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(2009-06-26 15:49:28)








    De, de, de…..!

    De, de, de…..!

    Here came the hoofbeat of the horses!


    In the boundless desert of Hui nationality region, the yellow sand flies to the sky as high as 2 zhang. Two horese rushed nearer and nearer – in the front there is a horse with long legs and body riden by a youth woman with a girl at the age of 7 or 8 in her arms; not far behind there is a purplish red horse with a tall and thin man bend over on it.


    A long arrow was inserted in his left back. Blood streamed down from his back to the horse’s back and later to the earth, dripping into the yellow sand. He dares not to pull the arrow out fearing that once the arrow is pulled out, he will die instantly. Everybody in the world is destined to die? He dares not to die, but after his death, who will take care of his wife and daughter?


    Not far behind, his enemies followed closely.


    The purnish red horse undeeneath has run for tens of li, leaving with no strength at all, and beaten by his master, it is out of breath, at this time, its mouth is full of sprays, kneel down on the earth. The man held the rein firmly, the red horse screeches sadly, after several twithes, it finally died. Hearing the sound, the youth woman turns around. She was startled at the death of the horse, saying: “elder brother, are you all right?” The man frownes and shakes his head. At this moment, the enemies catch up with them and stop, leaving yellow sand behind.


    The youth woman rides to his husband, seeing the long arrow inserted in his back with streams of blood, she turns pale with fright. The little girl exclaimes with surprise: “daddy, daddy, there is an arrow in your back!” The man makes a forced smile, saying: “ it doesn’t matter!” He springs up, falling on the his wife’s horse. Though he is injured severely, his action is still light and flexsible. The youth woman turnes around and looks at him with care, saying softly: “elder brother, you……”. The man nips the horse with his legs and hold sthe rein. The white horse rushes forward.


    Thought the white horse is a fair horse, after long time’s travel, it feels tired, besides, it is carrying three people. The white horse seems to know that his master’s life is at stake, it runs with all its strength needless of his master’s spur.


    But after running for another tens of li, it slowes down gradually.


    The enemies are drawing nearer and nearer, altogether 63 enemies taking over 190 vigorous horses along with them. When one horse is tired, another horse can be replaced immediately. They are determined to catch up.



    The man turns around, seeing his enemy’s figures in the yellow sand. After a while, he can even see his enemy’s faces clearly. He gnashed his teeth, saying: “sister Hong, I beg you, will you accept?” The young woman turns around, laughs gently: “during our whole life, have I ever disobey you?” The man says fimly like issuing an order:That’s good, bring Xiu’er with you and run away, only in this way can we save our offspring and the map for the Gaochang labyrinth.



The young woman replied with tremble: “elder brother, we can give them the map and admit defeat. Your health is the most important.” The man lowes his head to kiss her left cheek and his voice changes very gentle:we have experienced many difficulties, maybe this time we can manage to escape, but “the 3 heroes of Lvliang” want not only our map but also you.” The young woman says: “he…… he should consider our friendship when we learned from the same teacher fro martial art, maybe I can beg him…….” The man snaps:would us beg them?”



    “The horse can not support our 3, you go away quickly.” He springs up with an exclamation, falling off the horse.



    The young woman draws the rein to pull his husband, seeing his


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