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(2008-04-11 22:07:48)




Detect  v发现、察觉、查出(不容易) VSfeel, sense


The dentist could detect a hole in her tooth医生发现牙上有一个洞

He detected that we were not welcome他觉得我们不受欢迎

Sharks can detect a drop of blood in a swimming pool游泳池里的一滴血鲨鱼都能嗅到

Sense =feel感觉到,意识到

他虽然没有说,但是我觉得他不喜欢这个主意 he said nothing, but I felt/sensed he did not like the idea.

Smoke sensor 烟雾感应器

********************************************************************************************Have a good sense of =have a keen sense of sth 敏锐的感觉到了

We have got a keen sense of the progress of your company under your leadership 我们明显的感觉到了,在你的领导下,你公司所取得的进步


We have got a keen sense of the cooperation and team spirit of your team under your leadership


Expect hope, wish

1, 都可+句子,此时wish引导的句子虚拟


We hope/expect that excellence can be handed down

2, hope to do/ expect (sb) to do/wish (sb) to do

劳作一天之后,想吃顿好饭,洗个热水澡,足疗一下I hope/wish/expect to have a nice dinner , a warm shower and a foot massage after a whole day’s work

3,wish sb sth怎么样

wish you good luck, wish you a happy journey.

4expect sb期待,等待某人

I am expecting my boyfriend here by 11:30我等我朋友11点半到这里

我们一直在等你(荣幸)We have been expecting you.


Ever since I got your letter, I have been expecting you.

Ever since I heard of you, I have been expecting to see you.自从听说了你的大名之后我就一直期待着见到你


valuable  /precious

1valuable =precious= be worth a lot of money值钱的

The book is worth a lot of money

a valuable/precious painting/stone

2valuable有用的,宝贵的(意见,信息,帮助等advice, information, help

Precious 珍贵的,受到珍爱的

precious memory.珍贵的记忆 Precious moments together一起相处的宝贵时刻

他对我很重要he is very precious to me.


您有什么贵重物品要放在前台保管sir, madam, you can leave your valuables with the front desk

value 价值,抽象〉后置定语


This is an important meeting  

This is a meeting of importance

The meeting is important    

this meeting is of importance

规则:adj= of + (adj)n.

注意:形容词做表语,直接代替; 形容词做定语,放在名词后面

he is honest ---he is of honesty

this is an honest man --- this is a man of honesty


build a world of peace and justice.

很有价值的东西something of great value.

注意:名词表达形容词功效he is a man of his words.

this is a man of honesty and character. 为人诚实,品格高尚

南京同事:长相恐怖,内心脆弱,体重很大,小有钱财--- is a lady of fierce looks, a sensitive/vulnerable heart , some fortune and much weight.


Vulnerable容易受伤的/容易受到外来伤害的(幼小的) a vulnerable lady 一个容易受伤的女人

The vulnerable kids 容易受伤的孩子 the vulnerable lambs 容易受到外来伤害的小羊羔

our company is vulnerable to the increasing price 我公司承担不了价格上涨

Frail 弱的, 年老而来的

Fragile 弱的,酒后而来的

Delicate 容易破碎,比较精致的

the delicate wings of the dragon fly 蜻蜓精致易碎的翅膀

The delicate antics 精致易碎的古玩

Delicate 微妙的the delicate balance of the nature 自然微妙的平衡

The delicate food chain 微妙的食物链

When the insect population decreases/dips, so does that of the birds and rodents that feed on them



Steal VS rob VS burgle

steal 偷, steal sth from sb. 

没有哪个贼能偷我的车,最终可以放心了I can put my heart at ease finally since no thief is able to steal my bike.

I can’t put my heart at ease until I have your money in my account.没有收到你的钱就无法安心


女孩子要甩了男孩子she is going to dump him/give him a brush off

设法偷看一眼try to steal a look –

steal a look at sb in the mirror从镜子从偷看某人一下。

steal a kiss from sb/steal a few minutes’ sleep出其不意吻上一下/偷偷睡上几分。

抢镜头steal the show.


rob sb/sth of sth  

I was robbed of my wallet .我的钱包被抢了

Rob the bank à bank robbery 银行抢劫案


Burgle 窃贼的对象是房子,以破门,撬锁等手段强行入户行窃

our house was burgled while we were away at the cinema.(外出看电影时房子被撬了)

The children are away in NY for education.孩子们远在纽约读书

Burglar 入室行窃者


The main building 主楼 /the east wing左侧大楼

The east tower of the hotel 酒店东楼

The terminal building候机大厅=the waiting hall

Some major projects一些重大项目

Play a major role 扮演重大角色


guard 警卫

1,a body guard 保镖 a security guard保安—door keeper看门员

防卫,守卫 <protect 

several security guys guard the president  好几个安全人员在守卫着总统

a evil dragon guards the treasure一条邪恶的龙守卫财宝


protect the environment, protect the nature, protect the scenic places/the local cultures

2, guard against sth 预防


SARS is gone but we should do our best/spare no efforts /do everything to guard against and get prepared for its return.

Be alert to ---警惕的,警觉的 be alert to the possible dangers/risks警惕潜在的危险/风险

******************************************************************************************** Be alert to the negative influence from outside 警惕外来的不好影响

Negative influence 消极影响

Positive influence 积极影响

Children are vulnerable to the negative influence from outside 小孩子不能抵御外来的消极影响

The teenagers are especially vulnerable to the negative influence of the bad ads 半大的孩子特别能够受到广告负面效应的影响

Potential 潜在的 the potential markets潜在市场

He has got the potential to be a good leader他有领导人的潜力

Latent病)长期蛰伏的,latent diseases

Chronic 慢性病chronic 长期的,

Show chronic indifference to public interests 长期以来对公共事务不感兴趣,漠不关心

Show indifference to the dangers and risks. 将危险置之度外


stone    一石二鸟,kill two birds with one stone   


Those desperate parents left no stones unturned /spared no efforts in their search for the children.


Nowadays, people spare no efforts in their search of money/material wealth.物质财富。


The Chinese people spared no efforts in their fight against SARS.


People in hang Zhou spared no efforts in the fight against flood.


Brothers and sisters/siblings all suffered in the fight for the fortune.


Unturned 过去分词+un表示否定,相当形容词

Find/leave +sb/sth +adj


the cup was broken by ***-à the cup was broken-à the cup is broken

他工作没有做完,he left the job undone/unfinished


the patient is recovering. He has a bad appetite and leaves the food untouched. 

He has gone and left me uninformed 他走了。没有通知我


the text

the plane was late and deceives were waiting at the airport all morning. They were expecting a valuable parcel of diamonds from South Africa



The express mail service is late; we are waiting here all morning. We are expecting a parcel of samples from our clients.


A few hours earlier



So far, I have read three English novels. 

By the end of last year, he had changed three jobs.

我回来时你已经睡着了when I came back you had already fallen asleep.


before he came back to hang Zhou, he had sold his apartment in su Zhou.


when he married this woman, he had had two children.


Get married to sb动作

Be married to sb状态

They got married yesterday. 他们昨日晚婚

We have been married for five years. 我们结婚5年了


Thieves would try to steal the diamonds贼会想方设法偷盗钻石。



if I am not busy in the evening, I will sit down and read a book quietly.


Usually, I will go to the gym on Thursday.

Body –building 塑形


I would love to go to that gym, because they have very good body-building facilities

Public facilities 公共设施

Recreational facilities

In those modern residential districts, they have very wonderful recreational and body-building facilities

工作之余,他会喝两盅, he will drink a cup or two after work.


Try to steal the diamond      

try to do sth (中性)

= do everything possible to do(中性)(hook the customers让消费者上当)

=spare no efforts to do (褒义)


吃这个菜吧,这个是杭州的本地特色。 Try this dish. This is the local specialty. 

他经常模仿我,目的为嘲笑he was always mocking me

mock贬义, copy, imitate—中性friends, accent

不要玩花招don’t try any funny stuff with me


two men took the parcel off the plane

警察把裸奔者带离足球场the police took the streaker off the football pitch.


Get off (the bus )下车

将小孩子从窗上拉开take the kid off the window

把小孩拉走take the kid away.


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