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Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks based on the translation

to, from, what, she, was, be, had, as, up, meaning, which, by, my, him, just, in, her, and, behind, such, it, other, have, that

高干家庭传奇(40)  小姑娘改名换姓度日如年

On festivals and 1____ important occasions, the whole family had 2___ kowtow and curtsy to her, and she would 3____ to jump up from her chair and stand to one side to show 4____ she had left the chair empty, 5_____ symbolized their late mother, to acknowledge their respect.


Manchu custom resulted in keeping her 6___ Dr Xia apart. They were not supposed even 7__ eat together, and one of the daughters-in-law always stood 8____ my grandma to serve her. But the woman would always present 9____ a cold face that my grandma found 10___ difficult to finish her meal, much less enjoy it. Even the third Daughter-in-law, who had been my grandmother’s school friend, was always avoiding her.


Once, soon after they had moved into Dr Xia’s house, my mother had 11____ settled down into 12___ looked like a nice, comfortable, warm place on the “kang” when she saw Dr Xia’s face suddenly darken, and he stormed over and roughly pulled 13___ off the seat. She had sat 14___ his special place. This was the only time he ever hit 15___. According 16__ Manchu custom, his seat was sacred.


The move to Dr Xia’s house brought 17___ grandma a real measure of freedom for the first time – but also a degree of entrapment. For my mother it was no less ambivalent. Dr Xia was extremely kind 18___ her and brought her up as his own daughter. She called 19___ “father”, and he gave her his own family name “Xia”, 20____ she carries to this day – and gave her a new given name “De-hong”, which is made 21___ of 2 Chinese characters: “hong”, meaning “wild swan”, and “De”, the generation name, 22_____ “virtue”.

进入夏家大院,我的外祖母有生以来第一次享受到了真正意义上的行动自由,当然,还是有某种程度的圈闭和束缚。而对我四岁多的母亲来说,这种全新的生活却让她既开心又烦恼,内心非常矛盾。一方面,夏医生对她特别好,视为己出,把她当宝贝一样抚养教育。她也亲热地把他叫阿玛,而且改了名,换了姓。她现在不再是前警察总监薛将军的女儿薛宝琴,而是夏医生的女儿夏德鸿。我母亲的这个新的名字一直沿用到现在。“夏”是夏医生家族的名称;“德鸿”是两个汉字的组合,“德”意味着美好的品德,同时也是夏医生儿女同辈人的名称,例如夏医生的二儿子“德贵”的名字里也有个“德”字;“鸿”的意思是“野天鹅”,这才是专属于我母亲的名称。(译者注:原书名 Wild Swans 意为《野天鹅》或《鸿》)

Dr Xia’s family did not dare insult my grandma to her face, 23____ would have meant treason to one’s mother. But her daughter 24___ another matter. My mother’s first memories, apart from being cuddled by her mother, are of being bullied 25___ the younger members of Dr Xia’s family. She would try not 26___ cry out, and to hide her bruises and cuts 27____ her mother, but my grandma knew 28____ was going on. She never said anything to Dr Xia, as 29___ did not want to upset him or create more problems for him with his children.


But my mother 30___ miserable. She often begged to 31__ taken back to her grandparents’ house, or to the house that General Xue 32___ bought, where everyone had treated her 33___ a princess. But she soon realized that she should stop asking to “go home”, as this only brought tears 34___ her mother’s eyes.


答案:1 other  2 to  3 have  4 that  5 which  6 and  7 to  8 behind  9 such  10 it  11 just  12 what  13 her  14 in  15 her  16 to  17 my  18 to  19 him  20 which  21 up  22 meaning  23 which  24 was  25 by  26 to  27 from  28 what  29 she  30 was / felt  31 be  32 had  33 like / as  34 to



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