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3, Edible insects are in—and big business

Heavy make-up

Light make-up

In=popular à欲把西湖比西子,淡妆浓抹总相宜

the west lake is just like a fair lady, always charming in heavy or light make-up. à

the west lake has always been a preferred place/ attraction for people in different dynasties. Famous people in the history have all left behind poems and inscriptions in praise of the beauty of the lake.  Sudongpo, a famous poet in the song dynatry, once compared the west lake to a fair lady, who is always charming in heavy or light make-up.



 At night colored lights illuminate the falls and create a charming spectacle which viewers find hard to turn away from.

Illuminate 照耀,照射

Glaring light

Illuminate/pioneer a new trail for china’s reform and opening up.

Pioneer a new course for china’s transformation.

On your steed galloping, on my road pioneering 乘骐骥以驰骋兮,来吾道夫先路。



4,however, some species of insects are lower in fat and higher in protein than eggs, beef, pork or chicken, not to mention their wide variety of amino acids. 氨基酸

Probably 95% of the white bread sold in the United States is enriched with thiamine(硫胺素,维他命B1), niacin(肉类,酵母和某些谷类中的维生素-烟碱酸), riboflavin(核黄素), and iron.


本身有的be rich in

外面添加的be enriched with

美国出售的白面包,有将近95%的富含---  carbohydrate 碳水化合物, coarse grain粗粮



Diameter 直径 hemisphere

The diameter of the biggest sphere is /measures 30 meters

The biggest sphere measures 30 meters in diameter.


the biggest sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower measures 30 meters in diameter.


The massive door is flanked with 2 giant stone lions, each measuring 5 tons.

The bridge is flanked with a 2-meter wide pavement



They live in a wide variety of habitats ranging from forests, mountains and deserts on land to oceans, lakes, rivers and streams in water.




This center offers a variety of services ranging from foot massage, therapeutic massage, sauna bath for leisure to KTV facilities and bowling alleys for recreation. 




 中国地大物博,游人无不叹为观止. Visitors will admire the size and variety/adundance/diversity of china. -àdiversity多元化here you may have a keen sense of the diversity , dynamism and progress of china。


Diversified cultural activities 多姿多彩的文化活动

Social undertakings 社会事业

Cultural undertakings 文化事业


Craving the crawlies –〉Crave (for) =desire渴望,渴求she craves for the recognition/acceptance of others希望得到别人的认可

An established company  may have some advantages in market share and brand recognition, while a growth company may take the lead in innovation and more tailor-made services.

We have all established and drifted away.我们都已经事业有成,慢慢的疏远了。



 this reflects the common desire/aspiration/wish for peace and development, exchanges and cooperation between Asia and Europe.

Yearn for (desire strongly)渴望,想念 yearn for one’s homeland


5, he yanks open the heavy steel door of his cold storage locker, you get the expected burst of snowy frost, along with a moist, overpowering, rancid stench.


Jerk 猛拉(朝一个固定方向,快速的)---〉she jerked her hand away when he tried to touch it.

Locker (尤指存放衣物的)小橱柜left-luggage locker行李寄存柜(商场的)--〉depository储藏室,寄存处 行李认领处/寄存处baggage claim/depositary

Overpowering rancid stench强烈的腐臭—〉overpower=overwhelm强大的使人受不住,压倒,制服(在数量和力量上)the burglars were overpowered/overwhelmed by the police.

Overpowering 更多的表示人的个性强悍overpowering personality; overwhelming更多的表示挡不住的an overwhelming majority 压倒性的多数

Rancid (含脂肪的食物)因变质而有腐臭的味道,腐臭的

Stench 恶臭

6,nostrils flaring, Tongchart draws the mist into his lungs, this sweet aroma of hard work, money, success; the odor of bugs

Nostrils flaring 鼻翼大幅度一张一合(生气时)--〉火苗—〉发作或达到更加激烈的状态tempers flared at the conference会议上群情激愤,the violence has flared up.暴乱又起(伊拉克)

Blaze 猛烈地燃烧---〉表现强烈的感情(通常怒火) he blazed with great anger 他勃然大怒, his eyes blazed 眼里充满怒火

His talent gushed才如泉涌 love gushes 爱如潮水

Aroma评判中国烹调有三大依据,即色香味the three essential factors by which the Chinese cooking is judged are color, aroma and taste.

Fragrance芳香 the soothing and pleasant fragrance of Osmanthus 桂花沁人心脾的香味

初秋的杭州,金粉送爽,丹桂飘香 the city is overwhelmed by the pleasant fragrance of sweet Osmanthus

The early autumn is bringing about soothing and relaxing gentle breeze.


Balmy香的,(暖香)the balmy island Hawaii 四季如春的岛洲夏威夷春城—the perennially balmy city kunming  

The perennially snow capped mountains 终年积雪的山脉


Coffee bars are nice place to kill time. With a few bucks, you can fully enjoy the balmy spring day and the luxury of mid-class life.


Bo-bo lifestyle

Bohemian 波希米亚人的



The manager is booed off his position.

Odor 气味(香的,臭的)the odor of bugs

An odor of corruption hangs about him.

An odor of corruption hangs about in the office.

Breath 气息



With a breath of the Biotic Sea, Eriksson set foot on the dragon china.

Nomadic 野蛮的,游牧民族的



Suck 吸—〉Kevin’s/ sasha’s  life sucks

Succulent 多汁的,味美的(水果)

Succulent steak

Succulent worms



7,bugs are hot, new culinary item in Thailand. Middle-class Thais in Bankok are buzzing over the exoskeletal treats虫子是风靡泰国的新菜肴。曼谷的中产阶级都在谈论这些骨头长在外面的美味佳肴。

Culinary 烹饪的 – skills烹饪技术,---culture烹饪文化/饮食文化

Dietary habit 人—rice is the staple food for the Chinese.

大量出现的事物wasting has become a staple on the campus

Bulk order 大宗的订单—〉bulk purchase 大量采购

The purchasing department, the procurement department

Mass-production 大规模生产

Large-scale production 大规模生产

The large scale development of the central and western areas





Contact 接触


My business contacts in USA

I have contacts in the Industrial and Commercial bureau


The vast/big land of china=the vast expanse of the Chinese territory

Intensive/extensive cooperation


Cultivate =foster 培养+ spirits /values

Nurture 孕育+文化/人

The Oxford University has nurtured many Nobel-prize winners.


China’s long history, vast territory, together with the extensive contact with overseas countries and cultures have nurtured/given birth to the distinctive Chinese culinary arts.

涉及到个人的,dietary habit饮食习惯

Distinctive 独特的

indistinct 隐约的,模糊的have a indistinct view of the mountains in the distance and the lakes below.

The lake below and the mountains beyond.


We should go beyond the those outdated systems and look at the market from a distinctive angle /view/perspective 




饮食,步行街及观光,购物,饮食,娱乐于一体the walking street incorporates/embraces/combines such services as sightseeing, shopping, catering and recreational facilities.

The hangzhou mansion /tower especially caters to the mid-aged and old-aged consumers







the Chinese culinary culture pursues the combination of color, aroma and taste, put much emphasis on timing and slicing skills.

Fish slices in hot and spicy sauce


buzz充满兴奋得谈话,闲话或谣言the whole office is buzzing over the possible salary increase整个办公室都在兴奋得谈论着可能的工资上涨。The office is buzzing over the love affairs between the boss and the secretary。

The overseas business people are buzzing over investment in china.

treat乐事,(尤其是意想不到的,难得的)dumplings! What a treat.



The circus is another thing that parents may very well take their children to see as a Christmas treat.作为圣诞节的一大乐事,父母肯定会带孩子去看马戏。

Delicacy美味佳肴=culinary delight

some people regard snails as a great delicacy


Rich texture 肉质细腻

Coarse texture 肉质粗燥

Coarse 粗狂的,粗燥的

The coarse figure the cowboy


8,  the business is creating a chain of modest wealth for farmers and sellers.虫子买卖为农民和小贩们带来了一定的财富。

Some big brands open chain stores by franchise agreement一些大的品牌通过连锁经营协议开设分店。

Chain store =franchise 连锁店


到本世纪中叶在全国建立小康社会 build a well-to-do society throughout the country. Build a society of modest wealth throughout the country.

At the turn of the century.世纪之交


Distributors 经销商

Wholesaler 批发商—retailer零售商

Street vender 街头小贩




Create the distributing network throughout the country

Car-dealer 汽车经销商—〉4-S car dealership 经销店




The vast expanse of the Chinese territory extends as far south as --, and as far north as –

Muttons on a stick 羊肉串

Ethnic minority 少数民族

Ethic 道德= morality

Work Ethic =professional ethic 职业道德

Stir your stomach

A stomach-stirring sotry

Soul-stirring 发人深省的


Ripe 成熟了—〉ripe fruits 成熟的水果

The time is ripe for the market to have a shakeout



9, but as farmers and laborers migrated to the cities during the economic boom of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, they brought their yearning for six-and eight-legged creatures with them.

Laborers 民工---〉the difference between college students and the country’s abundant cheap laborers has increasingly blurred.


The basic Cost of living生活费


Labor force=staff  我公司有员工100人our company has a labor force/staff of 100 workers  this company is staffed by 100 workersà我校开设英德法日俄五个语种,各语种都聘有外籍教师任教our school offers five foreign language programs, namely , English, German, French, Japanese and Russian. Each language program is facultied/staffed by native speakers with teaching qualifications.

Faculty 教职员工


Economic boom/prosperity


The market is very brisk 市场很景气

Savory 开胃的,好吃的=delectable 好吃的美味的=delicate 好吃的=yummy

Savor a cup of tea.品茶

Were reintroduced to the wonders of the savory creepy crawlies

10, girls start to swarm女孩子蜂拥过来

A swarm of bees一群蜜蜂, flock(同一种的鸟或羊)一群 flocks of sheep羊群

Birds of a feather flock together



herd 兽群,尤指牛群a herd of cows, elephants一群牛,象


a shoal of fish 一群鱼


Swarm大群的移动(朝一个方向)人群一窝蜂的从出口涌出the crowd swarmed out through the gates

越来越多的外资企业正在涌入中国,上海的浦东地区是他们的首选an increasing number of foreign firms are pouring into china, and Shanghai’s Pudong area is among their best choices.

Swarm with --挤满,到处是=be crowded with .

 on a day of good sunshine and gentle breeze, the Su-causeway is swarming with visitors=be thronged with 熙熙攘攘the square is thronged with people going to cinemas, restaurants or shops广场上熙熙攘攘,人们前往影院,饭店和商场。

Flock 成群结队,群集birds of a feather flock together 人以群分,物以类聚 on a fine spring day, students flock to the museums and art galleries成群结队到---参观


Silicon Valley is a magnet to which numerous talented engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from overseas flock in search of fame and fast money.硅谷就像一个磁铁,吸引着无数天赋异斌的工程师,科学家和企业家,他们从海外云集而至/纷至沓来,寻求功名利禄。


Soon she will be at sea and guard our shores

Hongkong, a major financial center in east asia, attracts thousands of talented young men from overseas/ to its shores.


Herd成群的被驱赶 the prisoners of war were herded into the concentration camp一群战争犯被驱赶进了集中营。


I am exhausted and I can hardly concentrate/focus

Asia is the largest continent in the world, where 90% of the world’s population concentrates 


4 years ago, he was a rice farmer in northeast

The former butcher and noodle-salesman, now---





11,but now on a good night, he can make $ 80 in profit.现在一个晚上挣得好的话,利润有80元

He grosses about $ 1000 a day, clears about $ 225,她每天毛收入1000块,利润225元

GDP == gross domestic production



the sound of music presented/staged 8 performances and rolled in 1.8 million. -àhe can afford a good car, he is rolling(in money)它有的是钱 he makes big bucks. 

This business rolls in money


The third industry = the tertiary industry

The primary industry.

The primary /elementary education

Secondary education

Advanced education.


竞争太多,利润很薄too much competition has thinned the profit

He is asking for 10 million dollars in damages /compensation补偿



Pluck 拔,摘,采 pluck the feather off the rooster

Pluck off the eyebrow

A rose


The variety and size of china awes the visitors.

China awes the visitors with its size and variety/diversity


The majesty of the mountains

the majesty of the scenes 场景的恢宏

The majesty of the huangshan mountain awes the visitors.

The huangshan mountain awes visitors with its majesty

The Huangshan Mountain awes the visitors with its majestic appeal.


Shrimp 小虾

Lobster 龙虾

Chinese lobster


Sb, who is one of five wholesalers who supply more than 400 pushcart vendors ---.



Permanent registered reticence 



12, the only cloud on the horizon: Thailand is running out of bugs 唯一的担心/不确定因素是,泰国没有虫子了。


He confessed before the trial, with tears streaming/running/torrenting down the cheeks他在陪审团面前认罪,眼泪滂沱而下

The wine dealers refuses to recycle those empty bottles so that they can pocket each 8 cents as profit/ a windfall酒商不愿意回收空瓶子,这样就可以将每个8分钱纳入囊中,当作以外收获。

I was blinded by the prospects of making a fortune abroad。一想到能够在国外挣大钱,我就迷失了方向


The national legislation has been clouded /complicated by the scientific and ethical questions over whether and how to restrict cloning or to ban it altogether.围绕是否以及如何限制克隆或是彻底禁止克隆所产生的科学和伦理问题让全国立法变得扑朔迷离。

Finger--- You may amble around among the shelves , savoring a page or a chapter as you please, or fingering the piles of oddments that litter the counter or the table你可以在书架中间溜达,只要愿意就可以细细看上一页或一章,或者有手指感触一下最后乱七八糟堆在柜台上的书。

Oddments 乱七八糟的一堆东西,价值不大的东西

Litter 没有秩序的放

The river is littered with ship wrecks

Dump 一股脑的堆放

Dump everything on the table一股脑的堆在桌子上

His bedroom is littered with all kinds of strange stuff.

Dump 大放厥词 he simply dumped on my report


These days, companies use information technologies and present multiple prices to get consumer to cough up the maximum he is willing to pay. The airlines have mastered this game, offering many levels of fares.


Master hand

Have an eloquent tongue




开拓眼见;Broaden the vision or the horizon , 充实自己enrich yourself.



The fast advance/development/progress of science and technology has provided unprecedented material wealth and technological conditions for global economy and social progress, and has opened up a broader horizon/ prospect.

A new horizon /prospect 理解成“新的起点,新的高度,迈上一个新的台阶”


This year, our company grosses 1 million in sales volume, and clears 200000. this is a new horizon for our company.



13,that has caused an ecological imbalance: When the insect population dipped, so did that of birds and reptiles that feed on them. 这导致了一场生态失衡,当昆虫数量下降,那些以昆虫为食的鸟类和爬行动物(冷血,卵生)数量也随之减少

Dip 下降到某个平面或高度以下  the sun has dipped below the horizon 太阳已经下山


Plummet大坡度或快速落下the house price in this area has plummeted这个区域房价大跌Alaska Airlines Flight 261 plummeted into the pacific Ocean, killing all 88 on board阿拉斯加航空公司261次航班坠入太平洋,机上全部88人全部罹难。

Plummet (势头汹涌,在高位上跌落)~Plunge(势头汹涌,不一定是高位) 突然而猛力的向下the horse plunged into the cliff马坠入了山崖。Share prices plunged as a result of the gloomy economic forecast经济预测前景暗淡,因而股票价格大跌

In the troubled times of the Middle Ages, trade between countries dwindled.在中世纪混乱的年份,国家之间的贸易往来 dwindle逐渐变少 their savings have dwindled (away ) to nothing.

Shrink 缩水=dwindle

His assets dwindled/shrank in this economic crisis.

Lack of consumer demand and questionable nutritional benefit led to gradual phasing out these enrichments.消费者需求缺乏以及在营养价值方面疑问最终让营养添加剂慢慢的推出了市场

Phase in/out分阶段引进或废除,终止  the use of lead-free petrol is now being phased in 正在逐渐推广无铅汽油

The use of energy-saving/efficient lamps is now being phased in.

逐步取消非贸易壁垒 phase out the non-trade barriers.

People not only feed and clothe themselves well, but also turn to balanced diet and go in for exercise.


Evasive eyes 躲闪的眼神

Tax evasion and cheating



The imminent danger /disaster  大祸临头

The imminent death 死到临头


Scarcity 稀缺







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