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Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks based on the translation

to, in, on, out, about, back, after, from, of, for, when, that, who, whom, what, where, with, had, and, but, was, were


The looting, raping, and killing continued until eight days 1______ the Japanese surrender, when the population was informed 2_____ a new army would be arriving, the Soviet Red Army. On 23 August the neighbourhood chiefs told residents to go to the railway station the next day 3____ welcome the Russians. Dr. Xia and my grandmother stayed at home, 4____ my mother joined the large, high-spirited crowd of young people holding colourful triangle-shaped paper flags. As the train pulled 5____, the crowd started waving their flags and shouting “Wula” ( the Chinese approximation of Ura, the Russian word for “Hurrah” ). My mother 6____ imagined the Soviet soldiers as victorious heroes with impressive beards, riding on large horses. What she saw 7____ a group of shabbily dressed, pale-skinned youths. Apart from the occasional fleeting glimpse of some mysterious figure in a passing car, these were the first white people 8______ my mother had ever seen.

在日本人已经投降而苏联军队尚未到达锦州的无政府状态下,复仇、抢劫、强奸和滥杀无辜的残暴行径整整持续了88夜,直到第九天的时候锦州居民们才被居委会告知,一支全新的军队,即苏联红军,即将到达。 1945823,蛰伏畏缩了许久的、原来替满洲国和日本人效力的街道居委会的头头脑脑们又活跃起来,分头敲锣喊话通知锦州的居民们于第二天前往火车站欢迎苏联红军。夏医生和我姥姥呆在家里不动,毫不理睬居委会的通知,但是我母亲却加入到欢迎人群之中,跟随着一大帮情绪高昂、兴高采烈的年轻人前往车站,人们手里都拿着五颜六色的、上面写满“欢迎苏联红军”字样的纸糊的三角旗。当火车进站时,人们欣喜若狂地挥舞着手里的各色旗帜,同时激动万分地高呼口号:“乌拉!”这个俄语词汇相当于汉语中的“万岁!”在我母亲原先的想象中,苏联红军的战士们个个都是长着威风凛凛的大胡子、骑着高头大马、身材高大面貌英俊、从战场上凯旋而归的大英雄。但是,大大出乎她的意料之外而且使她略感失望的是,走下车来的只是一群衣衫褴褛、满身尘土、疲惫不堪、面色苍白的小伙子。除了以前偶尔从疾驰而过的小汽车里瞥见过个别似乎肤色不同的神秘人物以外,这些乘坐火车而来的俄罗斯大兵,是我母亲所见到的第一批欧洲白人。

About a thousand Soviet troops 9______ stationed in Jinzhou, and when they first arrived, people felt grateful to them 10_____ helping to get rid of the Japanese. But the Russians brought new problems. Schools had closed down 11_____ the Japanese surrendered, and my mother was getting private lessons. One day 12____ her way home from the tutor's, she saw a truck parked by the side of the road: some Russian soldiers were standing beside it handing 13_____ bolts of textiles. Under the Japanese, cloth had been strictly rationed. She went over to have a look; it turned out that the cloth was from the factory 14______ she had worked when she was in primary school. The Russians were swapping it for watches, clocks, 15____ knickknacks. My mother remembered that there was an old clock buried somewhere at the bottom of a chest at home. She rushed 16_____ and dug it out. She was a bit disappointed to find that it was broken, but the Russian soldiers were overjoyed and gave her a bolt of beautiful white cloth 17_____ a delicate pink flower pattern on it. Over supper, the family sat shaking their heads in disbelief at these strange foreigners 18_____ were so keen on useless old broken clocks and baubles.


Not only were the Russians distributing goods 19______ the factories, they were also dismantling entire factories, including Jinzhou's two oil refineries, and shipping the equipment back 20____ the Soviet Union. They said that these were “reparations”, but for the locals 21_____ this meant was that industry was crippled.


Russian soldiers would walk 22_____ people's homes and simply take anything that they fancied, watches and clothes in particular. Stories 23______ Russians raping local women swept Jinzhou like wildfire. Many women went into hiding for fear 24____ their “liberators”. Very soon the city was seething with anger 25____ anxiety.


答案:1 after  2 that  3 to  4 but  5 in  6 had  7 was  8 whom  9 were  10 for  11 when  12 on  13 out  14 where  15 and  16 back  17 with  18 who  19 from  20 to  21 what  22 into  23 about  24 of  25 and


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