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英汉双语阅读训练(54):溥仪是卖 国的暴君

Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks based on the translation

to, for, not, had, after, when, of, off, on, as, were, with, which, into, and, under,  what, was, been, that, in, if, from


But the Xias could not avoid hearing 1_____ the Japanese were doing. In the vast expanses of northern Manchuria, villages 2_____ being burned and the surviving population herded 3_____ “strategic hamlets”. Over five million people, about a sixth of the population, lost their homes, 4____ tens of thousands died. Laborers were worked to death in mines 5______ Japanese guards to produce exports to Japan, for Manchuria was particularly rich 6____ natural resources. Many were deprived of salt and did not have the energy 7____ run away.


Dr. Xia had argued for a long time 8_____ the emperor did not know about the evil things being done because he was a virtual prisoner of the Japanese. But 9_____ Pu Yi changed the way he referred to Japan 10_____ “our friendly neighbour country” to “the elder brother country” and finally 11____ “parent country”, Dr. Xia banged his fist on the table and called him “that fatuous coward”. Even then, he said that he was not sure how much responsibility the emperor should bear 12____ the atrocities, until two traumatic events changed the Xias' world.


One day in late 1941 Dr. Xia was in his surgery 13_____ a man he had never seen came into the room. He was dressed in rags, and his emaciated body was bent almost double. The man explained that he 14____ a railway coolie, and that he had 15_____ having agonizing stomach pains. His work involved carrying heavy loads from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. He did not know how he could go on, but 16____ he lost his job, he would not be able to support his wife and newborn baby.


Dr. Xia told him that his stomach could 17____ digest the coarse food he had to eat. On 1 June 1939, the government had announced that henceforth rice was reserved 18_____ the Japanese and a small number of collaborators. Most of the local population had to subsist on a diet of acorn meal and sorghum, 19______ were difficult to digest. Dr. Xia gave the man some medicine free 20____ charge, and asked my grandmother to give him a small bag of rice which she had bought illegally 21____ the black market.


Not long afterward, Dr. Xia heard that the man 22____ died in a forced labor camp. After leaving the surgery, he had eaten the rice, gone back 23____ work, and then vomited at the railway yard. A Japanese guard had spotted rice in his vomit and he had been arrested as an “economic criminal” and hauled 24_____ to a camp. In his weakened state, he survived only a few days. When his wife heard 25_____ had happened to him, she drowned herself 26_____ their baby.


The incident plunged Dr. Xia and my grandmother 27_____ deep grief. They felt responsible 28_____ the man's death. Many times Dr. Xia would say: “Rice can murder as well 29____ save! A small bagful, three lives!”


He started to call Pu Yi “that tyrant”.

Shortly 30______ this, tragedy struck closer to his own home.



答案:1 what  2 were  3 into  4 and  5 under  6 in  7 to  8 that  9 when  10 from  11 to  12 for  13 when  14 was  15 been  16 if  17 not  18 for  19 which  20 of  21 on  22 had  23 to  24 off  25 what  26 with  27 into  28 for  29 as  30 after


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