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(2008-02-08 16:27:42)




Happiness with Us


    I am Liu Guixi, my husband Zhang Anyuan  and our children :One is Zhang Jinzhong,The other is Liu Bin. Our hometown is in pasture  of Nanshan Chengbu Hunan  where I have an seventy-year-old mother, an several old sick cows and several pieces of poor earth.  The grain was lacked at that time. In order to support a family, we brought our children who are studying in primary school to go into the city to earn a living.


    We dislike to do some tiring manual work which cannot earn much money like those fellow townsman from countryside. I figured out with Anyuan and raised money all round before opening a little shop to sell household supplies.  With our children brought, we rented a little room for living near the shop. Our shop is small but sells anything such as needle head and thread end, oils, salt, soybean sauce and vinegar. It can be described with an old Chinese saying that the sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. The people whose family lack of some convenience goods around the quarters are likely to come to our shop to buy in passing because it is economical, substantial and convenient. Today is already the third year and our business is very good. The money we borrowed has been paid off and we can afford my children to study in the urban school, even to transfer some money to our family every month.


    It is Sep 29, Thursday today, the most usual day. When it was earlier than six o’clock in the morning, Anyuan got up and rode his tricycle to transport goods. We purchased goods once in a month. After washing hurriedly, I cooked a pot of millet porridge on the oven, waiting for the children to get up and eat. I washed the dirty clothes my husband and children got off yesterday and bought oil cake from outside. When I came back home, it is about half past six, and I hasted to awaken the sleeping children to get up. After we had breakfast, the children went to school with school bags while I brought the rice cooked last night and rushed to our shop on the mouth of the street and began to operate today’s business.


    Just as opening the door, aunty Li came here buying two grams of brown sugar and several grams of eggs pleasantly. She said she would nourish her daughter-in-law who had just born a strong baby. Very soon, several uncles and aunties came here who had sent their grandson or granddaughter to the kindergarten in the next zone. They liked to stay here to have a rest, chatting something. These old people had nothing to do at home for their children had all gone to work. They would try to kill time after sending their grandson and granddaughter. Although they needn’t worry about their life, .I know they are all alone and I’d like to accompany them for the business is slack in the morning.


    At nine or ten o’clock, soon after the uncles and aunties left, my husband came back riding on the tricycle, with goods purchased. He was so tired for carrying so much and I hurried to give him tower and a cup of water for a little relaxation. We unloaded the goods busily. As soon as we finished, it is almost noon, so we lost no time to put a lunch box in a pot of hot water to cook. In order to save money, and the school provide meal for our children, we both brought meal here ourselves when it was very cool and cooked it in the hot water before eating. At noon today, we brought Chinese chive fried with egg and mad apple stewed with bean. I’m afraid that Anyuan was hungry as heck for he had worked for a whole morning without having breakfast. He ate up very soon, and I shared some of mine with him at once. After lunch, I asked Anyuan to take a nap and have a rest somewhere at the corner after putting things in order.


    The business in the afternoon was usual with only two or three customers. The guy from other place came to our shop to make a long distance call, just like usual. Some other people came to buy shampoo, perfumed soap. Soon it was time to be off duty when the business is always the best. Many people bought rice and some sundry goods such as ingredient from our shop for cooking. Gradually we can smell the bouquet of meal. Zhang Jinzhong and Liu Bin also came to our shop. My children’s school is near here, so we don’t worry about their going to school themself and going back alone. Habitually we let them place a taboret and begin to do homework. I gave them several pieces of biscuit for fear that they be hungry. We are used to coming back home to cook at ten o’clock when our shop is closed, so the children can only allay their hunger with biscuit. We are in fact very sorry about it for it’s time for the children to grow. But we shall care for our business, and there is no way but do like this temporarily.


    As we were busy with business, the night fell. The street lights got bright one by one and the warm light shined out from windows of others’ family. After closing the door of our shop, I brought one child by the hand, carried the other child and pulled my husband beside me to walk to our home slowly. It was the happiest moment in the day, and though I knew that at the end of the month, the rent of the shop and the house ought to be paid, moreover, it’s time to transfer money back to our family at hometown. The money of sponsorship and the fee of children’s study in the next term shall be collected; I also knew that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and innumerable tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, what is waiting for me is still working hard and hardship, but for me, pulling the hands of my most intimate men and walking on the way to my home are the happiness I want most. I don’t seek great wealth and splendor. Only if my husband can be healthy and my children can thrive, I can be satisfied. At seeing  the long or short, far or near shade of our four on the ground, I thought the blessing and happiness is not elsewhere but with us, at the bottom of every person who loves life.  Live a good life everyday, and I hope the person I love, the person who loves me and myself will be happy for ever.




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