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(2014-06-28 06:17:39)






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The 11 Most Powerful Militaries In TheWorld



       Asymmetrical wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam,and now in Syria demonstrate all too clearly that relatively small numbers ofbelligerents can carry out successful military operations against superiorforces.

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  But still, firepower is extremelyimportant. A country's projection of power relies in large part upon itsmilitary capabilities. Successfully being able to project and wield that poweris a key diplomatic asset.



  The website Global Firepower ranks themost powerful militaries in the world based on multiple factors, includingavailable manpower, total labor force, and access to strategic assets. Nuclearcapabilities are not included in the calculation.

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  Below are the 11 most powerful militariesin the world according to the 2014 rankings (click country names to seemilitary assets data)。



  11. Israel





  Israel spends significantly more than itsneighbors proportionally for defense. In 2009, Israel spent 18.7% of itsnational budget on defense. Israel's defense budget stands at $15 billion. .



  A large percentage of the Israeli defensebudget goes toward defense technology. One of the best examples of this isIsrael's Iron Dome, a missile defense shield that can intercept rockets shotinto Israel from the Palestinian territories. Israel aims to replace Iron Domewith a laser defense shield called Iron Beam.   以色列国防预算的很大一部分花在了国防技术上。其中最好的例子之一就是以色列的铁穹防御系统,这种导弹防御系统可以拦截从巴勒斯坦境内向以色列发射的火箭弹。以色列计划用一种叫做“铁束”的激光防御系统来代替“铁穹”。

  10. Japan


  Japan increased its defense spending forthe first time in 11 years in response to growing disputes with China. It hasalso started its first military expansion in over 40 years by placing a newmilitary base on its outer islands. Japan spends $49.1 billion on defense, thesixth most in the world.





  Japan's military is fairly well-equipped.It currently has 247,000 active personnel with an additional 57,900 in reserve. Japan alsohas 1,595 aircraft, the world's fifth largest air force, and 131 ships. Japan'smilitary is limited by a peace clause in the constitution that makes it illegalfor the country to have an offensive army.   日本军队装备相当精良。目前拥有247000机动部队,57900预备部队。日本拥有1595架战机,属世界第五大空军,拥有131艘战舰。日本军事受到宪法中和平条款的限制,所以拥有侵略性的军队是非法的。
  9. South Korea
  South Korea has been increasing its defensespending due to both the increasing armament of Japan and China, and theconstant threat from North Korea. South Korea spends $34 billion on defense.




  South Korea has a relatively large militaryforce for its small size. It has 640,000 active personnel with an additional2,900,000 personnel in the reserves. South Korea also has 2,346 tanks and 1,393aircraft. The South Korean military is generally well-trained androutinely takes part in military exercise with the United States. South Korea'sair force is also the sixth largest in the world.   相较于其领土范围,韩国的军队规模还是很大的。韩国拥有64万机动部队,外加290万预备部队。韩国还拥有2346辆坦克和1393架飞机。韩国军队接受良好训练而且经常与美军军演。韩国空军规模排在世界第六。

  8. Turkey


  Turkish military spending is expected torise 9.4% in 2014 over the 2013 budget. The ongoing conflict in Syria andpossible clashes with the Kurdish separatist organization, the PKK, were keyreasons for the spending increase. Turkey's defense budget stands at $18.2billion.



军事论坛 bbs.miercn.com 资料图:土耳其阅兵
  The NATO member has contributed soldiers tovarious initiatives around the world. The Turkish military took part inoperations in Afghanistan, as well as in peacekeeping operations in theBalkans. Turkey also maintains a large military force in Northern Cyprus.
       7. Germany


  German military strength falls short of itseconomic strength on the world stage. Recently, Germany has started consideringoffering military support to eastern European NATO members. It has alsoconsidered a more active international role militarily. Germany spends $45billion on its military annually, making it the eighth largest spender in theworld.



  Following the aftermath of World War II,the German population generally became anti-war. The German military wasoriginally limited to a defense force, but has become more accustomed to takingan active international role following the breakup of Yugoslavia. Germany onlyhas 183,000 active frontline personnel with an additional 145,000 members inthe reserves. Germany eliminated mandatory service in 2011 in an attempt to create a professionalarmy.



  France effectively froze its militaryspending in 2013 while cutting 10% of its defense jobs in an effort to savemoney for purchasing high-tech equipment. The country spends $43 billiona year on defense, which is 1.9% of its GDP, below the spending target setby NATO for member countries.
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  Despite a leveling off of its militarybudget, France is still highly capable of projecting force around the globe,with significant deployments in the Central African Republic, Chad,Mali, Senegal and elsewhere around the world.


   5 The United Kingdom


  The U.K. is planning on reducing the sizeof its armed forces by 20% between 2010 and 2018, with smaller cuts to theRoyal Navy and RAF. The defense budget stands at $54 billion.





  Despite scaling back, the U.K. counts onbeing able to project its power around the world. The Royal Navy is planning onputting the HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier that has a flight deckmeasuring at 4.5 acres, into service in 2020. The Queen Elizabeth is planned tocarry 40 F-35Bjoint strike fighters around the world. Thanks to superior training andequipment, Britain could still hold an advantage over emerging powers likeChina, according to a leading think tank.   尽管规模减少,英国还是期望有能力将军队投放到全球任何一个角落。皇家海军正计划在2020年时服役伊丽莎白女皇号航空母舰,该舰飞行甲板4.5英亩。该航母计划携带40架F-35B联合攻击战斗机。根据一主要智囊团的看法,由于训练和装备良好,英国在面对中国这样的新兴强国时还是具备优势的。

  4. India


  India's defense spending is expected torise as it pursues a modernization drive. Currently, it is estimated that Indiaonly spends $46 billion on its budget, and it is slated to becomethe fourth highest spender by 2020. It is already the world'slargest importer of military goods.





  India has ballistic missiles with a rangecapable of hitting all of Pakistan or most of China. Indian military strategyhas been dominated by its long-simmering conflict with Pakistan, although therehave also been minor wars between China and India in the past.   印度的弹道导弹可以覆盖巴基斯坦全境和部分中国。印度的军事策略主要根据与巴基斯坦的长期冲突来制定的,尽管中印间也曾发生过小规模战争。


  3. China


  China has embarked upon a relentless policyof massive military spending, with a 12.2% increase in spending over the pastyear. China's defense budget stands at $126 billion but could unofficially behigher, prompting concern across Asia as China attempts to project its power tosettle border disputes with Japan and the Philippines.





  The size of the Chinese army is staggering,with 2,285,000 active frontline personnel with an additional 2,300,000 in the reserves.China also has a history of successfully stealing sensitive militarytechnology, such as recently acquiring sensitive information about the newF-35.   中国军队规模惊人,现役部队人数为2285000人,预备部队230万。中国拥有成功窃取敏感军事技术的历史,比如最近就成功获得了新F-35战机的敏感技术。


  2. Russia


   Two decades after the collapse of theSoviet Union, Russia's military is growing again. The Kremlin's militaryspending has increased by almost a third since 2008 and is expectedto grow 44% more in the next three years. Today, the Russiandefense budget stands at $76.6 billion.





  Russia currently has 766,000 activefrontline personnel with a reserve force of 2,485,000 personnel. These troopsare backed up by 15,500 tanks, the largest tank force in the world. Russiansoldiers generally receive relatively mediocre training, however, and theirequipment, like that tank force, is aging.   俄罗斯目前拥有766000机动部队,后备部队2485000人。拥有世界最大规模坦克15500辆。俄罗斯士兵所接受的训练一般,而且其装备比如坦克部队正在老化。


  1. The United States

  The U.S. defense budget is $612billion. Despite sequestration and other spending cuts, the United Statesspends more money on defense than the next ten highest spending countriescombined.







  America's biggest conventional militaryadvantage is its fleet of 19 aircraft carriers, compared to 12 carriersoperated by the rest of the world combined. These massive carriers allow theU.S. to set up forward operating bases anywhere and project power throughoutthe world.



  The super power also has by far the mostaircraft of any country, cutting-edge technology like the Navy's newrail gun, a large and well-trained human force — and that's not even countingthe world's largest nuclear arsenal.   美国这个超级强国还拥最多的飞机,以及高端的技术,比如海军最新的电磁轨道炮,一支大型的训练有素的军队,还不包括世界上最大的核武库。


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