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旅游在中国xxxxi -洞庭湖

(2009-03-31 16:13:00)


旅游在中国XXXXI -洞庭湖

Sunday, March 8th, 2009 星期日, 2009年3月8日

Lake Dongting, or Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan Province of China.洞庭湖,或洞庭湖是一个大的,浅湖东北湖南省我国。 It is a flood-basin of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang); hence the lake’s size depends on the season.这是一个防洪盆地长江(长江) ,因此,湖的大小取决于本赛季。 Theprovinces of Hubei and Hunan are named after their location relative tothe lake: Hubei means “North of the Lake” and Hunan means “South of theLake” in Chinese.省的湖北,湖南被命名后,其位置相对湖:湖北的意思是“北方的湖” ,湖南的意思是“南方的湖”中。

Dongting Lake is famous in Chinese culture as the place of origin of Dragon boat racing.洞庭湖是著名的中华文化作为原产地的龙舟竞渡。 It is the site of Junshan island, and is a home to the Finless Porpoise, which is endangered in China.这是该网站的君山岛,是一个家庭的江豚,这是我国濒危。

In the July-September period, flood water from the Yangtze flows into the lake, enlarging it greatly.在7月至9月,洪水从长江流入湖,它极大地扩大。 Thelake’s area, which normally is 2,820 km², may increase to 20,000 km² inflood season, when vast amounts of water and sediment from the ChangJiang flow into the lake.湖泊的面积,通常是二千八百二公里² ,可能会增加20000平方公里汛期,当大量的水和沉积物从长江流入该湖。 The lake is also fed by four major rivers: the Xiang, Zi, Yuan and Li rivers.湖泊也是美联储的四个主要河流:湘,紫,袁,李河流。 There’re also small rivers flow in, the most famous one is Miluo River where a famous poet Qu Yuan committed suicide.也有小河流中,最有名的是汨罗江凡著名诗人区吁谙自杀。 In addition, the Xiao River flows into the Xiang near Yongzhou, before the Xiang flows into the lake.此外,肖河流入附近永州项,前项流入湖。 Ocean-going vessels can travel through the Xiang to reach Changsha.远洋船可以穿过项达到长沙。

Duringthe Han Dynasty, Yunmeng Marsh, which lies to the north of DongtingLake in Hubei Province, served as the main flood-basin of the Yangtze.在汉朝,云梦沼泽,位于北部的洞庭湖湖北省,担任主汛期,长江流域。 The rich sediment of the marsh attracted farmers.丰富的沼泽沉积物吸引农民。 Embankmentswere built, keeping the river out, and the Dongting Lake area south ofthe Yangtze gradually became the river’s main flood-basin.堤防建成,使河流,而洞庭湖区江南逐渐成为河流的主汛期流域。

At that time, Dongting Lake was China’s largest lake.在那个时候,洞庭湖是我国最大的湖泊。 Because of its size, it gained the name Eight-hundred-li-Dongting.由于其规模,它的名字取得八百丽,洞庭湖。 Nowadays, it is the second-largest, after Poyang Lake, as much of the lake has been turned into farmland.如今,它是第二大,在鄱阳湖,因为许多湖泊已变成农田。

Culture and mythology文化与神话
Hermit Fisherman on Lake Dongting, by Wu Zhen (1287–1354).隐士渔民对洞庭湖,由吴折嗯( 1287年至1354年) 。

The area is well-known in Chinese history and literature.该地区是众所周知的在中国历史和文学。 Dragonboat racing is said to have begun on the eastern shores of DongtingLake as a search for the body of Qu Yuan, the Chu poet (340-278 BC),and a dragon-king is said to live at the bottom of the lake.龙舟竞渡是说,已经开始在东部海岸的洞庭湖作为搜索机构屈原,楚诗人( 340-278年) ,和龙说,国王是住在底部的湖。

Junshan, which was formerly a Daoist retreat, is a famous one-kilometer island with 72 peaks in the middle of the lake.君山,这曾经是道教务虚会,是一个著名的一个72公里的岛屿,山峰中部的湖。 The island is also famous for its Junshan Yinzhen tea.该岛也是著名的君山银珍茶。 Thebasin of Dongting Lake and its surrounding area is famous for itsscenic beauty, which has been encapsulated in the phrase (Xiao1-Xiang1Hu2nan2; “Hunan of the Xiao and Xiang rivers”).流域洞庭湖及其周围地区是著名的风景秀丽,已体现在词组( Xiao1祥Hu2nan2 ; “湖南的肖和祥河流” ) 。

The scenery of the Jiuyi Mountains and of the Xiao and Xiang rivers below is often mentioned in Chinese poetry.风景的九一山脉和河流小和乡以下是经常提到的在中国诗歌。 Duringthe Song Dynasty, it became the fashion to paint this region’s sceneryin a set of eight scenes, usually entitled as Eight Views of the Xiaoand Xiang.在宋代,它成为时装画本地区的风景一套八幕,通常有权八的意见肖和祥。 The fashion spread to Japan, where eventually other famous places were substituted for the Xiao and Xiang rivers.时尚传播到日本,其他著名的地方最终被取代肖和祥河流。

Environmental issues环境问题
In2007 fears were expressed that China’s Finless Porpoise, a native ofthe lake, might follow the baiji, the Yangtze river dolphin, intoextinction.在2007年,有人表示担心,中国的江豚是一个土生土长的湖水,可以按照白鳍豚,长江海豚,到灭绝的边缘。

Therehave been calls for action to save the finless porpoise, of which thereare about 1400 left living, with between 700 and 900 in the Yangtze,with about another 500 in Poyang and Dongting Lakes.有人呼吁采取行动,以拯救江豚,其中有大约1400年离开生活,与700和900之间的长江,约有500家在鄱阳湖和洞庭湖。

2007 population levels are less than half the 1997 levels, and the population is dropping at a rate of 7.3 per cent per year. 2007年人口水平低于1997年水平的一半,人口下降的速度在百分之七点三左右。

Pressureon the finless porpoise population on Poyang Lake comes from the highnumbers of ships passing through and sand dredging.压力对江豚人口鄱阳湖来自大量的船只通过,沙疏浚。

After flooding of the Yangtze River in late June 2007, approximately 2 billion mice were displaced from the islands of the lake.水浸后的长江2007年6月下旬,大约20亿只,被迫离开岛屿的湖。 Themice invaded surrounding communities, damaging crops and dikes andforcing the government to construct walls and ditches to control thepopulation.老鼠入侵周边社区,毁坏了庄稼和堤防,并迫使该国政府为了建造墙壁和沟渠,以控制人口。

The lake was recently featured on news services as having a problem with schistosoma and malaria infected mosquitoes.湖最近精选的新闻服务,有问题和血吸虫感染疟疾的蚊子。

Billionsof mice were forced from their holes and were sent scurrying into localvillages with officials opened the sluice gates on Dongting Lake inJune 2007 to relieve flooding.数十亿只,被迫离开自己的漏洞,被送往泰布克纳入当地村庄的官员打开水闸洞庭湖在2007年6月,以减轻洪水灾害。 Villagers killed an estimated 2 billion mice by beating them with shovels or using poison.村民死亡估计二十零万点零零零万小鼠殴打他们带着铲子或使用毒药。 Therotting mouse corpses must be properly disposed and other animals -like cats and dogs - were the unintentional victims of the poisons.鼠标的腐烂的尸体,必须妥善处理和其他动物-如猫,狗-是无意的受害者的毒药。

Arestoration project, the Sino-Norwegian Project of BiodiversityProtection Management, a joint Norwegian Chinese endeavor began in 2005.恢复项目,中挪项目的生物多样性保护管理,联合挪威华人努力始于2005年。 Accordingto a 2007 article in the China Daily, “The Dongting Lake area will berestored to a sustainable biodiversity environment within five to 10years”.据2007年的诉讼中,中国日报, “洞庭湖区将恢复到一个可持续的生物多样性的环境在5年至10年。 ”

Major cities on the Lake主要城市的湖

* Yiyang *益阳
* Yueyang *岳阳
* Changde *常德


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