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(2007-07-20 18:55:55)



男子单打运动员 Persson

  My name is Joachim Persson (actually it is Joachim Markus Kallan Persson, but nobody really knows ). I am a 24 year old Badmintonplayer from Denmark. I am establishing my blog in China now because China is the superpower in the world when it comes to Badminton and I think it is important for Badminton that chinese people also get to know non chinese players to learn more about the sport.
  I was born in Denmark 23.05.83 but when I was 1 year old my parents moved to Germany as they wanted to work as dentists in Germany. I moved back to Denmark in 2002 to practice with the danish national team. In juniors I won 3 German Championships and played for the German naitional team and won the silver medail at the European Juniors in 2001 in mens singles and the Gold medails in the team event with Germany beating Denmark in the final. It was strange because I won the decisive match against my country of birth against Jens-Kristian Leth, who by the way is one of my best today. The reason why I moved back to my homecountry was that I believe that the possibilies to become a worldclass players in Mens singles are much better in Denmark due to the training facilities and that I could profit from other players like Peter Gade. In the beginning I had a very hard time moving away from my parents and 5 siblings, but I never thought of going back as my desire and dream to become the worlds best mens single player one day, pushes me forward all the time. I have always been very passionate about Badminton, and I believe that passion for what you do is the strongest force to success, satisfaction and happiness.
  So now you know what my dream is, but I know there are many other players in the world who has an equal dream and especially China has a lot of incredible players and personalities like Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Chen Jin and a lot more. Also Malaysias Lee CW and Taufik from INA are fantastic players and at times it seems very difficult to reach there level or maybe even a higher level. But even though these players are extraordinary and they have a speed that seems unreachable, I know there are always 2 sides on a medail. As a european player I think it is very unlikely I can have the same strenghts like an Asian player, but I believe I can develope strenghts which are different from Asians and can make me reach my dream one day. It might sound naiv to some people, but I believe if you have a dream and you desire it very much to come true, you will find a way. At least I promised myself to give it all I have and try to do all that stands in my power to catch any opportunity that might occure. And I really hope that people in China would like to support me in becoming the best I can. A player who showed last week it is possible to match the best Asians is Wacha from Poland, he reached the semifinals in the China Masters and played very well. It gives me a lot of believe as I have played this player a lot of time and I have a 5-0 record agains him in our last 5 matches.
  So far I can tell 3 results I am proud of having reached and which gives me confidence I can reach more: bronze medail at European Championships 2006, 1/16 World Championships 2006 and winning my match in the Thomas Cup semifinal against Malaysia, which decided Denmark would win 3-2 and go to the final, in which I never played because China beat Denmark 3-0 in the first 3 matches. Still I felt in that moment that all the practice had been paid back by this incredible moment winning my match in the semifinal.
  My best world ranking has been no. 13 but my ranking has dropped til 26 now as I have had a lot of injuries, which I think has been the main reasons for holding me back reaching my goals the last year. I suffered a shoulder, a knee and a ham string injury within the last year always at a point when I felt I was close to break through to the absolute top players but that is part of the game and I must learn to protect myself better and I aim for being injuryfree for a long time know as then I feel and believe I can break into the Top 10 within a quite short period of time.
  What else can I tell about me: I study at the University in Copenhagen, I already finnished my Bachelor 2 years ago in business communications and study severel economic courses now, but to be honest all I really want right now is playing Badminton, but as a Dane you have to think about a life after Badminton too, I think it is maybe different with the chinese players, but I don’t know for sure, as they don’t speak English very well and I can’t say, that my chinese is too good either. 
  I hope you people are interested in what I am writting, so if you would like me to continue writting some news, then let Monica know and keeping visiting my blog. If you understand English or want to see some pictures you can also have a look on my personal homepage www.joachimpersson.net
  So far so good! I want to leave you for now by saying what I think is so important: Live with passion!


Yours sincerly
Joachim Persson

  大家好!我叫乔希姆·佩尔森(实际上全名是乔希姆 ·马库斯·卡兰·佩尔森Joachim Markus Kallan Persson,但是没人真正了解)。我24岁,是来自丹麦的羽毛球运动员。我现在在中国开博,因为中国是世界羽毛球界的超级大国,我想世界上没有人比中国人更加了解羽毛球这项运动。

  我于83年5月23日出生于丹麦但在我一岁时,由于我父母要去德国当牙医我们举家迁往德国。2002年我回到丹麦和丹麦国家队一起训练。年轻时我赢得了三次德国国内冠军并曾经加入德国国家队,在2001年欧洲青年锦标赛上,我赢得了男子单打银牌,团体金牌,决赛中德国击败了丹麦队。在决定性的比赛中,我赢得了我家乡球队的Jens-Kristian Leth,顺便提一下,现在他是我最好的朋友之一。由于丹麦的羽毛球训练水平,并且能向皮特盖德这样的高手学习,所以我相信我会更容易成为一个世界级男单选手,这也是我回归故乡的原因。最初,当我离开父母和五个兄弟姐妹时,曾经度过了一段艰难的时期,但是我从没想过回头,因为有朝一日我要成为世界上最好的男单选手,这是我的希望和梦想,它一直鼓舞我不断前进。我从来都对羽毛球充满激情,我相信对于你所做的事情的激情是让你成功,满足,快乐的最大动力。











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