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分类: 【私生活】烟圈和肥皂泡



      ) Smoked A Cigarette 抽烟 

      Smoked A Cigar 抽雪茄

    ) Given a ring to a BF/GF 送男/女朋友戒指

    ) Made a sex video 拍摄性爱视频
      ) Had a threesome 玩3P
     Ran from the cops 被警察追

      ) Been chased by the cops while driving 开车的时候被交警追
      ) Had a turkey in bowling (3 strikes in a row) 打保龄球的时候全中连续3次
    )Ridden a horse 骑马 
   ) Ridden a motorcycle 骑摩托车(一般指大型的)
      ) Seen a tornado 见过龙卷风

   ) Shot a real gun 开过真枪
    ) Not showered for more than 1 week 超过一星期不洗澡
      ) Bungee jumped 蹦极
      ) Jumped from a plane 从飞机上跳下来(指跳伞的那种)
    ) Gone surfing 冲浪
      ) Smoked weed 抽大麻

      ) Done chemical drugs 吸毒
      ) Had a real relationship with someone you met online 和网上认识的人发展一段真正的恋情
    Played a video game for more than 8 hours straight 连续玩游戏机超过8小时

       Gone to summer camp 夏季露营
      ) Gotten a speeding ticket 拿到超速驾驶的罚单
   )Failed a class/course 挂科...
     Shaved your head 剃光头

    ) Been in a wedding party 参加婚礼
      ) Been to a nude beach 去裸体海滩
    Bought on Ebay 在易贝(淘宝)上买东西
    ) Gotten Straight A's 所有科目全得A

      )Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex 亲吻过一个和自己同性别的人
(    ) Are / Been In Love 爱过或曾经爱过
    ) Been Dumped 被甩
      Shoplifted 在商店扒窃

   ) Been Fired 被炒鱿鱼
   ) Been In A Fist Fight 参与一场拳斗

      ) Had Feelings For Someone Who Didn't Have Them Back 喜欢一个对自己没意思的人

   )Been Arrested 被捕
   ) Made Out With A Stranger 和陌生人发生关系(后来成了老婆)

      ) Gone Out On A Blind Date 相亲

      ) ad A Crush On An Older Person 喜欢一个比自己年纪大的人
  Skipped School 逃课..逃学.

      ) Fooled Around With A Co-worker 与同事搞不正当的性关系
   ) Seen Someone Die 亲眼看见某人死去
      ) Been To Paris 去过巴黎
      ) Been To Spain 去过西班牙
    ) Been on a Plane 座过飞机
    ) Thrown Up From Drinking 喝酒喝到吐

    ) Eaten Sushi 吃过寿司
    ) Been Snowboarding 滑雪板

      ) Met Someone BECAUSE Of  Kaixin  因为 Kaixin(开心网)而和某人见面
      ) Been Mosh Pitting 斗舞(就是跳街舞的那些人经常会做的那种斗舞)
      ) Been In A Mentally Or Physically Abusive Relationship 处于一段在精神或肉体上被虐待的感情
    ) Liked Someone Who You Can't Have 喜欢一个不该喜欢的人
      )Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By 躺在地上看天空云彩形状的变化
      ) Cheated While Playing A Game 玩游戏时作弊

   ) Fallen Asleep At Work / School 在工作/上学时睡着了
   ) Used A Fake / Someone Else's ID 用假的/其他人的身份证(或驾照,学生证等任何身份证明) 
     Felt An Earthquake 感觉到地震
   Killed A Snake 杀死一条蛇

       Been Robbed / Vandalized 被抢劫  

    ) Won A Contest 在一次竞赛中获胜 
      ) Been Suspended From School 被学校停学
   ) Had Detention 被拘留/禁闭/课后留校

    )Been in a car/motorcycle accident 经历过车祸(汽车或摩托车)
       Had/ Have Braces 穿过背带裤
(    ) Kept a secret 隐藏一个秘密

      ) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night 一晚上吃完整整一品脱(约568毫升)的冰淇淋 
   ) Hated The Way You Look 很讨厌自己的样貌
      ) Witnessed A Crime 目睹一场犯罪行为 

   ) Squished Barefoot Through The Mud 光脚在泥巴里走

   ) Been Lost 迷路
   )Swam In The Ocean 在海洋里游泳
(    ) Felt Like You Were Dying 觉得你要死了
  Cried Yourself To Sleep 哭着哭睡着了

      ) Recently Colored With Crayons / Colored Pencils / Markers 最近用蜡笔/彩色铅笔/彩笔画过画
   ) Sang Karaoke 唱卡拉OK
      ) Gotten a tattoo 弄个刺青  wanna
(    ) Been skinny-dipping 裸泳  wanna
     Paid For A Meal With Only Coins 在餐厅吃完饭付钱的时候用的全是硬币
   ) Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn't 做一些你告诉自己不要去做的事情
    ) Made Prank Phone Calls 打恶作剧电话
   ) Cried in a movie 看电影的时候哭
   ) Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose 大笑到“某种饮料”从你的鼻子里流出来

      ) Kissed In The Rain 在雨中接吻
      ) Written A Letter To Santa Claus 给圣诞老人写信
   ) Made A Bonfire On The Beach 在海滩点篝火
      ) Crashed A Party 去一个你未接到邀请的舞会
      ) Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People 在一个挤满了人的车上旅行5天以上
      ) Gone Rollerskating / Blading 四轮/直排轮滑
      ) Jumped Off A Bridge 从桥上跳下来

      ) Swam With Dolphins 和海豚一起游泳
      ) Got Your Tongue Stuck To A Pole/ Freezer/ Ice Cube 舌头粘/冻在一根柱子/冰箱/冰柱上
       Worn The Opposite Sex's Clothes 穿异性的服装
    Sat On A Roof Top 坐在屋顶上
      ) Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs 撕心裂肺地尖叫

   Done / Attempted A One-Handed Cartwheel 单手侧手翻
      )Talked On The Phone For More Than 6 Hours 褒电话粥超过6小时

  X   ) Stayed Up All Night 通宵不睡
   ) Met someone famous 见过某个名人
   ) Did something you regretted 做过一些让你觉得后悔的事情

    ) Picked And Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree 吃刚从树上摘下的苹果

    ) Believe(d) In Ghosts 相信鬼神之说
      ) Have had More Than 30 Pairs Of Shoes At One Time 在同一时间拥有30双以上的鞋
      ) Gone Streaking 裸奔

      ) Been to Jail 进过监狱
      ) Played Chicken 和别人比试胆量
      ) Been Pushed Into A Pool With All Your Clothes On 穿着衣服被人推进游泳池
    ) Been Told You're Hot By A Complete Stranger 一个完全不认识的人对你说你很性感
    ) Broken A Bone 骨折

      ) Caught A Butterfly 抓蝴蝶
    ) Cried So Hard You Laughed 哭着哭着笑了
      ) Cheated On A Test 考试作弊
(    ) Slept Naked 裸睡
      ) French Braided Someones Hair 给人编法式小辫 
      ) Been Kicked Out Of Your House 被从自己家里赶出去
      ) Went Scuba-Diving / Snorkeling 潜水
      ) Had A Cavity 有过蛀牙
      ) Black-Mailed Someone 给人写敲诈(威胁)信
      ) Been Black Mailed 被人写敲诈(威胁)信
   ) Bitten Someone 咬过别人
    ) Licked Someone 舔过别人

    )been shot at/or at gunpoint (paintballing counts) 在玩paintball(就是那种户外模拟对战游戏,用带颜料的小球当子弹)时被击中
      ) Flattened someones tires 给某人的车胎放气儿

      ) Drove your car/truck until the gas ran out 开车开到彻底没油了
    ) Got five dollars or less worth of gas 加油只加5块钱或者少于5块钱的
    ) Been on TV 上过电视

    ) Been on the radio 上过广播



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