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Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks based on the translation

in, into, on, up, from, since, to, at, after, around, about, among, my, with, if, off, of, for, that, which, who, whom, and, had, was, were


This Comrade Wang Yu later became my father. He was 10 years older than my mother. He was born in 1921 in Yibin in the southwestern province of Sichuan, 1_____ 1,200 miles from Jinzhou. Yibin, 2_____ then had a population of about 30,000, lies at the spot where the Min River joins the Golden Sand River to form the Yangtze, the longest river in China. And so it is known as the First Town On the Yangtze. The area 3_____ Yibin is one of the very fertile parts of Sichuan, which is known as “Heaven's Granary”, and the warm, misty climate in Yibin makes it an ideal place 4____ growing tea. Much of the black tea consumed in Britain today comes 5_____ there.


My father was the seventh 6____ nine children. His father, my grandfather, with the name Zhang De-hua, had worked as an apprentice for a textile manufacturer 7_____ the age of twelve. When he became an adult, he and his brother, 8____ worked in the same factory, decided to start their own business. Within a few years they 9_____ prospering, and were able to buy a large house.


But their old boss 10____ jealous of their success, and brought a lawsuit against them, accusing them of stealing money from him 11____ start their business. The case lasted seven years, 12____ the brothers were forced to spend all their assets trying to clear themselves. Everyone connected 13_____ the court extorted money from them, and the greed of the officials was insatiable. My grandfather was thrown 14_____ prison. The only way 15_____ his brother could get him out was to get the ex-boss to drop the suit. To do this he 16____ to raise 1,000 pieces of silver. This destroyed them, and my great-uncle died soon afterward 17____ the age of thirty-four from worry and exhaustion.


My grandfather found himself looking 18_____ two families, with fifteen dependents. He started 19____ his business again, and by the late 1920s it was beginning to do well. But it was a time of widespread fighting 20_____ warlords, who all levied heavy taxes. This, combined with the effects 21____ the Great Depression, made it an extremely difficult time to run a textile factory. In 1933 22____ grandfather died of overwork and strain, at age forty-five.


The business was sold to pay 23____ the debts, and the family was scattered. Some became soldiers, 24_____ was considered pretty much a last resort; with all the fighting going 25____, it was easy for a soldier to get killed. Other brothers and cousins found odd jobs and the girls married as best they could. One of my father's cousins, who was fifteen years old and to 26_____ he was very attached, had to marry an opium addict several decades her senior. When the sedan chair came to carry her away, my father ran after her, not knowing 27____ he would ever see her again.


答案:1 about  2 which  3 around  4 for  5 from  6 of  7 since  8 who  9 were  10 was  11 to  12 and  13 with  14 into  15 that  16 had  17 at  18 after  19 up  20 among  21 of  22 my  23 off  24 which  25 on  26 whom  27 if / whether


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