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电影剧本欣赏之 Titanic,11

(2009-09-07 14:29:32)



10Hartley puts his violin at his chin and bows the first notes of “Nearer my god to Thee”


One by one the band members turn, hearing the lonely melody. Without a word they walk back and take their places. They join in with Hartley, filling out the sound so that it reaches all over the ship.


àbow (usu passive) (bend (sth/sb)under or as if under a weight) 压弯,像被压弯 his back was bowed with age 因年老而驼背 branches bowed down by the snow on them 被积雪压弯的树枝

Bow and scrape (usu derog) behave in an obsequious or a servile manner 点头哈腰,奴颜婢膝 the waiter shoed us to our table with much bowing and scraping 服务员一个劲的点头哈腰,领我们到作为

Obsequious [əb'si:kwiəs谄媚的; 奉承的; []顺从的; 死心塌地的be obsequious to the great


Servile ['sə:vail]奴隶的, 被奴役的;卑躬屈节的, 低三下四的, 奴隶性的, 屈从的, 隶属的

Bow to sth submit to sth, accept sth)顺从某事物,接受某事物 bow to the inevitable 顺从命运,听从天命 bow to sb’s opinion, whishes, greater experience 尊重某人的意见,意愿,丰富的经验we are tired of having to bow to authority 我们对必须服从权威这一点感到厌倦


11in rose’s suite, water swirls in. Rose’s paintings are submerged, and the Picasso, the Degas, and the Monet all go underwater. In a first class cabin, two elderly people lie side by side, fully clothed, on a bed, holding hands like young lovers. Water pours into the room through a doorway. It swirls around the bed, rising fast.




Swirl (usu passive: cause air, water, etc to) move or flow with twists and turns and with varying speed)(使空气,水等)打转,旋动,起漩涡 dust swirling (around) in the streets在街道上盘旋飞扬的尘土 smoke swirled up the chimney 烟雾从烟囱里袅袅上升

Submerge (go under the surface of a liquid, the sea, etc) 进入页面,海面等的下面 the submarine submerged to avoid enemy ships 该潜艇潜入水下以躲避敌舰

12in a steerage cabin, a young Irish mother is tucking her two young children into bed. She pulls up the covers, making sure they are all warm and cozy. She lies down with them on the bed, speaking soothingly and holding them.

: and so they lived, happily together for three hundred years, in the land of Tyrinanog, in the eternal youth and beauty.



Tuck sth into sth/ sth in/up push or fold or turn the ends or edges(of cloth, paper, etcso that they are hidden or held in place(将布纸等)的端部或边缘掖好,叠拢或卷起(使之看不见或固定住)tuck your trousers into your boots将裤脚塞进靴子里tuck your shirt in, 将衬衣下摆塞进裤子里去 he tucked up his shirt-sleeves撸起衬衣袖子。The sheets were tucked in neatly 传单的边缘整整齐齐的掖在褥垫下面。

(Draw sth together into a small space) 将(某物)缩拢起来塞进狭小空间 the nurse tucked her hair (up) under her cap 护士将头发聚拢起来塞进帽子里 he sat with his legs tucked up under him 他盘着腿坐着

13working frantically, the men try to detach it from the ship, so the ship wont drag it under.


Cal sits next to the wailing child, whom he has completely forgotten 卡尔坐在啼哭着的小孩边上,他早已经忘记小孩的存在

Frantic (an extreme state of emotion, esp fear or anxiety)情感的季度状态(尤其恐惧和焦急)发狂的,发疯的 the child’s parents were frantic when she did not return home on time。 孩子没有及时回家,父母都急疯了。  Frantic with worry, anger, grief 愁的要命,气得要死, 悲痛欲绝

hurried and excited but disorganized, frenzied, desperate)慌乱不安的,狂乱的,不顾一切的 a frantic dash, rush, search 疯狂的撞击,冲击,搜查。

Detach sth from sth (unfasten sth from sth, disconnect sth)将某物拆下,拆开某物,分开某物 detach a link from a chain 从链子上拆下一个链环。 A coach detached from a train 从火车上脱离一节车厢

Wail about sth /over sth cry or complain sbout sth in a loud (usu thrillvoice) 哭,诉苦(通常尖声的)wail with grief 恸哭 the sick child was wailing miserably 那个患儿难受的连哭带喊

(比喻)make a sound similar to that of a person wailing 发出类似哭号的尖声 ambulances racing along with sirens wailing 高声鸣笛疾驶的救护车you can hear the wind wailing in the chimney 可以听到风穿过烟囱发出的尖声

14the windows burst suddenly and a wall of water slams into Smith. He disappears into the water. Cal’s lifeboat is hit by a wave as the bow plunges suddenly. It partially swamps the boat, washing it along the deck.


Over a hundred passengers fall into the freezing water and the area around the boat becomes a frenzy of splashing, screaming people. 百余名乘客落入冰冻彻骨的海水中,在船周围惊恐的扑腾和尖叫

Slam (cause sth to)shut forcefully and loudly (使某物)猛然关闭并发出巨响 the door slammed 门砰的一声关上了 slam the window (shut)

(Put, push, throw or knock sth with great force)猛力地放,推,扔或敲 slam one’s brakes on 猛力踩闸 she slammed the box down on the table 他使劲的把盒子摔在桌子上the batsman slammed the ball straight at a fielder 击球员把球猛击向外场员

Swamp (flood or soak (sth) with water)淹没或浸泡 the sink overflowed and swamped the kitchen 洗涤槽的水溢出来了,厨房里到处是水 a huge wave swamped the boat 一个巨浪淹没了那条船

(尤其被动) swamp sb /sth (with sth) overwhelm sb/sth with a great quantity of things (以繁多的事物)压倒某人、物 we asked for applications and were swamped (with them)我们请大家提出申请,因为应接不暇 I have been swamped with work this year 今年我工作忙的不可开交

Frenzy (state of extreme excitement, extreme and wild activity or behavior)极度激动的状态,季度狂乱的活动或行为 in a frenzy of zeal, enthusiasm, hate 疯狂的激情,热情,仇恨


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