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电影剧本欣赏之 Titanic, 10

(2009-06-11 16:14:57)



14, try a couple of practice swings over there

Rose hefts the axe and swings it into a wooden cabinet.



à hefty (infml) (of a person) big and strong 身高体壮的

(usu attib)1,(of a thing) large and heavy 又大又重的 a hefty suitcase 有大又沉的箱子

2,Powerful 有力的 give sb a hefty blow 给与某人重重的一击

à cabinet (piece of furniture with drawers or shelves for storing or displaying things )储藏柜 a filing cabinet 文件柜 a medicine cabinet 药品柜

(case of container for a radio, record-player or television)放收音机,唱机或电视机的框架或间格

15,there is one on the other side letting men in

Well, then that is our play. But we are going to need some insurance first.

Cal charges off, heading forward, followed by Lovejoy




à charge down, in, up, etc (rush in the specified direction)向某方向冲去 the children charged down the stairs 孩子们冲下楼梯

16,rose and jack break through a door into a corridor filled with people杰克和露丝破门来到满是人群的走廊

17,Lightoller grabs her and shoves her into the boat 赖托勒抓住她,把她推进救生艇

These boats may buckle 这些船会沉的。

18, they unlock the gates. The crowd surges forward,门开了。人群涌出

People begin swamping the boats, there is utter chaos人们涌向救生艇,嘈杂之声到处都是

à surge (move forward in or like waves)在波涛中或如同浪涛般前进 the surging tide 汹涌的潮水 the floods surged along the valley 洪水沿着山谷滚滚流动 the crowd surged into the stadium 观众涌入了体育场

Surge up (arise suddenly and intensely)急剧上升anger surged within him 他怒火中烧

Surge (of/in sth)1,forward or upward movement 向上或向前的运动 the surge of the sea大海的翻腾

2,sudden occurrence or increase 突然发生,激增 a surge of anger, pity一阵怒气,怜悯 there is a surge in electricity demand at around 7 pm 晚上7点钟左右是用电的高峰时间

à swamp (flood or soak (sth) with water) 淹没或浸泡某物 the sink overflowed and swamped the kitchen 洗涤槽的水溢出来了。厨房里到处是水 a huge wave swamped the boat 一个巨浪淹没了那条船

(usu passive)swamp sth/sb(with sth)(以繁多的事物)压倒某人(某事物) we asked for applications and were swamped (with them)我们大家提出申请,因为为此应接不暇

I have been swamped with work this year 今年我忙的不可开交

Chapter fourteen

1,staring at her bedraggled state 看着她衣衫褴褛

Murdoch signals for him to get into the boat, but, not wanting to leaving Rose behind, he walks away


à bedraggled  (made wet or dirty by rain, mud, etc, untidy)(被雨,泥等)弄湿,或弄脏的,不整齐的 bedraggled appearance, clothes, hair 邋遢的样子,衣服,头发 the tents looked very bedraggled after the storm 暴风雨之后,帐篷又湿又脏

2, I will be fine, listen. I will be fine. I am a survivor, all right. Don’t worry about me. 我会没事,我有求生的技能,不要担心

There is no arrangement, is there?

No, there is. Not that you will benefit much from it. I always win, Jack. One way or another.

Rose looks up at Jack, tears pouring down her face. Suddenly, she climbs back onto the Titanic, scrambling onto the deck below Cal and Jack.


有, 但是不会照顾你。我总是胜方,不论这样还是那样


3,looking down, he sees the embrace. Lovejoy comes up behind Cal to restrain him, but Cal whips around, grabbing the pistol from Lovejoy’s waistband.


à restrain sb/sth (from sth/doing sth) (hold back sb/sth from movement or action; keep sb/sth under control or in check)抑制或遏制某人、物,管制,约束 restrain one’s anger, laughter, tears 抑制住愤怒,笑声,眼泪 restrain one’s natural urges, impulse 克制住欲望,冲动等 I must learn to restrain myself 我得学会约束自己 the police had difficulty in restraining the crowd from rushing onto the pitch 警察很难阻止人群涌入球场

Restrained (keeping one’s feelings, language or behavior in check, controlled )(感情,言语,行为等)克制的,节制的,受到控制的 a restrained rebuke, protest, discussion 有节制的斥责,抗议,讨论。 He was furious, but his manner was very restrained 他非常恼火,但是在态度上却很克制

àwhip (cause sth/sb to)move rapidly or suddenly in the direction specified(使某人、物)沿着某方向快速或突然移动 the thief whipped round the corner and out of sight 那个贼一溜烟的转过街角,消失不见。 She whipped round just as he was about to attack her from behind 他正要从他后面袭击他,他一下子转过身来the branch whipped back and hit me in the face 树脂突然弹回来,打在我脸上 the intruder whipped out a knife 闯进来的人突然掏出一把刀来 the wind whipped several slates off the roof 那阵风刮下几块瓦来

4,rose and Jack waded through deserted corridors, which are rapidly flooding. A wall of water suddenly hits them, and sweeps them off their feet, but finally they reach a ladder and climb out


à wade (walk with an effort (through water, mud or anything that makes walking difficult)费力的走,涉,蹚 (水,泥地)I cant wade in these boots 我穿着这双靴子没法蹚水,there is no bridge, we will have to wade across 没有桥,我们要蹚水过河了。 The angler waded (out) into the middle of the river 钓鱼的人蹚水到河中央

Wade in (infml) start doing sth(esp sth difficult) with energy and determination 坚决努力着手做(尤其困难的)the job has to be done, so let’s wade in immediately. 这个工作非做不可,我们说干就干吧

5,your money cant save you any more than it can save me. Get back, women and children only你的钱救不了你也救不了我。

A man next to Tommy rushes forward, and Tommy is shoved from behind. Murdoch shoots the first man, then Tommy. Tommy collapses, and Fabrizio grabs him, as he falls, dying, on the deck


à collapse (break into pieces and )fall down or suddenly (破碎并)突然到他,坍塌 the whole duilding collapsed 整个建筑倒塌了 the roof collapsed under the weight of snow 雪把房顶压垮了

(of a person)fall down, (usu become unconscious) because of illness, tiredness, etc (人)晕倒(累,疾病) he collapsed in the street and died on the way to hospital 他在大街上晕倒,在送往医院的途中死掉了

(fail suddenly and completely, break down)突然或完全垮下,失败,衰退 his health collapsed under the pressure of work他的身体被工作压垮了the enterprise collapsed through lack of support 该企业因无力支持而倒闭

6,Murdoch turns to his men and solutes smartly. Then he puts the pistol to his temple and shoots himself, his body falling into the water below


7,cal grabs her and runs forward, cradling her in his arms

I have a child, please; I am all she has in the world





8,McElory nods curtly and pushes him into the boat. He spins with his gun, brandishing it in the air to keep the other men back


àcurt (derog)(of a speaker, his manner, what he says) rudely brief, abrupt (说话者,态度,话语)简单粗暴的,唐突无礼的a curt answer, rebuke, 唐突无力的回答,责难等 he is rather curt when he is angry 他生气时难免有些失礼 I was a little curt with him, 我有点冒犯了他(言语尖刻的)

à spin (move round and round rapidly)快速旋转 the revolving sign was spinning round and round in the wind 旋转的标志牌在风中打着旋。 The collision sent the car spinning across the road汽车被撞得转着圈冲到路的一边 the blow sent him spinning back against the wall 他被大的晕头转向,撞在后面的墙上 she spun round to catch the ball 飞快转身去接球 à比喻 my head is spinning 我头晕

à brandish (wave (sth) in a triumphant or threatening way, display)得意地或威胁地挥动, 显示

Brandish a gun, a knife, an axe 挥舞着枪,刀子,斧头等。 The demonstrators brandished banners and shouted slogans 示威者挥舞着旗帜,呼喊着口号

9,wont you even make a try for it?

(A tear rolls down his cheek.) I am sorry that I did not build you a stronger ship.




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