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Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks based on the translation

to, in, into, as, about, after, of, for, that, which, where, her, out, who, with, had, and, but, was, were


My mother 1_____ also disgusted by the way the Kuomintang rushed to grab concubines. By early 1946 Jinzhou was filling up 2_____ troops. My mother's school was the only girls' school in town, and officers and officials descended on it in droves 3____ search of concubines or, occasionally, wives. Some of the girls got married willingly, while others were unable to say no to their families, 4_____ thought that marrying an officer would give them a good start in life.


At fifteen, my mother was highly marriageable. She had grown 5_____ a very attractive and popular young woman, and she was the star pupil at her school. Several officers had already proposed, 6_____ she told her parents that she did not want any of them. One, who was chief of staff of a general, threatened to send a sedan chair to carry her off 7_____ his gold bars had been refused. My mother was eavesdropping outside the door 8_____ he put this proposal to her parents. She burst in and told him to his face 9_____ she would kill herself in the sedan chair. Fortunately, not long afterward his unit was ordered out of the city.


My mother 10____ made up her mind to choose her own husband. She was disenchanted with the treatment of women, and hated the whole system of concubinage. Her parents supported her, but they 11_____ harassed by offers, and had to deploy intricate, nerve-racking diplomacy to find ways of saying no without unleashing reprisals.


One of my mother's teachers was a young woman called Miss Liu, 12____ liked her very much. In China, if people are fond 13____ you, they often try to make you an honorary member of their family. At this time, although they were not so segregated as in my grandmother's days, there were not many opportunities 14____ boys and girls to mix, so being introduced to the brother or sister of a friend was a common way for young people who did not like the idea of arranged marriages 15____ get to know each other. Miss Liu introduced my mother to 16____ brother. But first Mr. and Mrs. Liu had to approve the relationship.


Early in 1946, my mother was invited to spend the Chinese New Year at the Lius' house, 17_____ was quite grand. Mr. Liu was one of the biggest shop owners in Jinzhou. The son, who was 18______ nineteen, seemed to be a man of the world; he was wearing a dark-green suit with a handkerchief sticking 19_____ of his breast pocket, which was tremendously sophisticated and dashing for a provincial town like Jinzhou. He was enrolled in a university in Peking, 20______ he was reading the Russian language and literature. My mother was very impressed with him, 21____ his family approved of her.


答案:1 was  2 with  3 in  4 who  5 into  6 but  7 after / when  8 as  9 that  10 had  11 were  12 who  13 of  14 for  15 to  16 her  17 which  18 about  19 out  20 where  21 and


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