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Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Atoms for Peace"德怀特艾森豪威尔:“和平的原子时代”

Madam President and Members of the General Assembly: 总统夫人和会员大会的成员们:

When Secretary General Hammarskjold’s invitation to address this General Assembly reached me in Bermuda, I was just beginning a series of conferences with the Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of Great Britain and of France. Our subject was some of the problems that beset our world.当秘书长哈马舍尔德在百慕大群岛向我邀请在这个会员大会演讲时,我刚好和总理英国和法国外交部长进行一连串的讨论会。我们的主题就是困扰我们社会的一些问题。

During the remainder of the Bermuda Conference, I had constantly in mind that ahead of me lay a great honor. That honor is mine today, as I stand here, privileged to address the General Assembly of the United Nations.在百慕大群岛讨论会的残余期间,我不断的思念放在我面前的伟大的荣誉。这个荣誉今天是我的,因为我站在这,特别恩典在美国会员大会上的演说。

At the same time that I appreciate the distinction of addressing you, I have a sense of exhilaration as I look upon this Assembly. Never before in history has so much hope for so many people been gathered together in a single organization. Your deliberations and decisions during these somber years have already realized part of those hopes.同时,我感激你选择的级别,我有一种高兴的感觉就如我对待的这个集会。在以前的历史上从来没有像这样有这么多的希望给这么多的人民为了一个单一的组织结合起来。你的熟思和决定在这些阴暗的日子里已经认识了这些希望当中的一部分。

But the great tests and the great accomplishments still lie ahead. And in the confident expectation of those accomplishments, I would use the office which, for the time being, I hold, to assure you that the Government of the United States will remain steadfast in its support of this body. This we shall do in the conviction that you will provide a great share of the wisdom, of the courage, and the faith which can bring to this world lasting peace for all nations, and happiness and well-being for all men. 但是伟大的考验和造诣依然躺在前面。在确信那些造诣的期待中,我将利用此时的政府机关,我希望,去担保美国政府能够继续坚定的支持它的这个团体。在确信中,这是我们该做的,你将提供伟大的分享,智慧,勇敢和信念能够带给这个世界所有国家最后的和平,给所有人民幸福快乐与安康。

Clearly, it would not be fitting for me to take this occasion to present to you a unilateral American report on Bermuda. Nevertheless, I assure you that in our deliberations on that lovely island we sought to invoke those same great concepts of universal peace and human dignity which are so cleanly etched in your Charter. Neither would it be a measure of this great opportunity merely to recite, however hopefully, pious platitudes.无疑地,这不会适合我抓住在百慕大群岛作为一个美国人的演讲的集会来呈现给你。然而,我向你保证,在我们熟思的这个可爱的岛上,我们应该调用这些同样伟大的世界和平观念和在你们的宪法中被侵蚀了的如此洁净的人类尊严。

I therefore decided that this occasion warranted my saying to you some of the things that have been on the minds and hearts of my legislative and executive associates, and on mine, for a great many months -- thoughts I had originally planned to say primarily to the American people.因此,我确信的这个机会保证我说给你的一些事情 ,这些事情已经在我立法机构的,行政的和我的心里有好几个月了——我已经最初计划去说一些基本的想法给美国人民听。

I know that the American people share my deep belief that if a danger exists in the world, it is a danger shared by all; and equally, that if hope exists in the mind of one nation, that hope should be shared by all.我知道美国人民会分享我深刻的信念,如果危险处于世界中,所有的人会和我一起分担;同样地,如果希望处于一个国家中,所有人会一起分享这个希望。

Finally, if there is to be advanced any proposal designed to ease even by the smallest measure the tensions of today’s world, what more appropriate audience could there be than the members of the General Assembly of the United Nations. I feel impelled to speak today in a language that in a sense is new, one which I, who have spent so much of my life in the military profession, would have preferred never to use. That new language is the language of atomic warfare.最后,如果这有一个成为任何一个先进的计划,用最小的措施有计划的减弱当今世界的紧张状态,比起美国会员大会的成员会有更多的适当听众将会在那里。今天的演讲,我感觉非常激动,在能力中,在某种意义上是新的,我已经花费了很多的生命在这个军事职业上,我将首选,永远不要用它。新的能力是核战的能力。

The atomic age has moved forward at such a pace that every citizen of the world should have some comprehension, at least in comparative terms, of the extent of this development, of the utmost significance to everyone of us. Clearly, if the peoples of the world are to conduct an intelligent search for peace, they must be armed with the significant facts of today’s existence.原子时代已经如此平和的前进了,世界的每个市民应该有一些理解,至少,在这种特殊的谈判中,发展的广度,对我们每一个人最远大的意义,他们必须用今天存在的重大事实来武装起来。

My recital of atomic danger and power is necessarily stated in United States terms, for these are the only incontrovertible facts that I know. I need hardly point out to this Assembly, however, that this subject is global, not merely national in character.我对原子能危险和能量的叙述在美国时期是必要地规定的,我知道这些是唯一无疑的事实。我需要严厉的指出这些集会,然而,这个主题是目标,不仅仅是适合民族的。

On July 16, 1945, the United States set off the world’s first atomic explosion.

Since that date in 1945, the United States of America has conducted forty-two test explosions. Atomic bombs today are more than twenty-five times as powerful as the weapons with which the atomic age dawned, while hydrogen weapons are in the ranges of millions of tons of TNT equivalent.1945年七月十六日,美国发射了世界第一颗原子弹爆炸了。自从1945年这天以来,美国已经引导了四十二次的爆炸实验。今天的原子弹大过二十五倍的强大武器跨越了原子时代,当氢武器在到大多数相当黄色爆炸的数百万范围内时。

Today, the United States stockpile of atomic weapons, which, of course, increases daily, exceeds by many times the total [explosive] equivalent of the total of all bombs and all shells that came from every plane and every gun in every theatre of war in all the years of World War II.今天,美国人的原子库存,当然,日益增长,远远的超过了爆炸时期的所有炸弹所有炮弹的总数,甚至是大过来自第二次世界大战的战争中的所有的飞机和枪。

A single air group, whether afloat or land based, can now deliver to any reachable target a destructive cargo exceeding in power all the bombs that fell on Britain in all of World War II. In size and variety, the development of atomic weapons has been no less remarkable. The development has been such that atomic weapons have virtually achieved conventional status within our armed services.一个单一的空中全体,是漂浮还是登陆的基础,现在能够传达任何一个可获得的目标,一种破坏性的船货在当朝方面超过了所有的核威力,所以英国在第二次世界大战后落后了。在大小和种类方面,原子武器的发展已经不再是不寻常了。这种原子武器的发展已经在实质上达到了我们陆海空三军的常规情形。

In the United States, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marine Corps are all capable of putting this weapon to military use. But the dread secret and the fearful engines of atomic might are not ours alone.在美国,陆军、海军、空军和海军陆战队都是有能力的投掷军用武器的。但是,可怕的秘密和吓人的原子发动机可能不是我们一个人能做的。

In the first place, the secret is possessed by our friends and allies, Great Britain and Canada, whose scientific genius made a tremendous contribution to our original discoveries and the designs of atomic bombs.首先,这种秘密是被附身在我们的朋友和联盟国之上的,大不列颠帝国和加拿大的科学天才为我们原始的发现和原子弹的设计作出了贡献。

The secret is also known by the Soviet Union.这种秘密也是被苏联所知道的。

The Soviet Union has informed us that, over recent years, it has devoted extensive resources to atomic weapons. During this period the Soviet Union has exploded a series of atomic devices, including at least one involving thermo-nuclear reactions. If at one time the Unites States possessed what might have been called a monopoly of atomic power, that monopoly ceased to exist several years ago.苏联已经了解我们,最近几年,已经投入了大量财力制造原子弹。在这个时期,苏联已经爆破了的一系列原子设计,包括至少一个含有热核反应的。如果同时,美国能够疯狂的号召一个原子能的垄断者,这个垄断者停止了几年前的生存。

Therefore, although our earlier start has permitted us to accumulate what is today a great quantitative advantage, the atomic realities of today comprehend two facts of even greater significance.因此,尽管我们更早的开始准许我们堆积今天大量的能力,今天的原子事实已经包括两个更重要的事实。

First, the knowledge now possessed by several nations will eventually be shared by others, possibly all others.第一,当今几个国家的疯狂知识将最终被其他或所有别的国家所一起分享。


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