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2010.12.27 Blog+Enter独家采访

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(Exclusive Interview) SE7EN: End of 2010, New Start in 2011



Following a three year and eight month hiatus in the U.S., Se7en has returned to Korea last summer with a mini album titled “Digital Bounce.” Although his latest promotion in Korea lasted for only 100 days, he’s been busy lately preparing for his next fan meeting scheduled for Jan. 29th, 2011. Blog Enter was able to catch up with him through an email interview and hear his latest whereabouts.
中断了在美国三年零8个月的发展之后,SE7EN带着最新的MIMI专辑“DIGITAL BOUNCE"在上个夏天回到了韩国.尽管整张专辑的宣传期只有100天,但他已经开始筹备在2011年1月29日的歌迷会,BE(杂志简称)有幸访问到他,通过邮件采访的形式来了解他最近的行踪。

Not too long ago, Orange Caramel’s Raina revealed in an interview that Se7en inspired her to become a singer. What are your thoughts on this? It’s quite impressive to see you become an inspiration to younger people, but I’m sure there’s pressure and responsibilities that follow. Any comments you would like to add?

I’m so happy to hear younger singers say they nourished their dreams by watching me perform as a singer. I’ll do my best to be an exemplary performer. I hope the hoobaes (younger singers) never lose their initial passion as a singer and continue to enjoy singing and not sing for the sake of just making money.

While you were gone, Korea’s music scene has changed a lot. From your experience promoting singles “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce” over the summer, what do you think has changed the most in the industry?
BE:在你离开的那段时间,韩国音乐也发生了很多变化。从整个夏天宣传歌曲“BETTER TOGETHER"和”DIGITAL BOUNCE"的过程,你认为这个行业最重要的改变是什么呢?

Well, even in the States, I was able to follow all the Korean music shows and news stories, so although there have been many changes in the industry, I haven’t faced any difficulty adapting to those changes.

You’ve finished promoting your last album, but if there are any tracks you would like to recommend other than “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce,” please let us know.

I like “I’m Going Crazy.” Both the melody and lyrics are great. I’ve always preferred R&B tunes to fast beat tracks.
se7en:我喜欢“I'M GOING CRAZY”,旋律和歌词都很棒,通常来说,我比较偏爱R&B曲风和快节奏的曲风。

Through your time in Japan and the U.S., I’m sure you’ve met a lot of different musical styles and artists. How do you think these experiences have influenced you? What were the most impressive music and musician? Why?

All of the musicians I’ve worked with have been impressive. But the people who worked on my first U.S. single, particularly Darkchild and Lil’ Kim, are the most memorable. By working with these “genius musicians,” I’ve learned so many things.
se7en:跟我合作过的所有音乐家都給我留下了很深的印象。特别的是和我一起在美国合作单曲的DARKCHILD和LIL KIM,是最难忘的。和这些“天才音乐家”一起工作,让我学到了很多东西。

As your stay in the U.S. got longer, I’m sure you’ve lost or missed a lot of things.

I haven’t been able to keep in touch with any of the Asian fans, including those in Korea and Japan. I feel bad because it does feel like we’ve become apart lately. But I will do my best to make our relationship get closer than the past.

We’ve seen a lot of singers lately make crossovers between the music and entertainment industry, such as acting, show guests, MC, musicals, and etc. What do you think of this trend? And what do you think you’ll be good at other than singing? Please be as specific as possible.

I think it’s really cool to see these multi-talented hoobaes challenge themselves in various areas. For me, I’m most confident in singing. But if the right opportunity arises, I would like to try other things.

Which hoobae most impresses you lately? And why?

Obviously, Big Bang and 2ne1, my little brothers and sisters at YG Family. But most of the new singers these days have great looks and skills, so I am very proud of them and I think it’s the right thing for the industry as well. I’m very excited about everything.

I’m hearing you may resume your Japanese promotions from next year. Fans in Japan still talk about your Okinawa concert and fan meeting held in the summer of 2007. I heard it was a very special event. How was it?

It was my first time visiting Okinawa. There was a storm on the day of the concert so I had a rough time during my stay there. But we had so much fun working like a family, staying up late, and enjoying every moment we were together. And we took some pictures together the next day at the beach too. It was good times and I still remember every moment of it.

I heard you have a fan meeting scheduled for Jan. 29th, 2011. Do you have anything new planned for your fans? Let us know!

It’s a secret. It’s been a long time since we met so I’m planning a lot of fun things. I heard the ticket price is quite high. So I want to ensure the experience is as high-quality as well. I want to have them feel and experience not just Se7en, but Korea as a whole too.

PS. Interview

We asked about his restaurant “Yul Bong Jjim Dak (Hot and Spicy Steamed Chicken),” located in the Kangnam Station area. Se7en and his girl friend, Park Han Byul, have joint investments in the place, as they help run and develop the menu as well. Any suggestions or tips for new visitors to your restaurant?

For those who can’t eat spicy food, I recommend ‘normal’ flavor. After you finish the chicken, try the “Nal Doo Bap (flying fish+tofu+rice),” it’s really good. “Flat dumpling” and “Cool Piece” will help you lessen the hot and spicy flavor. If you’re looking for a side dish to your beer, try our “Yul Bong Jumble”!  

Written by Misun Huh hurlkie@enswer.net Translated by Eugene Kim ekim@enswer.net Photos by YG Family


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