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(2009-10-21 07:42:53)


修 辞


形容词修饰名词 /形容词+形容词


副词修饰动词 /副词修饰形容词/副词+副词


对偶 排比



the sugary insipidities of a philistine epoach庸俗时代华而不实的内容

with all the porn of art and studious imagination


bright consummate essences of things万象光明的完美精华

the sober certanity of waking bliss适度确然的清新喜悦

the hunter of greatness and of glory沽名钓誉之徒

the romantic voluptuous of a visionary and abstracted being虚幻出神身心的浪漫与放纵

sprightliness of remark话语俏皮

extrvagances of luxury奢侈夸张

undecided state of mind优柔寡断

a severe course of logic严密的逻辑

the littleness of conscious greatness自命不凡的渺小

highest exaltation of gladness兴高采烈

vociferations of applause阵阵掌声

in the same promiscuous heap of matter毫无区别杂处

(注:of + sth/sb相当与一形容词)

peaceful silence沉默静听

obstresperous approbation大声喝彩

the degree parts and animal spirits 必不可少的才华和勇敢精神

strong and vigorous years年富力强

in timorous minds and gloomy imaginations精神想象力不足的人

driven to a numb and bleeding madness逼得几近疯狂麻木

the worn phrase耳熟能详的老话

black in the lunar clarity of the desert light


in due course正途

rainbow journey多彩的旅途

a surly, unnecessary vigor语气坚决

a grey quartzlike blue石英般灰蒙蒙的一片

an inexorable necessity不可或缺

a vague gracious figure仪态优美的时尚人士

enjoyable orgy痛快地大吃大喝

a mean trick小心眼

blotched and wrinkled skin斑点起皱的皮肤

appeal to both refined and popular tasts雅俗共赏

jumbled graveyards of books杂乱不堪的书籍

a numberous variety (of) 千变万化

adequate words确切字眼

in jumbo size其大无比

in the commanding noonday sun咄咄逼人的正午太阳

the smug, encrooaching air自鸣得意迎头袭来的傲气

posion the air with hot and nonsensical confusion一派胡言混乱视听

calm deliberation and austere logic冷静思考逻辑严密

the sane and decorous way明智而得体的方法

small fractions of light点点星光

the tinkling of rills潺潺流水

a solid esteem实实在在的尊敬

severe justice不可动摇的正义感

cold liftless死气沉沉

total insensibility无动于衷

a golden text金玉良言

an intenser dream热切的梦呓

particular stumps一个个树桩

painstaking attention to detail细致入微

interest languished意兴阑珊

an egotical impertinence狂妄自大的荒谬行为

a kind of sterilized conceit一种失去生机的自负

the thick,dim distances浑浊暗淡的距离

a straight, ungarnished aperture平直无华的空隙

the populace in general普通老百姓

the dreariest, stogist commonness凡庸气象,极度沉闷,毫无生机

a shabby corner满目创痍的一隅之地

sth immediate and indifinitesmal身边细微之事

mixed and perfunctory attatchments矛盾而又敷衍的眷恋之情

effortless barbarism消极的蒙昧状态

a truly good and great and enduring republic真是一个尽善尽美伟大不朽的共和国

a far greater pliability更圆通合理

wise and delicate process明智而审慎的程序

an openly avowed and cynical contempt 直言不讳而又冷嘲热讽的鄙视

the fastidious refinement and aloofness那种眉高于顶的高雅超脱

catchpenny opportunism聚财机会主义

categorical brevity绝对简洁

the wearsome monotony单调乏味

old fashioned inflexibility不和时宜的固守

in one’s yawning stomach饥肠辘辘

slugish, disapproving eyes目光呆滞不带善意

bump about yapping oders

prop out in wild and unlikely places在荒凉得令人讨厌的地方破土而出

a white-clad, ghostly throng素装裹身幽灵般的一伙人

the gaily lit灯火通明

in its high and palmy state繁荣昌盛的景象

strightforward logic简单的道理

desperate isolation绝对孤独

the pale penetrating light淡淡清澈的日光

vile yellow脏得发黄

subtly ambiguous performances精微晦涩的制作

the easy equivalent (of) 只相当于

the lavish, drenching downpour in extravagant excess had been glorious


true friendship or good will真诚友谊善良意愿

sallies of imagination想象奇特

a plaintive and somewhat foxy elegance一种悲哀略带狡猾的文雅

uttery empty but doggedly boring face毫无表情又讨厌透顶

the radiant ebony green润泽墨绿,分外夺目

a gasping, wheezing affair呼哧呼哧作响的玩意

snug gloom隐然的昏沉

exalted sense and a far higher sensibility奋激狂喜陶然忘情

a stiff-necked and forward unbeliever倔强固执的无神论者

in a trance of voluptuous abstraction沉湎于遐思的恍惚中

fresh and simple eyes别出机杵的慧眼

an incident of coarse and vulgar horror是一件令人恐怖的事,即令人讨厌又粗俗不堪

the fecility of suggestion构思巧妙

chase and refined delineation素朴典雅的笔墨

animal spirits and riotous impulses精神高昂冲劲十足

with a laborious and mighty grasp下了一番功夫领悟之后




dense and deep郁郁葱葱

be sorry and laugh黯然神伤,淡然一笑

unlovely and dreary-looking难看的阴森的

undulating continuous绵延起伏

dark and narrow幽暗狭窄

confounding and confounded不知所措又令人困惑

dull and leaden呆滞沉闷

labouring wan and weary吃力恹恹怠倦

foolish and crestfallen傻乎乎地目瞪口呆

keen and hot一门心思

plentitude and quiet充分的平心静气的陶冶

feeble and insignificant微弱无力可有可无

passionate and compassionte满腔激情又充满同情

be dear and agreeable to sb我们亲近的人

dejected and troubled沮丧烦恼

fine and gentleman-like精致又文质彬彬

for mortals and exclusively of the gods非神明只为人类

mute and inglorious缄默无言灰头土脸

crinkled and clenched皱缩

pallid and harsh苍白粗陋

be both inside and outside置身其中有超乎其外

soft and feathery柔软飘逸

powerful and mysterious气势磅礴又十分玄妙

blooming and buzzing  模糊闹哄哄

proper and aptly恰如其分

revolusionary and irreconcilable改天换地势不两立

to stand perfect and unmarred保持得完好无损

cold deliberate冷静而从容的

in one’s tender early years在人幼小时

steep and rough崎岖坎坷

paltry and inconvient不堪入目使用不便

illustrive and suggestive触类旁通又启发人意

diffuse and indefinite罗里罗嗦意义不明

innocent but heedless无知而又冒失

serene and majestic宁静而雄壮的

vast and various蔚为大观又千姿百态

garish and glaring眩目耀眼

the stars are few and faint星稀少

rough and diversified坑坑洼洼

be surprised and gratified惊喜交加的

enlivening or dignifying生动或庄严的

uneasy and dissatisfied不安和不满

general and disinterested十分全面而又超利益的

boorish and caddish心智不高粗俗不堪

old and ornamental古旧可观

indirect and lumbering拐弯抹角,笨拙迟缓

ultimate and important根本性和重大性

elementary and profound深沉本源

programmatic and desceptive标题性和叙事性

stoical and epicurean禁欲与享受

gloomy and embittered 脸带愁容一脸愠色

old and handsome英雄迟暮但仪表堂堂

right-thinking and red–blooded思想健全精力充沛

gross, crude, and inelastic粗糙不成熟没有灵活性

high and dry曲高和寡

more central or more illuminating更扼要更启发人

isolated and not responsible to游离于

be biased in favor of 偏袒一方

frozen and dumb with cold冷得动僵

briny and unpalatable咸得没法吃

old and sedentary年迈久坐

delicate attenuated清秀瘦削

magnanimous and brave宽宏大量英勇无畏

mysterious and mystical奥妙又神奇

abused and mutilated备受凌辱惨遭摧残

sheeted and frowsy一层素裹一层脏相

oddly loud and out of place声音太响不合适

weary and spent from the heat大热天筋疲力尽

grimy and heavy laden一身灰土背负重担

closed up and lost一闪而过不见踪影

at once sufficient to oneself and of universal charity既知足常乐又有普世情怀

neat and buxom整洁漂亮

abscure and circuitous难以理解而迂回曲折

blundering and shamefaced笨拙而羞怯地

solid and consoling言之有物而又令人快慰

bright and vulgar灯红酒绿低级下流

forgotten derelict为人遗忘而遭到遗弃

irrelevant and comparitively superficial无关紧要因而比较肤浅

unsubstantial and strange虚空而诡奇

fresh and ruddy精神抖擞气色红润

sole and only绝无仅有

polite and fashionable 温文尔雅循规蹈矩

rhetoric and declamation擅长辞令夸夸其谈

loud and strong笑声爽朗嗓音浑厚

the highest and justest ridicule无与伦比且是理所当然的荒唐可笑

depraved and puffed up品性沦丧,趾高气扬




eat amply开怀大嚼

maturely weigh深思熟虑

scrupulously obey 一生格守

properly belong to应该相符

be superabundantly confirmed and exquisitedly gratified


turn in some stances to sth有的走上




highly evanescent很容易转瞬即逝

slenderly protect式微保护

determinedly respectable最讲体面

be loosely tossed about被任意随处摆弄

offensively earnest认真得令人难堪

indiscreetly thorough彻底得不讲分寸

strangely elastic灵活得出奇

delightfully romatic充满浪漫情调,令人心醉神怡

a finely constituted being素质良好的人

manifestly impermanent过眼即逝

naively self-righteous幼稚得自以为是

faintly ridiculous几分可笑

improbably overgrown figure出奇高大的身影

highly objectional坚决反对




nicely and sharply准确而鲜明地

thoughtfully and painstakingly用心刻苦地

plausibly and conclusively堂而皇之又言之凿凿



对偶 名词+名词

into a deep syncope and suspension of earthly passion


the neligent and the idle漫不经心懒于思考的人

ruptue or agony狂喜和悲痛

mirth and jollity欢乐嬉闹

chips and tatters碎片屑末

bits and pieces破布随片

fantastic odds and ends家用杂品奇形怪状

terms and conditions范围

whinning and groaning呻吟

live and multiply繁衍生息

one’s innermost thoughts and feelings发自内心的想法和感觉

inscriptions and poems题咏

wanton and indiscriminate bombing狂轰乱炸

arpeggios and staccatos琶音和断音

harmony and tone color和声与音色

what vitality and emotion feel like活力和情感的感觉

caprices and fantasies奇思异想

children and savages童蒙和蛮子

alumni and alumnae男女校友

null and void毫无用处,漫无效力

slack and sham懒散劣质

one’s very pots and pans 就一些家什

every sight and sound of beauty耳闻目睹美

slackness and softness懈怠软弱

smeared face and strong heart


sympathies and admirations共鸣和推崇

frolic and interference欢会与参于

filth and fierceness污秽凶残

in our condition or universal dependence客观条件的限制

incidental and at random偶然随机

the best of hospitality and of generosity要慷慨殷勤得十全十美

in the hush and quiet of darkness在黑暗的沉寂中

unusual opinion s with hatred and horror异于常人充满仇恨恐怖的观点

vulglarity enthroned and institutionalized为人尊崇而又约定俗成的庸俗

hours of approach and arrival快要抵达之际

lusts and appetities欲望嗜好

in order and decorum守纪正派

the man of action and the man of God实干者与圣徒

the morale and morals精神面目和道德规范

with care and taste小心又得体

puberty and adolescence青春年少

the picks of oriental and occidental cultures东西方文化的精髓

utmost versatality and grace多才多艺别致风雅

approach with so much cheerfulness and attented with so much honour


the victuals and the drink美味佳肴

far and distance半步

it betrays sneering or crowning.带有明显的褒贬

patience and philosophy忍耐与哲理

acquired courtesy and humour养成的风雅与幽默

laughter and loud voices笑语喧哗

kindliness and amiability和睦亲善

sickness and anxiety有心忡忡令人厌烦

asylums and gaols精神病院与监狱

amusement and disapproval好笑和不赞成

blues and greens碧蓝葱绿

resources and disturbances才力及意乱情迷之处

limits or trammels边际或限制

warp evidence and blind you扭曲事实瞒哄自己

sift and silt down飘散淤积

sidle and slither卷曲流动摇摇滑落

sb be procured and consumed张罗吃喝

either flags or breaks down意兴阑珊或突然走开

books swept up here and there into stacks and peaks东一垛西一堆

prescription and routine因袭势力常规陋习

tide and succession河流

her bloom or her shape娇容风姿

apperance and mode of address仪表和谈吐

false pretension and self-deceit虚饰和自欺

scrip and staff香袋和手杖

the trumph and the perfection极致化境

sloth and listlessness萎靡懒散

vigor and alacrity活力和锐气

good understanding and talents为人通达富有才情

linage and descent世系与祖籍

indolence and insensibility反应迟钝感情麻木

mirth or officiousness说笑凑趣殷勤赐教

hourly pleasure or vexation有时得意有时恼怒

spirit and flavour品质和风味

rudeness or insolence粗暴无礼



try out and tar-and-feather赶走和严惩

tinge and imbue点染与浸渍

advance or oppose或褒或贬

grow dark and keep still翠凝色深

wink and grin眨眼咧嘴着笑

swirle and plunge回旋翻滚

wheeze and whirr呼哧嗡响

buzz and drone嗡鸣声

thwart and hinder阻挠和挫败

wince and whiten往后缩脸色苍白

insult and blow辱骂殴打

tug and strain at the yoke拉紧

deride or belittle嘲笑或轻视

stimulate and abett推波助澜

sweet and mug严刑拷打疲劳审讯

shape or shave调整或改造

the red gleams and blurs红光明灭一团模糊

knead and mellow揉捏磨练

flutter and superfuse烘托漫溢

reach out and pinch伸出手去碰

neglect and scorn冷落鄙夷


they lift up when they are lofty, drag down and make decadent when they are low.





serenity or exuberance or trumph宁静奔放或得意

magnanimous, noble and unselfifh大度高贵无私

cheap, trash, and impermanent廉价拙劣早不保夕

the choice and rare and precious凤毛麟角

ticket and lable and force on sb指手划脚强迫我们

be stripped of honor, precedence, and favor名誉地位和优势一扫而光

in a confusion, a complication, a shifting but irremovable canopy


hideous, vicious, cruel and above all overwhelming


times change, circumstances alter, health glids slowly downhill.


rude to sb, and selfih and conceited and stupid待人粗鲁自私自负又愚蠢

much trial and error and innumerable preliminary sketches尝试调整无数的前期调整

voice becomes harmonious, melodious, musical和谐甜美充满乐感的声音

its pristine concave face gleaming white against the harsh rusts and taupes and mauves of that rock canyon


muzzeled and often mutilized,but vibrant, creative spirit


a long drawn-out, piercing waive悠长凄厉的哀号

a sound though surly critic头脑好脾气暴躁

quick, sardonic, unpredictable, effortlessly inventive, a bit angry, and always utterly he own.


a rueful puggy puzzled expression_r悲哀的短平翘鼻子的困惑神情

racy, depraved and vicious下流坠落败坏

a wizened little Irish jockey干瘪瘦小的爱尔兰乞丐

hideous, shrieking, and dreadful丑恶喧嚣可怕的城市

grave, not sad and not dull品位凝重,既不流于悒郁又不失之沉闷

full, solid, large, luxurant, teeming with life and power


slight anecdotes, private incidents, and personal peculiarities


matter of civility, business, or diversion寒暄客套,例行公事,消遣娱乐

bully, sharpers and rakes持强凌弱者,诈骗者和浪荡者

a solitary, private, and shadowed life一生独来独往,与世无争,黯然无光

of liberal outlook, of perspective, of atmosphere有自由的外观,有前景,有气氛




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