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译:想一想那些永远消失的河流 Think of those forever faded rivers

(2011-08-07 16:39:39)









分类: (译)生命的忧伤与光芒

想一想那些永远消失的河流, 作者:舒洁  [原文]

Think of those forever faded rivers, by Mr.Shujie




     A few days ago, I had wanted to write a similar text when I still stayed at Mongolia homeland.  This implies that I will temporarily cease the writing of long poem “Divine prophecy”, turn to think over something beside poetry.  In homeland without sight of mother, everything seemingly became unfamiliar. Sure, I know, certainly somewhat commences, meanwhile certainly somewhat ends—this is life.




     During the brief four days, the feeling of sojourn was so strong—homeland without mother, I have no home.  Definitely, I have brothers and sisters, and also junior generations.  However, their existences exactly reminded me a fact: My dear mother, she really was not on earth.




     The so-called living actually is the combination of some trivial things.  In era of extreme chaotic values, even through on Mongolia grassland, the drain of spiritual world caused by powerful outside force is also as same as scar of ax.  Thus I think, when a nationality and the representatives of this nationality crazily chase material interest, the pursuit of spirit has lost.  In front of nature, we find peace and tranquility is fading away, just like a sorrowful prophecy which is proved by fact day after day.




     In those few days that I returned homeland, in the middle and east region of southern Mongolia, the produced tension quietly spread.  I do not know whom I may ask: Return peace, rain, and herding paths to grassland and herders, is it possible, eh? Just over there, some people who crazily plunder the underground mineral resource, use projectiles to dash rain cloud; they fear grassland having rain, they prefer grassland in such situation that being dried, desertification, and dwindled lakes; they ignore the painful helpless looking around of herders, the beautiful grassland in the past, has been fading away piece by piece, there are thousand boils and hundred holes throughout the grassland, those are the wounds and mourning of the land, ever hardly heal.




     In time of possessing mother, so that was my boyhood, the Laoha River ahead of us really was like blue streamer alighting on earth, which is the paradise in my memories.   Mongolia has a very famous song “Nuoenjiya”, the parting and sorrows described in song, is about this river.  Nowadays, the Laoha River has almost cut off, this boundary river of two provinces, Liao and Meng, had mingled with Xar Moron River to become the surging forward Xiliao River, nourishing the ancient mysterious Hongshan culture.  Nowadays, the veins on earth have been cut, ethereality has been cut too.








     In China, it is time to think of all those.

     You may not love poetry.  Yet, I hope you definitely tell me that, I love nature and heart

     I also want to ask some people of powerful look: A while and a life, what exactly the logical relationship is?

     At least, in the world of human real dignified emotion, my perception is: If you give me a while, I will give you a life.

     The hypothesis certainly is that, what you give, no matter for nature, or for human, should be good.



     15 June, 2011 night, in the southern Beijing





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