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(2008-04-21 22:41:48)




The 5000 year splendid human civilization has nurtured the unique Chinese cooking/culinary art.



Promote the spiritual construction. 错的

Promote the cultivation of healthy values and noble spirits.


13,as wife to the shy and stammering (说话结巴的)king, she encouraged him through his speeches and put him at ease with her outgoing charm. Britain’s first commoner Queen in almost 4 centuries never stood on ceremony

Stammer 口吃(病理)

Falter 蹒跚(主观)



People consider her behavior a shameful piece of snobbery


The opening/closing ceremony 开幕式,闭幕式


Spontaneous 不做做,自发的


Flamboyant 炫耀的,过分华丽



14, those qualities blossomed during World War II, when the Queen revealed a doughty(勇敢而顽强的) spirit.






---〉健康成长,兴盛she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman,她已经亭亭玉立,变成了一个美丽的少女。

 ---〉全面绽放才能Mozart blossomed very early in life.早在童年时就崭露头角,

he blossomed every early but his talent faded as he grew up.



A hundred flowers in full blossom contending in beauty

A hundred theories in full blossom contending in influence


Blossom 相貌,才能充分的展示

兴旺发达= prosper / thrive /boom

Thrive on sth /blossom on sth /

Boom—〉n,  the economic boom

Prospering/thriving/blossoming economy


Conduct an experiment 进行试验

Conduct reforms in foreign trade


Deliver 投递,deliver the letters, newspapers

传达 deliver a message=broadcast a message=convey a message.

Ads with the image of a smoking pop star will deliver an irresistible message.


5,the queen recognized that war would prove to be a great democratic leveler. “I am happy we have been bombed”, she said in 1940, after Buckingham Palace weathered the first series of air attacks


the 911 incident may be the lever needed for Bush Administration to lead this country into an anti-terrorism war.

The mass 人民群众

Mass media 大众传媒

Mass production

Bulk manufacturing

The economy of yiwu has thrived on the bulk manufacturing

Bulk 大宗的,大量的

Bulk purchasing , I am going to place a bulk order. 

Manufacturing 手工制作—〉制造业

I have been in the manufacturing industry for 2 decades.


manufacturing, business, trading services/activities.


Our company is engaged in manufacturing, business and trading activities.




爆炸explosion 1,声音2,发展

The explosion of population/information

Bombing 炸弹爆炸car bombing suicide

à blast 冲击波the blast killed a lot.


Weapons of mass destruction are or may be the right lever US needs to launch a war on Iraq.

Exert influence/pressure  on 施加影响力


Prove to be=is=offer/provide 诸多场合,表示“是” 可以有如下不同的阐述

火车时便捷的交通方式the railway service offers/provides an easy way of transportation. 打短工是我的收入来源doing a part time job provides the only source of income for me .


Sneak attack

Sneak up on sb

Slip in 偷偷溜进来



The first in a series of air attacks

The first round in a series of air attacks.



Numerous refugees have made their way to USA since the fall of Sigon



16, the role she chose for herself was to help her daughter, then jus 25, shoulder the burdens attendant upon a queen

Shoulder =assume 肩负起,承担起

For a wholly /solely foreign-funded enterprise , the foreign party should shoulder/assume all the risks and take all the profits as well.

Burdens 重负重担〉responsibilities

Attendant 随着--而来的,伴随的







make full use of the opportunities coming along with china’s wto entry/ brought about by china’s wto entry/take advantage of the opportunities attendant upon china’s WTO accession


The building is structured on a square base 改建筑底座为方形





viewed from a distance, the new museum is like an ancient bronze ding tripod, shouldering in silence the heavy burdens of the 5000-year history and civilization. 

When viewed at a distance, the whole building resembles an ancient Bronze Ding tripod, shouldering in silence the heavy weight/the burdens of the 5000-year Chinese history and civilization.

俯视,只见远处的北高峰云雾缭绕—〉have a bird-eye view of the beigao peak, which is wrapped up in mist and clouds.

Viewed from high above, the beigao peak is wrapped up in clouds and mist


On a day of good sunshine and gentle breeze , you will  have an indistinct view of --- in the distance.


You will find the beigao peak wrapped up in mist and clouds in the distance.


If you share your troubles with them, they will say that you overburdened them with responsibilities and cheated them of their childhood.



Clothes make a man

Pains make a true man

One-child policy


Show deference to sb对某人显示尊敬

Be solicitous of sb为某人担心,着想(健康,福利)

A solicitous husband 一个非常疼爱妻子的丈夫


17,the smiling Duchess glided with resilient good humor through roughly 10 engagements each month until she was midway into her 80s

glide滑行,滑翔—〉move along smoothly and continuously

 With 5 years experience in this industry, she just glides through the job every day. 有了这个行业5年的经验,每天的工作只要轻松混混,便可打发。

tramp脚步很重的走,或者艰难的走(尤其是长途之后,很累)we tramped miles and miles without finding anywhere to stay我们走啊走啊,没有找到落脚的地方—〉tramp through the rain雨中漫步

potter 漫无目的的走,闲逛she likes pottering about her beloved garden in baggy trousers他喜欢传着宽松的裤子在自己的花园里闲逛,potter around the exhibition在展览前逛来逛去。(小偷)

You spend your first couple of Saturday afternoons ambling around among the dusty shelves, savoring a page or a chapter as you please.


Amble 乘骑缓行或漫步徐行 He came ambling down the road他沿着小路溜达过来。

roam漫无目的的走动,漫游,闲逛roam through a woods在树林间漫步,更多地用在两种场景:those huge dinosaurs used to roamed on this planet.

while you are roaming the Web, businesses are studying your habits and vulnerabilities. 当你在网上漫游的时候,商家也在研究你的消费习惯和弱点。

The vulnerable ladies 容易受伤的女人

Be vulnerable to the outside influence 容易受到外界不良影响

Those underdeveloped countries are especially vulnerable to the food shortage.


There is a serious accident on the highway, and pigs are roaming about  


storm怒气冲冲的或气势凶猛的朝某个方向移动 she stormed out of the office with great anger. 盛怒之下冲出了办公室


Resilient (人或性格)能迅速恢复或重新振作(从打击或悲伤中)达观的

Children have a resilient character.

Physically resilient






艰难,量多plough through a heavy load of work

Plough through/tramp in the knee deep mud

She has contacts in the business and industrial bureau so she glided through the procedures  


Midway into her 80s---〉they started about 7 and were less than halfway into their Tuesday route when the machine broke down 他们七点钟开工,星期二的工作还没有做到一半。

I started about 8 and was less than half way into my work, the computer system broke down.


The vast land of USA stretches from ----to --- over the Rocky mountains and then halfway across the Pacific to Hawaii 美国大陆从---延伸到--,越过落基山脉,然后跨越半个太平洋到达了夏威夷。

The vast land of china boasts numerous sights of gorgeous and varied natural scenery. The 5000-year splendid civilization has made this poetic and picturesque landscape even more charming


Patron 赞助人,

欢迎惠顾, thank you for your patronage

Patron 主顾

---, a former butcher and noodle-salesman, is now the president of united insects


In recent years, she kept up an amazing public and private schedule for a person of her age

日程安排have a tight schedule for the headquarter meetings.

Have a tight itinerary 行程安排


She was an implacable defender of the royal family against modernity and change.

Implacable 不能变动的,无法安抚和平息的




More and more people are worried that the incident will leave a bad/negative influence on our economy.


Stand against /object to /oppose sanctions


准备—〉stand ready to


We stand ready to promote exchanges and cooperation between European and Asian countries


Demand sth of sb

Demand of sb sth



Loose morals 道德沦丧

Condemn sb’s loose morals

Sluttish behavior水性杨花的,招风引蝶的,(女性)--〉slut





Sex maniac


Where is the axe , I will chop you.



Our budget has been chopped

Many jobs are chopped/cut/shed.

Job-cut 裁员

Lay off the workers 让员工下岗

The laid-off workers 下岗工人

The reemployment center =the replacement center 再就业中心

The insurance benefits 保险

The laid off workers should receive the insurance benefits from relevant agencies instead of being provided for by the company.



18, So the sexual, social and financial shenanigans of the past two decades, floodlit by a prurient and deference-be-damned press, strained her relationship with the younger royals.



Shenanigans 恶作剧,胡闹;诡计,欺骗(trickery, deception)

Adopt deceptive practices.

Adopt measures /initiatives采取措施

Adopt international practices 与国际接轨


Adopt the internationally/universally accepted/recognized rules



Prurient 好色的,迷恋淫欲的, excessive interest in sexual matters.

she showed a prurient interest in the details of the rape case. 对强奸案的细节津津乐道。

Paparazzi 狗仔队(复数形式)


damn不顾一切,let’s enjoy ourselves and damn the consequences 让我们不管三七二十一,尽情享乐。

Floodlight 用泛光灯照亮(通常被动),the royal residence is floodlit in the evenings 夜晚,泛光灯将皇家官邸照得通亮

Strain the muscles 拉伤肌肉

My leg is strained

Don’t strain yourself too much

Strain the relationship between

The fast economic development of china has strained the relationship between the demand and supply of raw materials.

The soaring economic development

The soaring property price

The stock price soared









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