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Los Angeles condo -by JOE NYE

(2008-02-02 03:09:45)


分类: design
 Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
Two kinds of chairs cluster around the dining table --Regency-style end chairs and 18th-century Italian painted chairs. The curvy hurricanes are from Charlotte Moss.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
In the dining room a pair of 19th-century engravings hangs above one of a pair of black painted antique armchairs from Nathan Turner. Regency-style end chair is covered in Empire Bee from Lee Jofa.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
Haas sets the table with a mix of antique and modern pieces. English handmade charger plates from Deborah Sears. Salad plates from Bardith, New York. Dinner plates are Antique Davenport from Hollyhock. Turquoise bowl from Evans & Gerst.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
Great decorators know that no matter how classic the furniture, color can make it feel modern. Glamorous and a touch retro, the living room is evocative of such resorts as Palm Beach and La Jolla with its turquoise and raspberry palette. Curtain fabric is Scalamandré's Samba Stripe. The French Directoire daybed from the owner's family is covered Danby Aqua cotton by Robert Allen and is welted in Lee Jofa's Crescendo Suede in rosetta; its fuchsia and white pillows are Pali Garance, an iconic Manuel Canovas print. The turquoise chairs flanking the sofa are from Downtown; 1950s bar table is from Nick Metropolis; zebra stool is from Ames Ingham; pink and white Dhurrie rug is from Nathan Turner.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
The entry sets the mood of the house, mixing antiques and flea market finds in an ebullient color scheme — turquoise and raspberry. A 19th-century Chinese chest acts as a beautiful pedestal for treasures, including a Chinese lamp and an anonymous painting.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
In a feminine bedroom that Nye sums up as "Christian Dior in Palm Beach," walls are painted Benjamin Moore's November Skies. The bed is from West Elm and the bed linens are from Williams-Sonoma Home. The French settee came from Chapman Radcliff. Double-gourd pink bedside lamp was handmade by Christopher Spitzmiller, through Hollyhock. The lavishly patterned window shade fabric is Manuel Canovas's Bragance in taupe.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
A club chair by Landon Cole in the corner of the living room. Pillow fabric is Trixie from the Albert Hadley Collection. Turquoise lamp from Downtown.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
In a corner of the bedroom, a round table with an elegant table skirt of Manuel Canovas's Bragance fabric in taupe. Double-gourd pink lamp by Christopher Spitzmiller, available through Hollyhock.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
In Courtney Haas's living room, an antique mahogany daybed is flanked by a pair of floor lamps from Downtown. Throw pillows covered in Pali from Manuel Canovas. Painting over daybed by Robert Frame.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
In the powder room, the wallpaper is a Taschen costume book cut up and glued to the walls. A famille rose lamp and vase of flowers rests on a footed tray table. Diptyque candle from Hollyhock.
Los <wbr>Angeles <wbr>condo <wbr>-by <wbr>JOE <wbr>NYE
The cocoa-brown color of the study is a dramatic departure from the rest of the house. Nye wanted to give his client one masculine, subdued room for a change of pace. Walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Shenandoah Taupe.

MIMI READ: This Los Angeles condo makes me think of a classic old movie that's been colorized — it has a great mix of stylish traditional and vintage elements, but everything has been keyed in these startling saturated colors. How did you come up with the bold palette?

JOE NYE: My client, Courtney Haas, is young — just a little over 30, and full of personality. She's truly a fashionista. She should be in fashion even though she's in law. This is the first house she's ever done. I wanted to pick out something that wasn't old and dowdy. She owned a piece of porcelain that was bright turquoise and she said, 'I really love this color, can it be the catalyst?' One thing led to another and we came up with turquoise and raspberry pink, a combination we both love.

What did she want it to look like?

We both made a conscious effort not to make this look like a hip young L.A. person's apartment, with wall-to-wall midcentury furniture, shag rugs, and retro modern accents. We wanted to make it fresh, fun, and funky, with lots of humor and even a teeny-tiny bit campy. And not necessarily looking like this 30-year-old woman had gone out and hired a fancy decorator.

In general, how do you avoid the fancy decorator look? How do you get a polished house, but with an idiosyncratic, freer, unserious feeling like this one has?

My mantra is mixing humble with grand. If everything in a house is at the same level of taste and importance, it comes off looking like an upper-middle-class tract house. This job was really done on a budget. Her mother and father had given her some fine antiques, like a French Directoire daybed and a painted chinoiserie cabinet. But there's also stuff from flea markets and Crate & Barrel. There's pedigree going on with no pedigree. We did spend a lot on beautiful fabrics.

Which pieces were absolute steals?

We shopped in all kinds of places, high and low! In the entry, you wouldn't really know that the starburst mirror hanging over the chinoiserie cabinet came from a flea market and cost ten bucks. That incredible bright painting of a face next to it — I think that cost $100. The chandelier over the dining table was bought at one of those antiques stores here that stay open 24 hours. It cost $600.

When you're putting together a room, how do you determine which things you need to spend money on and which things you can get away with using the less expensive catalog item or flea market flourish?

The cocoa-brown sitting room is her office and it doubles as a guest room. It has a Crate & Barrel sleeper sofa with animal-print silk pillows from Hollyhock. Those two pillows cost more than the sofa. I think the big predictable things like fully upholstered furniture are a bit easier to fake because they recede in a room. It's the accessories that you put on them that have to be fabulous.

Any other strokes of ingenuity?

The wallpaper in the powder room was an idea I stole from the decorator Steven Gambrel — he had done that same thing with a book called Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, where he took the book apart and used the plates to paper a wall. Because my client is such a fashion girl and we had a sad second bathroom to make pretty, I bought that Taschen book called The Complete Costume History and I had my brilliant master wallpaperer cut it up. We figured out the arrangement of the plates on the floor first. I think it looks as good as an $1,800 roll of de Gournay.

Yet this house has a number of elegant antiques and a strong sensibility holding it together. It's more than just fun.

It has anchors — serious wood pieces we were able to bring in, such as a beautiful Italian demilune commode in the living room and the painted chinoiserie cabinet in the entry. In her very feminine bedroom, I used a beautiful 1920s copy of a Louis XVI settee and we put a pretty serious Scalamandré raspberry silk damask on there. I wanted to make the room girly without being silly.

What are you happiest with about the way things turned out?

The end result looks like my client, is a true translation of her taste and style. I promise you, she doesn't have one friend who lives in a place that looks like this. Some people might say, "good for them," but it's got a singular, specific, personal frame of reference. Integrity, personality, and idiosyncrasy will always be stylish.

Interior design by Joe Nye

Interview by Mimi Read

Produced by Katherine Pearson


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