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(2011-02-28 08:23:55)


1. The Internet reaches an audience long seen as attractive to advertisers: educated, upscale, young, and extremely skeptical of traditional media advertising.


02. Scalability: Like television commercials, it doesn't cost very much to increase the reach of an online ad campaign. There is no need to print additional copies of a magazine, or to create and mail direct-mail pieces. 


03. Hot demographics: The online community is more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend than the population at large -- even as more and more people go online.


04. Targeted messages: Unlike broadcast and print media, the Internet allows advertisers to target exactly who will see their ads, and in what context. Web publications serve every conceivable audience, from the mass market to obscure niche groups. Beyond that, the technology lets you target customers by their computing platform (PCs or Macintoshes), Web browser (specific versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer), domain type (.com, .edu, .gov, .mil, or .net) or individual domains (America Online, IBM, Prodigy). 

04.请速与我们联系。有针对性的消息:与广播和印刷媒体,互联网让广告主目标到底谁要看见他们的广告,并在什么情况下。网络出版物的每一个可能的观众服务,从大众市场向模糊的利基组。除此之外,这种技术让你目标运算平台产品(pc机或Macintoshes),网络浏览器(具体版本的网景的导航者或微软的Internet Explorer),域类型(组件,.gov,.mil .edu,或。net)和个人领域(美国在线、IBM、天才)。

05. Broad and flexible: reach While the Net cannot yet match television's market penetration, the size of the online audience is growing very quickly. More importantly, because you buy online ads by the impression, you can buy as much or as little of that audience as you desire. And that's true no matter how popular or specialized the site on which your ads run -- as a rule, advertising costs depend on how many impressions you buy, not on the size of a site's audience.

  06. Deep content: Unlike commercials or print ads, a Web ad banner is only the beginning of the process. While your banner may present only your branding message, interested prospects can always click on it to go directly to your Web site. Once there, they can access as much material on your company and products as you care to present.  


07.Cost-effective: Partly because you pay only for exactly what you're getting, online advertising can be extremely competitive with other forms of advertising. If you buy 1,000 ad impressions, for example, you know that exactly 1,000 people will see your ad.


08. Detailed tracking and measurement:
Compared to online advertising, traditional media advertising is like shooting in the dark. The Web allows advertisers to gather detailed information on who saw an ad, when, in what context, how many times and so on. Better still, you get this information instantly, not weeks later when it's too late to adjust your campaign. Of course, not every site currently provides this level of feedback, and not every advertiser knows what to do with it. Over time, however, this is likely to become one of Web advertising's most important competitive advantages.


09. The ability to extend the transaction:
  Traditionally, advertising was a one-way mechanism. Apart from techniques like toll-free numbers pitched in infomercials and mail-in coupons in print publications, there was no way for customers to act on the information in the ad. On the Web, though, interested customers can click, learn more, and actually buy on the spot. There's simply nothing more powerful.


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