

  • 第二步:自告奋勇去出差


    Maximize your time away from the office—and, therefore, him—by being the first to volunteer when it’s announced that someone needs to check up on operations in Lapland.

  • 最大化你不在办公室的时间,也就是最大化离开老板的时间。在宣布需要人去检查外地业务时,第一个自告奋勇。


  • Tip 小窍门

  • Schedule time off so that it never, ever coincides with his time off—that way you’ll get twice the break from him.

  • 合理安排你的休假时间,永远不要和你的老板同时休假—这样你就可以获得双倍远离老板的时间。

  • Perfect your acting skills

    Step 3: Perfect your acting skills

  • 第三步:增强自身修养


    When your boss is being a jerk, remain serene and polite—even if your head is about to explode. There’s nothing that annoys a bully more than someone who won’t rise to his taunts.

  • 如果你的老板的举止像个混蛋,保持冷静和礼貌——即使你的头就要爆炸了。没有什么比无法激怒对方更让一个混蛋恼怒的了。


  • Make him sound like a slacker

    Step 4: Make him sound like a slacker

  • 第四步:让他看起来像个懒鬼



Whenever anyone is looking for him, act as if you’re trying to cover for him. Everyone will assume he’s guilty of something and feel sorry for you. Apologize for his unreliability.




  • Keep a paper trail

    Step 5: Keep a paper trail

  • 第五步:纪录你的工作


    Keep written proof of everything you do so the boss can’t take credit for your work.

  • 纪录你做过的任何工作,这样可以避免你老板拿你的工作开刀。


  • Report him

    Step 6: Report him

  • 第六步:打你老板的小报告


    File an anonymous report with Personnel, citing his “unreasonable” computer use for personal business. You won’t even be lying—if he’s like the vast majority of Americans, he wastes over two hours a day on non-work-related nonsense.

  • 写匿名信,可以引用他用电脑干的私事。你完全不必说谎——如果像大多数美国人一样,他每天会有两个多小时干与工作无关的事情。


  • Suck up to superiors

    Step 7: Suck up to superiors

  • 第七步:拍上级的马屁


    Make yourself known to your boss’s superiors. Most mean bosses get their due sooner or later, and you want to be in a position to ascend the ladder—or at least not be fired.

  • 找机会认识你老板的上司。大多数苛刻的老板早晚会走人,这样你就有机会坐上他的位置——最差也不至于被炒鱿鱼。


  • Fact 事实

    According to a recent survey, 39% of bosses don’t keep their word; 37% don’t give credit where it is due; and 27% badmouth those they supervise to coworkers.

  • 根据最近的调查,39%的老板都不信守诺言,37%的老板不对下属的工作给予肯定,27%的老板对下属言语刻薄。


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