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The impression is very important as well as hw

(2009-06-05 14:02:49)


Is it possible to work less and still impress your boss, wife, husband and friends?  In other words, is it possible to do less and accomplish more?  Everyone seeks the answer to this question.  We all want to generate the greatest noticeable impact with the least amount of effort, as quick as possible.  It’s the way of the modern knowledge worker.  We strive to work smarter, not harder.

The answer to the question is: YES!  With the right combination of skills, tactics and tools, you can work less and still impress.  It requires thinking outside of the box… and then implementing strategies that directly increase the visibility, impact and “wow-factor” of your labors.

The list below is not comprehensive, but leads in the right direction, providing six basic strategies geared for increasing your impressiveness without increasing your workload.

Learn Skills Few People Know – Find a niche function (or two) that’s currently in high demand and master it.  If very few people can perform this needed function, your effective value to others will skyrocket into the stratosphere.  You will become the “go to guy”.  Even if it’s only a temporary gig, you will be able to make a significant impact in a short timeframe.  And if you play your cards right, you will find yourself doing less actual work and getting 10 times more credit for your efforts.
Provide Value from Within a Black Box – Mystery is a huge proponent of impressiveness.  In order to achieve the ultimate level of impressiveness your efforts must make someone think, “Wow! How does he/she do that?”  They can easily see your inputs and your results, but aren’t 100% sure how you got from point A to point B.  In other words, you have to provide (or innovate) tangible value without disclosing the specifics of the mastery.  This is similar to my point on learning a rare skill, but instead relies more on emotional curiosity and less on the end result.  Human beings are curious creatures.  If you can give them something they want while simultaneously stimulating their curiosity, you will always be more impressive than the guy who cranks out the most widgets.
Focus More on Less – A jack of all trades may do very well in life, but supreme impressiveness is achieved via specialization.  Elite expertise attracts attention much faster than a run of the mill juggling act.  This is because gradual increases in skill level have an exponential effect on the public opinion of overall impressiveness.  Think in terms of Karate: A black belt seems far more impressive than a brown belt.  But does a brown belt really seem any more impressive than a red belt?  The bottom line: Society elevates experts high onto a pedestal.  Hard work matters, but not if scattered in diverse directions.  Focus on mastering your trade.
Only Use Quality Tools – Trying to cut through a thick piece of fresh lumber with an old, dull handsaw would be a pretty foolish endeavor.  You would have to work extremely hard to make the even the slightest impact.  This principle applies to everything in life.  Don’t let inefficiency defeat you.  If the tools in your toolbox don’t fit the requirements of the job, find someone who has the right tools and barter with them, hire them, invite them  into the process.  Possessing the right tools (and skills) can easily shrink a mountainous task into a molehill.
Always Under-Sell to Over-Deliver – The crooked salesman constantly over-sells the capabilities of his product.  He sets the bar so high that the product ends up falling short of his client’s expectations.  If you want to boost your impressiveness, do the exact opposite.  Slightly under-sell your capabilities (or product, service, deadline, etc.) so that you’re always able to over-deliver.  It will seem to others like you’re habitually going above and beyond the call of duty.
Follow the 80/20 Rule – The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your efforts.  If you can identify and focus on the 20% that matters most, you can be more productive (and impressive) without increasing your workload.  Try to automate or delegate the less productive 80% whenever possible.  When random emails and phone calls start pushing you off course, remind yourself of the 80/20 rule and make an immediate course correction.  If an emergency arises and you absolutely need to eliminate something from your schedule, make sure it’s not part of the vital 20%.




      1. 学习一些别人不会的技巧       掌握一项或两项特殊的技能。如果这项技能很少人能有所表现,那么你就会像黑夜中的烟花一样耀眼。即使这个技能只能临时让你出彩,它也会让人在短时间里面对你印象深刻。所以,请掌握一两项特殊技能并在适当的时候表现,那么你会发现你做得很少的工作却从中收获了10倍或更多。

      2. 让你的工作神秘化        神秘总是会留给人巨大的印象。神秘的最大效果就是把你的成果摆在别人面前他肯定会想:“他怎么做出来的!”他们知道你的原材料和成品,然而却不能确定你是怎么从A变到B。也就是说你提供切实的成品却不透露你如何做到的。这和第一点很像,但它更多的注重它的神秘性而不是它的结果。人是一种好奇心相当强的生物,如果你能提供一些他们想要的东西,同时刺激他们的好奇心,那么你肯定会比那些普通人更让人有印象。

      3. 把更多的精力放在更少的事情上      一个什么都懂却什么都不精的人也许在现实里蛮受欢迎,但是真正让人无法忘却的印象往往是来自专业性的人才。想想空手道,黑带总是比褐绶来得显眼,但是褐绶与红带放在一起就不会觉得褐绶有多引人注目(注:空手道中,黑带是最厉害的级别)。这个社会把专业性捧得老高,努力固然重要,但不要分散你的精力。尽量把你从事的做到最好。

      4. 使用优质的工具      如果你想用一把又老又钝的手锯试图将一桩粗壮的新木锯断,那么你很傻很天真,即使是很小的工作量你也不得不格外地努力。(使用优质工具)这条定律适用在生活中的每一处,别让效率低下把你打败。要是你现在用的工具并不能满足你工作的需求,那么找一个有合适工具的人,和他们交换、或者雇佣他们、或者邀请他们一起加入项目中。拥有合适的工具(以及技能)能让你事半功倍。

        5. 学会“言不过其实”     狡诈的业务员总是夸大他销售产品的质量,他们言过其实结果就是客户拿到手中的产品永远达不到预期的目标。所以,如果你想进一步让人难以忘却,那么请言不过其实,稍微地把你的能力(产品、服务、最终期限等)说低一些,人们对你的印象会更深,因为你或者你的东西总是超出人们的预期。

        6. 恪守80/20原则        80/20原则简述了你成果中的80%来自你20%的努力。所以把精力集中在那20%上,将剩余80%工作尽量机械化、自动化,那么即使没有增加工作量你也会变得更具影响力。当日常的邮件和电话声把你的注意力打断的时候,记住80/20原则,让你的思绪尽快调整回来。如果真的有特殊情况发生而你不得放弃某些事情,那么请确这件事不是在那20%里面。


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