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上海教材牛津版高一年级英语词汇考点(上册)Unit One-Unit Three

(2010-11-06 09:24:59)


上海教材牛津版高一年级上册英语词汇考点(Unit One-Unit Three)


Unit One

                               Body  language

1. give sb. advice on sth. 给某人提建议

2. college students 大学生

3. in a school newspaper 在校报上

4. part-time jobs 兼职工作

  full-time jobs 全职工作

5. travel agency 旅行社

6. well-dressed lady 衣着整洁的女士

7. a senior employee 年长的雇员

  senior position 高级职位

8. more than 不仅仅是

9. the expression on your face 你脸上的表情

10. give sb. a good impression 给某人留下好印象

11. rest your head on your hand 手撑着头

12. look downwards 向下看

13. feel welcome 受到欢迎

14. go to sb. for assistance 向某人寻求帮助

15. without hesitation 毫不犹豫

16. remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事

   remind sb. that 提醒

   remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事

17. communicate with body language 用身势语言交流

   communicate new ideas to sb 向某人传递新思想

   communications satellite 通讯卫星

   Bank of Communications 交通银行

18. specific time 特定时间

19. play a musical instrument 演奏乐器

20. play the violin 拉小提琴

21.be in hospital 住院

22. accept an invitation 接受邀请

23. badminton match 羽毛球比赛

24. best regards 良好的祝愿

25. on a website 在网站上

26. throughout the history of mankind 纵观人类历史

27. in many situations 在许多场合下

28. the key to communication 交流的关键

29. in Western cultures 在西方文化中

30. maintain eye contact 保持眼神交

31. as a matter of fact 实际上

32. show respect to 尊敬

   have respect for 尊敬

   in many respects 在许多方面

   respectable teacher 受人尊敬的老师

   be respectful to sb. 对某人彬彬有礼

33. someone in authority 掌权的人 当权者

34. skim the passage 浏览段落

   skim through (over ) the newspaper 浏览报纸

35. glance at us 扫视我们

36. sigh with relief 宽慰的叹了口气

   sign deeply 深深地叹息

37. recover from one’s illness 从疾病中恢复

38. fax machine 传真机

39. live in the suburbs 住在郊区

   live in downtown areas 住在市区

40. prepare the table 摆桌子

41. meet sb. by chance 偶然见到某人

42. maintain good discipline 维持良好纪律

43. consider doing 考虑做某事

   It is considerate of sb. to do sth. 某人很体谅地去做

   a considerable amount of money 一大笔钱

   considerate = thoughtful 体谅他人的

44. lack of common sense 缺乏常识

   lack money (vt.)

   be lacking in sth. 缺少(adj.)

45. last for several days 持续几天

46. avoid making mistakes 避免犯错误


Unit Two

                                Care for hair

1. younger people or elderly people 年轻人还是老年人

2.suit your lifestyle 符合你的生活方式

be suitable for 适合

3.guarantee that 保证

guarantee sth. 担保

guarantee sb. sth. 向某人保证

guarantee to do sth.保证做某事

4.on top of the world 兴高采烈

  on the top of 在……之上,除……之外

  at the top of在...的顶上, 最高的

5.get free advice from the experts 得到免费的专家咨询

6.keep yourself healthy 使你自己健康

7.a balanced diet 均衡的饮食

8.get plenty of exercise 多锻炼

9.in addition 另外

10.look after 照看 照料

11.effective hair care 有效的头发护理

12.squeeze out water 挤出水

13.brush sth. thoroughly 彻底梳理

14.loosen dirt 松弛污垢

15.apply a conditioner 使用护发素

16.shampoo your hair 洗头发

17.set……at a low temperature 设定低温

18.overuse hairdryer 过度使用吹风机

19.hairdressing salon 美发厅

20.dry out your hair 吹干你的头发

21.convenience shop 便利店

22.TV commercial 电视广告

23.in the leaflet 传单上

24.work on 影响

25.remove…..from 去除

26.a furniture shop 家具店

27.put an advertisement in the newspaper 报上刊登广告

28.make an appointment for with sb. for you 为你安排约会

29.meet sb. at a later date 后会有期

30.miss an appointment 错过约会

31.go on a business trip overseas 出国进行商务之旅

32.ensure that 确保

33.lack of protein 缺少蛋白质

34.adequate amounts of green vegetables 足量的绿色蔬菜


36.avoid doing sth.避免做…

37.high-fat foods 高脂肪食品

38.rob sb. of sth. 抢劫某人物品

39.relaxing music 放松的音乐

40.a remedy for sth.对……的一种补救

41.look healthy 看上去很健康

42.the keys to sth. 事情的关键


44.pay attention to  关注

45.be careful about 关注 注意

46.meet one’s needs 满足要求

47.dairy products 乳制品

48.brush one’s hair regularly 经常梳理头发

49.air-conditioner 空调



Unit Three

                                      A taste of travel

1. tourist attraction 游览胜地

2. collect some information收集信息

3. in the third century BC 公元前第三世纪

4. construction of the museum 博物馆的建成

5. be completed 竣工

6. a magnificent structure 华丽的建筑

7. from a distance 从远方

  at a distance 在稍远地方

  in the distance 在远处

8. It take time to do sth. 花时间做某事

9. historical items 历史方面

10. preserve the old buildings 保护古老建筑

11. only a few .只有几个

    Quite a few 许多

12. the scenery along the river 沿河景色

13. a beautiful landscape painting 一幅美丽的山水画

14. be attracted by sth.被某事/人吸引

15. odd peaks 古怪的山峰

16. reflections in the water 水中的倒影

17. take mud baths 洗泥浴

18. art galleries 美术馆

19. tourist spots 旅游景点

20. preserve the traditions of the past  保护过去的传统

21. future generations 后代 子孙万代

22. be of great importance 具有很大的重要性

23. be admitted to some place 允许进入某地

24. ancient building 古楼

25. especially 尤其是

26. specially 专门地

27. be famous for 因某事而出名

   be famous as 作为-----而出名

28. general meaning 大概意思

29. look up 查单词

30. raise the ticket price 提高门票价格

31. put out the fire 灭火

32. means of transport 交通路线

   transportation card 交通卡

33. mark the route of the tour 标出旅行路线

34. on one’s trip 旅游途中

35. make a polite suggestion 提出礼貌的建议

36. be willing to do sth.愿意做某事

   Be unwilling to do sth. 不愿做某事

   be likely to do sth. 很可能做某事

37. would rather do sth.宁愿做某事

38. be associated with 与----相关

39. Carnival Festival 狂欢节

40. at a nice hotel 在一家好的酒店

41. ask for help with our trip 寻求旅游帮助

42. make arrangements 做安排

43. in addition 另外

44. recommend a three-star hotel 推荐三星级酒店

45. contact sb. by phone 电话联系

46. places of interest 风景名胜

47. in advance 提前

48. take a trip overseas 出国旅行

49. overlook the Nile River 俯瞰尼罗河

50. abandon hope 放弃希望

51. the Roman Empire 罗马帝国

52.fall into ruin 成为废墟

53. over time 随着时间的过去







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