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(2008-10-30 12:45:24)



Not   very   musical

音乐才能,天赋Musical talent/gift/genius


I don’t have much musical gift/talent

I don’t have much gift for music

Langlang demonstrated|| showed exceptional musical gift when very young.


The princess demonstrated great courage before danger



国际市场The international markets

The home market 国内市场= the domestic market 国内市场

The job fair 人才市场

Marketing 市场营销


Charm 魅力


Her out-going charm puts everybody at ease.

Charming 有魅力的

The lake is like a fair lady, always charming in heavy or light make-up

Prince charming 白马王子

Mr Right 真命天子

终身伴侣Soul-mate I want you to be my soul-mate


The prince charming 白马王子

The Mr. Right 真命天子

The west lake is more charming in rainy weather 晴湖不如雨湖

It’s very romantic to take a walk along the west lake when there is good sunshine and gentle breeze. But for the locals, the lake is more charming in rainy weather.


Pipe 管子,

下水管道堵住了the pipes have been stopped up/ blocked

=The drains have been blocked

àthe brain drain 人才流失

年轻人流向了富裕的沿海地区, 内地人才流失严重

Young people flood to the richer costal cities and there comes a serious brain-drain in the inland areas.

--the drainage system = the sewage system 排水系统

Pipe 烟斗, the old man is smoking a pipe


Tune 曲调àbe out of tune /place (with)感到不协调,不融洽。

每到这样的场合我就显得不合群。I always feel out of tune/place on such occasions.

这个宴会上人们高兴的打招呼,但我一个人也不认识, 我感到自己是多余的。

People greet each other happily, but i don’t know anyone here at the party, I simply feel out of tune/place.

我穿着一身正装,别人都是休闲衣服,我感到非常愚蠢,不合时宜 I felt quite out of tune/place in that stupid suit. Because everyone was in casual clothes.

jar (发出刺耳的声音,过分耀眼的颜色, 不谐调)

the jarring noise刺耳的噪音

His opinion jars/conflicts with mine 他的意见和我的意见不相符合

The mainstream is friendly but there are always jarring opinions 主流是友好的,但是总会有噪音,杂音

In harmony with sb/sth 协调一致,相配

live in perfect harmony/peace生活在一起很和睦,融洽。


his taste is in harmony with mineso we together can have a good time

这个建筑与周围的景色很协调the building is in good harmony with the surroundings

这个建筑与周围环境不相容The building is quite out of place/tune with the surroundings.



those village houses blend perfectly with the landscape农舍与周围的景色融为一体,

海天一色the sky and the sea blend into each other


Elizabeth e blended a sense of majesty and a sense of fun



Glimpse=glance (匆匆的看一下)

照不照镜子?do you look at yourself in the mirror?

没有什么好难为情There is no shame in it


one glimpse/glance is enoughjust make sure that everything is ok

One bite is enough to kill you.一口要命
one sip is enough to kill you.

快速浏览标题 have a quick glimpse of the headlines


Peek=peep (at sth)匆匆的看,通常是秘密的,---偷看,偷窥。

大胆窥视take a good peek

借助仪器达到目的turn to equipment for this purpose. 

通过望远镜窥视peek through telescope

Peer( at sth/sb) 仔细看,尤其因为看不清楚。

守望员费力的朝着夜色中望去,以防有意外的危险the man on watch peered into the darkness for any possible danger.

费力的朝大雾里看peer into the fog.

Penetrate 刺穿,刺透


the cold wind penetrated her thin clothing.

Nothing penetrates her thick skull 她愚不可及。

The glaring light penetrated the darkness 耀眼的强光刺透了黑暗。

Enemy agents have penetrated our group 敌人已经渗透了我方组织

Her penetrating eyes 犀利的眼神

Her eyes can penetrate your mind.


Stare 盯着看 --- at sb/sth.  Gaze at sb||sth 盯着看(关注,尊敬)


He stared at me as if there were a flower on my face

he was staring into the distance凝视着远方。

The students gazed at the flag as it went up 随着红旗上升,学生们行注目礼

--be staring sb in the face就在眼前,十分明显,清楚。

我要找的那本书其实就在我面前the book I was looking for was staring me in the face.


in 1945 the Japanese was a spent force. Defeat was staring them in the face

Glare 1)怒目而视 --- at sb/sth


the glaring lights耀眼的灯光。

晴空万里,太阳毒辣, the sun is glaring mercilessly from a clear sky.


Shanghai is, at first sight, a city of glaring neon lights frenetic pace and sky-scrapers.


Hangzhou is, at first sight, a city of slow pace, beautiful landscape and luxurious lifestyle.


snake蛇很恶心,长相丑陋,摸来滑腻 snakes are ugly to the sight and slippery to the touch.

肉食,有毒,名声一向不好they are meat-eating and poisonous animalsThey don’t have a good name.

(我们的产品在市场上名声很好,广受消费者欢迎our products enjoy a good name /reputation in the marketplace and are favorably accepted by the consumers.

命大或生命似有神佑have a charmed life.-->have a legendary life一生传奇

剧毒,the snake was most deadly. lethal致命的—weapons致命武器, use deadly force 使用致命武器)

Snake 像蛇一样的行进

The river snaked through the forests and then down into the sea. /the river winds off into the distance.



总能迅速的低下脑袋,藏到电脑屏幕后面,及时躲过袭击。He always manages to duck down his head behind the computer to escape the hit. .


Tears streamed down his cheeks脸颊上眼泪滂沱而下

They pocket each 5 cents as extra profit.将每个五分钱纳入囊中,当作以外利润

Cushion the pain. 让疼痛减轻些

Distance 拉开距离

当母羚羊生了小羊羔后,会与群体保持距离The female antelope distances herself from the herd a little bit when the baby is born.


Horror film 恐怖片

Ghost film鬼片

Action film 动作片


Continue to do sth = proceed with sth

After the 30 minute tea break, we proceeded with out discussion.

Proceed on 继续


As the project proceeds on, investment must keep flowing in.

many foreign foundations are proceeding with their investment in china by working with the local companies 


Dance 跟着音乐/节奏跳舞dance to the music/rhythm

discothèque “迪厅

乐感好, I have a good sense for rhythm

dance to my tune 和着调子跳舞,---〉听某人的指挥

他们没有听我指挥,把我灌醉了They didn’t dance to my tune and drowned me in the drinks.

Drown sb in the drinks 借酒消愁

He drowned himself in the river 溺死在河里 

(爱玛):miss, can I have the next dance下一个曲子能请你跳舞吗

――>miss, can i buy you a drink 

can i buy you a coke


Obviously =apparently 明显地



He said, without apparent shame


Their wealth is more apparent than real. 他们的财富是徒有其表

Their love is more apparent than real. 他们的爱情是做给别人看的

Their harmony is more apparent than real 貌合神离


Obviously, he knows little about their story. 有关他们的故事,很显然,他知道的不多


Differenceà differ区别,差异,有不一样 =vary 变化(various各种各样的)

Personality differs /varies from person to person 性格引人而异

Happiness differs/varies from family to family

Misfortune differs/varies from family to family 不幸的家庭各有各的不幸, 家家有本难念的经



The text   not very musical

As we had had a long walk through one of he markets of Old Delhi, we stopped at a square to have a rest.



After we had had a long walk through the city center, we stopped at a café coffee-barto have a rest.

Cafeteria 自助餐厅/学生餐厅


After we had finished the exhausting work before the May Day holiday, we stopped to have a trip and take in some fresh air.

****Through 在内部穿越。

穿越森林go through the forest在人群里穿行squeeze through the crowd.

Squeeze time out. 将时间挤出来


The river winds off into the distance. 小路蜿蜒伸向远方

我们在过去几年内的经历what we have been through in the last few years(在时间长河里穿越.


a river that cuts across the park贯穿公园的一条河流。

That insect moves quickly across the board虫子从木板的一头快速的爬到另一头。

A smile went across his face一丝笑容浮现上他的脸庞。

京杭运河穿越市区the canal stretches through the city



听讲座,三个人都没坚持到底。We three did not sit through the lecture.

男孩在女孩生病期间照料始终,赢得芳心the boy nursed the girl through her illness and won her affections/love.

Be through with结束。

咖啡喝完了没有?Are you through with your coffee?

这个章节看完了I am through with this chapter.

I am through with the report 我看完了报告

Have read through the report读完了报告


Package 一揽子

A package of benefits. 一揽子的福利

A package tour 全包游

Parcel 包裹 a parcel of diamonds

A bulky parcel 沉重的包裹


A snake charmer with two large baskets at the other side of the square


门口站了两个巨大石狮的宅第a mansion with two giant stone lions on both sides of the door.


the beautiful scenery of green willows and stone bridges on both sides of the canal.

公路两边有巨大的广告牌huge advertising boards along the highway.

à we have received many orders from across the pacific

You will find a massive building across the street.


He picked up a long pipe which was covered with coins

Pick up 开车接人 I will pick you up at five

We really appreciate what you have done for us, from the airport pick-up to the hotel room reservation.

捡起,I need to pick up my English|| knowledge. – pick up my courage 鼓起用气

********************************************************************************************Reserve 预定

Preserve 保存 preserve the meat in the salt.

Deserve 值得you deserve my respect.


be covered with 覆盖,静态概念。地上全是雪the ground is covered with snow

be covered by 也可以,但被动的痕迹太浓,动作性太强。


a long pipe covered with coins.省略了做主语的关系代词以及be动词,则定语从句和后置定语建立了联系。


Over   the   South Pole

Pole 极。

南北极north/south pole

南北极: 冰雪的世界a world of snow and ice

we live in a world of information我们生活在一个信息的世界,

we live in an era/time of high technology我们生活在高科技时代

---we now live in a world of ads. They appear on the road-side huge boards, sneak up on the walls and lampposts, take up half of the coverage of the newspaper and constantly interrupt the TV programs. 广告无处不在,他们出现在路边的巨型广告牌上,墙上,灯柱上,占据了报纸一般版面,并且不断的干扰电视节目。


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