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(2007-11-27 08:25:22)



A memorial service was held Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Lincoln Music Hall for Gaungle Li, a foreign exchange student from Xiangtan, Hunan, China.

The standing room only crowd had to be moved from the Schultz room to the main hall next door to accommodate everyone that had come to pay their last respects to their friend and fellow student.

The mood was somber and the room was quiet as the service began. Several in attendance were visibly shaken and many were tearful as Li was eulogized.

The service was given in both English and Chinese, which was translated by Dr. C. Y. Wang, the Chinese faculty representative and also a professor of food/nutrition and hospitality science.

The head of the biology-microbiology department, Dr. Tom Cheesbrough, began the service. He spoke warmly and with deep sorrow in his heart as he reminisced about the young, intelligent student who was part of his program.

Li's wife, Yun Luo, and parents, father Chunlian Li and mother Xiahong Chen, were not in attendance. Dr. Wang read a letter of apology on their behalf. The family stated that the tragic loss of their beloved husband and son was just too painful to bear in public. The letter revealed just how much Li was loved and how much he would be missed.

Faculty advisor Dr. Yang Yen spoke with high regards for Li.

"Li was a handsome, honest and honorable young man," said Yen. He also credited Li with paving the way for advancing the further research on wheat scab disease.

When Li was in high school in China, he began to show an interest in biology and won many awards while he was still in high school. Li started college in 1999. He attended and received his degree in biology from Xiamen University. Li came to South Dakota State University in 2003 to pursue his graduate studies.

"He was a hardworking student. His goal was to better himself through education. I remember hearing from his friends that he stayed in the lab all the time," said friend and advisor of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association, Rui Yao. Li was a member of the Chinese Student Scholar Association.

In his spare time Li loved to play computer games and he was also a sports fan. His favorite sports were soccer, Frisbee, fishing and basketball. Li would meet with fellow students every week to organize and play basketball. His friends said that he was not the biggest player on the team, but he was the fiercest. Several of Li's friends stood up at the end of the service to offer their fondest moments with him and reflect on what a warm, caring, thoughtful person he was.

Campus police found Li dead in his campus apartment on the morning of Oct. 26. Li was reported missing by a fellow student.


一个纪念仪式举行了11月。 5下午7点。 在林肯音乐厅为Gaungle李,一名外汇学生从湘潭,湖南,中国。


心情是微暗的,并且屋子是沉寂,因为服务开始了。 数可看见负责被震动了,并且许多是眼泪汪汪的,因为李被赞美了。

服务在英语和汉语被给了,由博士翻译。 C. Y. Wang、中国教职员代表并且食物或营养和好客科学教授。

生物微生物学部门的经理,博士。 汤姆Cheesbrough,开始了服务。 他在他的心脏讲了话温暖地和充满深刻的哀痛,如同他追忆了关于是他的节目的一部分的年轻,聪明的学生

李的妻子、Yun罗和父母、父亲Chunlian李和母亲Xiahong陈,负责不是。 博士。 Wang读了道歉信代表他们的。 家庭阐明,他们心爱的丈夫和儿子不幸的损失是太痛苦以至于不能公开负担。 信件显露了多少李被爱,并且多少他会被错过。

教职员顾问博士。 杨日元与极其尊重讲了话为李。

“李是英俊的,诚实和高尚的年轻人”,说日元。 他把铺平道路也归功于李为推进对小麦赤霉病疾病的进一步研究。

当李在高中在中国,他在生物上开始显示兴趣并且获得了许多奖,当他仍然是在高中时。 1999年李开始的学院。 他从厦门大学在生物出席了并且接受了他的程度。 2003年李走向南达克达州立大学追求他的毕业生研究。

他是一名勤勉学生。 他的目标是通过教育改善自己。 我记得听力从他在实验室里一直停留的他的朋友, “说中国学生和学者协会, Rui姚的朋友和顾问。 李是中国学生学者协会的成员。

在他的消遣时间李爱演奏计算机游戏,并且他也是体育迷。 他喜爱的体育是足球、飞碟、渔和篮球。 李每周会遇见学生组织和打篮球。 他的朋友说他不是最大的球员在队,但是他是最剧烈的。 数李的朋友在什么站起来在服务的结尾提供他们的最喜欢的片刻与他和反射温暖,关心,体贴的人他是。

校园警察找到李死在他的校园公寓在10月的早晨。 26. 李由学生报告失踪

Guangle李出生在12月。 25, 1981年和是他的父母的唯一的儿子

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QUOTE ID="ee7c4cac-2e44-4eb1-91b7-1e971587f560"]I was just wondering if a cause of death was determined for Guangle Li, the Chinese graduate student found dead in his apartment last month? I read about his death and memorial service, but very little information was given. He was so young...[/QUOTE]

行情ID= " ee7c4cac-2e44-4eb1-91b7-1e971587f560 "]我是正义的想知道死因是否为Guangle李是坚定的,中国研究生上个月找到死在他的公寓? 我闻悉他的死亡和纪念仪式,但提供了很少信息。 他是很年轻的… [/QUOTE]


A graduate student from China was found dead this morning in his on-campus apartment at South Dakota State University, according to school officials. 

Guangle Li was discovered after a fellow student reported him missing.  There was no evidence of foul play, according to University Police and Li's family members have been notified.

一名研究生从中国在他的住读公寓找到死的今晨在南达克达州立大学,根据学校官员。   在学生报告了他错过之后, Guangle李被发现了。  没有犯规的证据,根据大学警察,并且李的家庭成员被通报了。

Why would you even write something like this? "Who knows where he's at ;)" It doesn't make any sense...they said they FOUND him DEAD. Give him and his family respect.

为什么您甚而会写如此物? “谁知道哪里他在;)”它没有任何道理…他们说他们找到他死者。 给他和他的家庭尊敬

Is the cause of his death identified?





















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