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Growth, under Baxter vaults of heaven成长,在百特的天穹下

(2007-08-14 15:39:43)



   Opens the memorandum, looks the chock full memorandum, looks many colleagues give my gift, discovered suddenly practised already for 4 months in Baxter Healthcare (Guangzhou)Co.Ltd.to pull.In the short several months, I feel a most intense word am “the growth”.The growth, was just treads joins a company the most precious wealth which meeting I urgently need to obtain.Fortunately is, I am growing.Under Baxter vast vaults of heaven .Perhaps you can think my view good exaggeration.But walks into the girl regarding a university campus who the society does not experience to say, it is the vast vault of heaven 。         
 I felt after the Guangzhou hundred special medical service thing limited company (is called Baxter) the sky is the blue white.The blue color, represents the hope, is striving for success purely, the reason; The white, has high-level and the technical image.The blue white union is bright, is neat and is pure, therefore it is the color which I vainly hoped for。Remembered arrives first day, I then by the team professional, bustle about, the environment neat and pure infects, I also hoped integrates in as soon as possible this collective, becomes hundred special people, displays own in hundred special length and breadth paddies manager, every day can obtain the new result, experiences in the team vainly hoped for and grows the collision joy.
 Reads administration specialized me all not to have to a digital interest, even is the repugnant numeral, anew six is not willing with the numeral to have to do.Therefore on from has not proven and so on the aspects in university's for three years I in accountant to work hard.Who knew the heaven sedulously arranges me to accept this kind of test, lets my practice and the numeral is the partner.Actually I practise before heart am disturbed restless, I good am afraid me not to be able to be competent a financial officer duty, because I ever have not handled the matter which in the heart lacks self-confidence, this time is really tested pulls but actually.To the future fill confidence, the fill hope graduate, like this was originally bringing full brain having doubts and trembles startled has met a digital challenge.
 Remembered first day I good already arrived the company, after the dining room I saw my department is in charge of CINDY, I greeted with her, oneself first arrives the office and so on to pull.I sit first according to the C instruction to on teller's seat.Sits down the feeling is: Whish, I finally realize oneself sit in the office the dream to pull, although I often boss, but this also is a good start, I pledged silently from the heart, I must work well.
 Quickly, I on under manager's introduction, have known department's other colleagues.The difficult absorbed English name to work together reads the wrong awkward scene.Because I am near the labor, therefore also does not have is introduced immediately the entire company.Then has not accepted a succession of writing and the data to financial data concept me and so on the bombing.From company profile to cooperation company material, from file consolidation to document manufacture, from.。。。。。I very fast am growing under manager's leadership.
Because our company's tellers just walked, therefore the position vacancy, the work piled up a lot, I except daily ran the tax bureau, the bank, reorganized outside the document, I also participated in the partial teller's work.I learned many have not once paid attention to and the memory financial knowledge.I am studying and am enriching.
    Receives the work unforgettablily anxiety, the unforgettable first independence solves the question excitement, unforgettable everybody works together to a night of deep melancholy, more unforgettable is fellow colleagues helps my enthusiasm and advances together together with them the lunch, the travel joy.The work is laborious, tired, but because the company personnel relate harmoniously, causes me to work positively.I grasp using the rush hour to look unexpectedly the material makes up me to the financial ignorance.This period of time I although has also processed many work, but I also frequently make a mistake, but I obtain am not the criticism, but is forgives with the direction.Therefore I continuously all am full of confidence, believed oneself can certainly defeat front the new challenge oneself.
Thanks CINDY, SHELL and so on gives my containing and the instruction; Thanks BIBI, WALTER, IVY and so on to my care, the attendance; Thanks WING to give my encouragement; Thanks each BAXTER person to give me sincere and the generous help.Because of you, I have only then filled the dream, the fervor in the BAXTER day and joyful.
The result only represented once.Just trod as one joins a company the meeting fresher, I in the work and the life also realized also had to oneself very many needs to promote and the consummation place unceasingly.Although I left now, but I cannot forget you, I cannot forget I grew for 4 month-long in the BAXTER vault of heaven.From now on I will also continue to try hard, will study unceasingly in the new work, unceasingly enterprising, will enable the dream to become the legend in wheting.I can remember this blue white dream!


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