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I contact intimately with music (2)我与音乐的亲密接触(2)

(2007-08-13 10:49:15)



I <wbr>contact <wbr>intimately <wbr>with <wbr>music <wbr>(2)我与音乐的亲密接触(2)I <wbr>contact <wbr>intimately <wbr>with <wbr>music <wbr>(2)我与音乐的亲密接触(2)I must avoid despairing as far as possible, but one is threaten its, does everything possible to it to challenge immediately.I must do farm work industriously, toleration distress.I will take a broad view the future, will march forward courageously, no longer will pay attention to under the foot the barrier.I believed that, terminus the desert must be the oasis.
   Since after I passed that music entrance examination, I persisted in the area the chorus team trains, the wind and rain does not change.I good treasure this free study the opportunity, most important is it lets me discover and raise own interest.District contingent's teacher calls to permit double happiness teacher, is possible we the name all to have a happy character, we as if special hitting it off well with one another.Teacher always gives me the opportunity.I thank him very much。Do not look he fat, the speech is very humorous, teaches the method which we sing quite to be easy to let us accept.Meets in the area to have the holiday celebration or the urban district competition every time, our team all has a participation.Along with our song difficulty increase, the song musical part obvious discrimination, we must separate the practice.Teacher felt relieved very much brings the basso for me.Actually the pressure is very big, because must be voiced a speech to have very quickly the familiar new song, this also exercised in I mixed later training all to be able the quite quick familiar each song.We practice the song quite is all famous, moreover the difficulty quite is also high.Afterwards teacher also said the tenor department strength very is very weak, also adjusts me there, I very want, because I thought the tenor department good difficult assurance, in my sound department, it is most difficult.But also does not have the means, the duty arrives also only can be resigned to bad conditions, therefore tidies up the mood to stay well in the tenor department.Who knew the tenor to be afterwards good, the basso has run, therefore I recalled the quite important sound department to go.Perhaps your can think a music good person should want in the treble department development, I originally also like this to think actually, but afterwards knew from in the Mr./Mrs. Xu mouth: Now sings the treble person many, but bass person good few, your timbre good specially, should grasp well present the training, if can persist finally, you could be the good music talented person.Got up at that time, I on and stayed relieved in the basso.However afterwards one after another attended each competition and wins an award.Remembered my first participation is: Huangpu area ten thirty-year old singer big game.At that time was enlightens the hall competition in one, I have very accidentally become the first session of area ten big singers.Between my as if night became famous。Afterwards has become the key player in the school and the district contingent, attends the competition quite to be also frequent, own interest also henceforth raise.I attempt oneself choreograph a dance step compete (I to remember I arrange the dance baby ha ha and the Yang dance captures the campus 61 children's days separately the first awards and the second prize。I have also captured two session of area ten big singer titles, the city outstanding chorus member and so on.Mr./Mrs. Xu continuously all very much favors me, cultivates patiently to me, afterwards besides the chorus training, teacher also specially keeps me to the class under alone trains, lets my section place not accept the competition the challenge.In this section challenge, I gradually have not been mature, I had understood grasps the life the direction, I besides must study well, I also must persist my dream, the development music paddies, take advanced courses the beautiful sound to sing .
     I forgot to tell everybody, I always was practicing am not general, but was the beautiful sound sings the law.Strange.Why can a life modern child like the national song? This question I may positive reply you: With mine home education related。My father and my mother on very likes singing K, the song which in the family has all is the quite old song, I listen am since childhood Xu Xiaofeng, Deng Lijun, Lin Zixiang and so on the song, I accompany the parents to sing all am remember past times.Therefore I to the old song favorable impression interest, did not feel basically to very much the tidal current new tune。But I thought the old song rhythm and the lyrics can touch my mind.The friends of mine all said I am strange, always thought did not understand, that you understood now.
     I persisted beautiful sound practice I read high two, for the college entrance examination, I is compelled to give up train and compete, much less I do not have that time.Enters after at the beginning of high school, my music result already was good pulls, along with the age increasing and the sound maturity, I also once many times accepted all sorts of challenges on behalf of the class and grade and the school.
       I from have not given up, continuously all participates in the chorus team, my dance cell more and more is also active besides the time pulls, also has joined the interscholastic dance team.Simultaneously lets me think proud is: I not because these after school hobby delays the study, my result is the entire level continuously first ten.Remembered when third day trains after the district contingent, Mr./Mrs. Xu said to me, in order to promote the domestic and foreign music exchange, now in the area has an activity is recommends in the area to exchange the quite outstanding student to Germany, asked I must go.I choose resolutely remain domestically read the university, I want I certainly to be possible to pass an examination the entire area best high school by mine result, then tests to the good university, round my university dream。However I really very much hesitate, this time opportunity is I takes advanced courses the beautiful sound golden opportunity, it will also change my life, but I will not want to enable music to become my occupation, I only thought it will forever be accompanying me, becomes good tool which I will practice moral culture grow the soul.Therefore finally I diligently have also passed an examination the area key high school, is only very regrettable, has not passed an examination the ideal university.But music study also because of college entrance examination center-section.Unexpectedly; To high three elective time I have run into her once more, I had thought chooses music, but because piano free time not proficient, finally gives up.I had to the university with music mend the fate, I have worked as the heartstrings guitar society organization head, and sings a teacher in among.Obtains teaches the good effect.University's three years I also participated in many artistic activities, also obtains teaches the good result.
     The tide gets up the ebb tide, the winter goes to the fall to come, from Xia Moqiu to, the sunrise sunset, the month full moon lacks, the wild goose comes the wild goose to go, the flower bloom and fade, the grass long melon is ripe, the nature myriad things in the repeat in cycles change, I are not all exceptional, the mood, the life also meets the uneven performance.But I cannot submit, I can become own master.I was determined that,The work later I will be able to continue to realize my dream! Music is I is faithful the partner!



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