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分类: 斯路新宇[原创文章]

Unit12 p161

III.1.1)I don’t have much time , so tell me briefly what have you seen in the factory.

2)Under no circumstances should you lend him any money, because he would never pay you back.

3)Students clashed(发生冲突) violently with the police and some of them were badly injured.

4)The club recruits new members on a regular basis.

5)The police are making enquiries and try to get the truth of the whole thing.

6)What sort of qualifications do I need for the job?

7)Today there are still many maganificent palaces kept intact(完整的) in this country.

8)He reacted to the insult by turning his back on Jimmy.

9)The government put down the rebellion with brutal force.

10)You need to see a doctor immediately. Otherwise the cough may develop into something more serious.

11)The entire nation celebrated upon learning the news of the successful return of their first astronaut from outer space.

12)Farmers in this village supply the city with fresh vegetables.

2.1)Many policemen were seriously injured when the police station was blown up(炸毁) by terrorists yesterday.

2)She’s finding it difficult to face up to the possibility of an early death.

3)He was disappointed at not getting the job, but he will get over(恢复常态) it.

4)The TV is broken, but I’ve sent for(找来) somebody to repair it.

5)I think the door is locked, but I’d better go and make sure it is.

6)The government gave him an award in recognition of (表彰)the great achievement he made in chemistry.

IV.1.Linda! it’s Christmas time. Sing us a Christmas song(给我们唱个圣诞歌吧).

2.Sam hopes that his daughter will live a happy life(幸福一生).

3.All human beings die in the end. Some die a peaceful death(平静而逝) surrounded by the family, while others pass away on the road.

4.He dreamed a bad dream(做了个噩梦) last night and woke up with an ashen face.

5.A hot bath before bed helps you sleep a good night’s sleep(会让你睡个好觉).

VI.1.他被捕后遭到毒打,但却没有向敌人透露任何有用的信息He was brutally beaten after being arrested, but he revealed nothing useful to the enemy.

2.他们面试了很多人,最后缍找到了令他们满意的候选人They interviewed a lot of people before finally getting hold of a satisfactory candidate.

3.他自愿捐助修建了一所学校以使那些穷孩子能读书He made a voluntary construction to the cost of building a school so that poor children could get an education.

4.为了你,我一定会努力训练以争取获得进入决赛的资格For your sake I will train very hard to get the qualification for the finals.

5.在那样的情况下他除了勇敢地面对挑战以外没有其他选择Under those circumstances he had no choice but to face up to the challenge bravely.

6.如果我们想确保及时到达那里就该早点动身We should start early if we want to make sure of getting there in time.

Unit14 p 191

III.1.1)Some computer programs can be downloaded and used free of charge for a few weeks. But you’ll have to pay a fee if you continue to use them after that.

2)This play is so popular that there is a long queue at the ticket window.

3)Despite the knowledge that the operation might fail, Judy decided to take a risk.

4)Oil is an important raw material, which can be processed into many different chemical products, including plastics.

5)Mark elbowed his way on to the crowded bus but failed to get a seat.

6)This instrument can be used to measure sea surface temperatures.

7)He was so seriously ill that even the most eminent doctors could not cure him.

8)The surgeon is performing a delicate operation on Jessica’s knee.

9)My friends phoned me that they had set out at 7 o’clock, so they should arrive soon.

10)Chris had fallen in love with the decorative arts of France of the 18th centuries and wanted to furnish his house in that style.

11)I’ll never regret spending years teaching in that remote village. It’s actually the best part of my life.

12)Memories are not always reliable, because we tend to remember only those things we want to remember.

13)You must get rid of that annoying habit of clearing your throat every time you speak.

14)Successes don’t come by accident. Only those who try hard enough will be rewarded.

VI.1.一些著名的歌唱家将举办一声音乐会,为这家儿童图书馆筹款。但是,音乐会门票的销售情况一点都不让人满意。Some famous singors were going to put on a concert to raise money for the children’s library. However, the sale of the tickets was far from satisfactory.

2.这篇新闻报道真实地展示了监狱中的生活,引起了公众的关注。一些启示决定继续追踪报道。This news report showed prison life in the raw and got a lot of attention from the public. Some reporters decided to follow it up.

3.安妮独自一人出发去了那个小镇。她一点都没想过,她的父母会为她的安全而担心。Anny had set out for the small town by herself. It never occurred to her that her parents might be worried about her safety.

4.去年,我取得了做外科医生的资格。回想在医科大学度过的五年,我觉得那是我生命中最艰苦也是最快乐的一段日子。Last year I qualified as a surgeon. I looked back on the five years at medical university as the hardest as well as the happiest time of my life.

5.布朗先生是一位十分杰出的实业家。他曾经说过,“要想在商业领域里成功,你必须得冒许多险。”Brown is an eminent businessman. He once said, “You have to take a lot of risk if you want to succeed in business.”

6.彼得靠在饭店里洗盘子维持生活。但是最近饭店准备裁员,彼得每一都生活在被解雇的恐惧之中。Peter makes a living by washing dishes in the restaurant. But recently the restaurant has been planning to cut jobs and Peter is living in daily fear of being fired.


A Father, a Son and an Answer

Passing through the Atlanta airport one morning, I caught one of those trains that take travelers from the main terminal to their boarding gates. Free, sterile and impersonal, the trains run back and forth all day long. Not many people consider them fun, but on this Saturday I heard laughter.

At the front of the first car – looking out the window at the track that lay ahead – were a man and his son.

We had just stopped to let off passengers, and the doors wee closing again. “Here we go! Hold on to me tight!” the father said. The boy, about five years old, made sounds of sheer delight.

I know we’re supposed to avoid making racial distinctions these days, so I hope no one will mind if I mention that most people on the train were white, dressed for business trips or vacations – and that the father and son were black, dressed in clothes that were just about as inexpensive as you can buy.

“Look out there!” the father said to his son. “See that pilot? I bet he’s walking to his plane.” The son craned his neck to look.

As I got off, I remembered some thing I’d wanted to buy in the terminal. I was early for my flight, so I decided to go back.

I did – and just as I was about to reboard the train for my gate, I saw that the man and his son had returned too. I realized then that they hadn’t been heading for a flight, but had just bee riding the shuttle.

“I want to ride some more!”

“More?” the father said, mock-exasperated but clearly pleased. “You’re not tired?”

“This is fun!” his son said.

“All right,” the father replied, and when a door opened we all got on.

There are parents who can afford to send their children to Europe or Disneyland, and the children turn out rotten. There are parents who live in million-dollar houses and give their children cars and swimming pools, yet something goes wrong. Rich and poor, black and white, so much goes wrong so often.

“Where are all these people going, Daddy?” the son asked.

“All over the world,” came the reply. The other people in the air port wee leaving for distant destinations or arriving at the ends of their journeys. The father and son, though, were just riding this shuttle together, making it exciting, sharing each other’s company.

So many troubles in this country – crime, the murderous soullessness that seems to be taking over the lives of many young people, the lowering of educational standards, the increase in vile obscenities in public, the disappearance of simple civility. So many questions about what to do. Here was a father who cared about spending the day with his son and who had come up with this plan on a Saturday morning.

The answer is so simple: parents who care enough to spend time, and to pay attention and to try their best. It doesn’t cost a cent, yet it is the most valuable thing in the world.

The train picked up speed, and the father pointed something out, and the boy laughed again, and the answer is so simple.

父亲、儿子与答案(美) 鲍勃•格林



















My Daughter My Friend

      WHEN MY DAUGHTER Julie was six years old,she wrote aletter to the tooth fairy and put it under her pillow withher tooth.I wrote back,telling her to be a good girl and toalways brush her teeth carefully.I didn't know we werestarting a tradition.

  By the time Julie was in the fourth grade,she had figuredout that handwritten notes could do more than welcome thetooth fairy.Once,after a heated discussion we'd had about whyshe couldn't buy a pair of clogs(注:木底鞋),Julie wrotethe following:

  Dear Mom,

  Here are the reasons I want clogs:

  1. You wanted boots for a long time and you finally gotthem.

  2. If clogs hurt my feet that's my problem.

  3. When Grandma gave us money for Christmas she said wecould get whatever we wanted with it.


  I gave in-and Julie learned the power of the written word.

  Over the next few years,Julie and I exchanged notes aboutboys,homework,phone calls and chores(注:日常的零星事物).Some notes were apologies after shouting matches.Others werejust happy thoughts spilling onto paper.When Julie was in theeighth grade,she responded to a love note of mine:

  Dear Mom,

  Your letter make me feel great no matter what kind ofmood I'm in.Sometimes they even make me cry because theytouch me so deeply.I'm really glad we have the kind ofrelationship that we do,even though we have our arguments.Iguess that's life with a teen-ager-or with a 39-year-old!

  I love you.Julie

  P.S. Writing my feelings down to you is much easier forme than trying to express them verbally.

  Julie's postscript(注:(信末签名后的)附笔,又及)explained why the note system worked so well for us.She wasgoing through the traumas(注:(精神上的)创伤;痛苦,不幸)of adolescence(注:青春,青春期),and I was having someproblems of my own.Writing was the most effective way for usto communicate our feelings.

  One day during the summer before Julie started high school,she left her razor(注:剃刀)on the tub(注:桶,盆,盛食物等的小容器)where her five-year-old brother might have cuthimself.After I pointed out her carelessness,I asked Juliewhat she thought her punishment should be.She stomped(注:以重踏步方式(向某方向)走去)off in a huff(注:一阵恼火),butan hour later left a note on the kitchen counter.

  Dear Mom,

  I'm sorry for being so thoughtless.For my punishment Iwill not:

  1. Go to the mall(注:商店街(车辆禁止入内))afterschool.

  2. Watch television in the afternoon.

  3. Snack(注:吃点心或小吃)before dinner.

  She never left her razor on the tub again.

  Two months later,on Julie's first day of high school,wehad a fight about whether it was appropriate for her to wearmakeup(注:化妆品).

  That evening,I received a six-page,handwritten letterfrom her.

  Dear Mom,

  I'm sorry if I acted snotty(注:高傲的)this morning,butI really got mad.You didn't even give me a chance to sayanything!If you would at least discuss things with me maybeit would be a little easier for us.Instead of telling me howawful my eyes look,you could help me to make them look better.

  Page three contained all the logic my tormented(注:倍受痛苦的)teen could muster(注:集合).

  1. I think I'm very responsible and can learn to putmakeup on in ways that both you and I would like.

  2. I don't "cake it on"like some of my friends do-I readthe directions on the package and advice in magazine articleson how to apply it.

  3. I'm growing up;I want to add to my looks and bring outmy eyes.

  4. How about a three-week trial period to test my abilityto wear it?

  Needless to say,my daughter wore make-up-discreetly(注:不显眼的)-from then on.Her whole face seemed to light up,notonly from the touch of blush(注:脸上泛出红晕),but from thesense of freedom she had pried(注:打听,刺探)out of hermother.

  Not long after that,my husband and I separated.The nextfew months were chaotic.Besides trying to provide stabilityto my four children,I had to budget(注:把……编入预算,安排)our funds(注:基金)and work linger hours.As my raw emotionscaused my mothering skills to dwindle(注:减小,缩小)Juliecame to the rescue(注:解救,援救)with a note.

  Dear Mom,

  I know you're going through a hard time and I wish Icould make all your problems disappear.Unfortunately,I canonly tell you how much I love you.We're all upset about thedivorce,but you're still a great,helpful and loving mom.


  There were quite a few times that year when I took myfrustrations(注:灰心,沮丧,失意)out on the children.Afterone particularly nasty tirade(注:令人不快的长篇的批评性的讲话),Julie dropped this message in my purse for me to read atwork:

  Dear Mom,

  I know things are difficult for you right now,and we allunderstand.I think you should go out more often to distractyourself.We are all growing up and have our own interests andfriends.We'll always be your kids and you won't lose us.

  I love you! Jules

  A few weeks before her 18th birthday I asked Julie whatshe wanted."I'm working on it,"she said.

  I should have known that Julie was writing me the letterof her life.Here's what some of it said:

  Soon I will be living on my own at college.I feel I havematured by following your rules with very few exceptions.

  For my 18th birthday I would like to be treated andrespected as a mature and responsible person.I'd like:

  1. A later curfew(注:宵禁)or none at all.

  2. Permission to make and receive telephone calls after10 p.m.

  3. The freedom to make my own decisions.

  4. To be thought of as a close friend.

  Now it was my turn to respond.I sat writin late into thenight.

  Dearest Julie,

  Adulthood isn't a sudden jolt(注:惊奇,震惊)of freedomto do whatever you want.It is simply being responsible.If youbelieve you can behave like an adult,I will treat you as one.

  I next addressed her birthday proposition(注:观点,见解,主张)list,asking her to be considerate about curfews andphone calls.I agreed that she should make decisions and saidI would offer advice only when requested.

  I ended with this:

  Julie,I wish you a happy life fiiled with love and soliddecisions based on solid values.I hope you continue todevelop the many talents God has given you.

  Heppy birthday,my friend!Mom

  My daughter left home for college a few years ago.I'vemissed her tremendously,but our tradition has pulled usthrough again.Her letters from college have been wonderful!


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