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Verse drama is any drama written as verse to be spoken; another possible general term is poetic drama.新诗戏剧任何书面的戏剧诗是口语;另一种可能的一般用语是杂剧。 For a very long period verse drama was the dominant form of drama in Europe (and was also important in non-European cultures).在很长的时期诗歌戏剧是主要形式的戏剧在欧洲(和同样重要的是,在非欧洲文化) 。 Greek tragedy and Racine’s plays are written in verse, as is almost all of Shakespeare’s drama, and Goethe’s Faust.希腊悲剧和拉辛的戏剧是用诗一样,几乎所有的莎士比亚的戏剧,和歌德的浮士德。

Versedrama is particularly associated with the seriousness of tragedy,providing an artistic reason to write in this form, as well as thepractical one that verse lines are easier for the actors to memorizeexactly.新诗戏剧特别是与悲剧的严重性,提供了一个艺术的理由写在本表格,以及实际的一个诗行更容易记住的角色到底。 Inthe second half of the twentieth century verse drama fell almostcompletely out of fashion with dramatists writing in English (the playsof Christopher Fry and TS Eliot being possibly the end of a longtradition).在第二个二十世纪下半叶诗戏剧下跌几乎完全过时的剧作家英语写作(戏剧的克里斯托弗弗莱和艾略特的可能结束长期的传统) 。
Dramatic verse戏剧诗
Dramatic verse occurs in a dramatic work, such as a play, composed in poetic form.戏剧性的诗句出现在戏剧作品,如话剧,诗的形式组成。 The tradition of dramatic verse extends at least as far back as ancient Greece.传统的戏剧诗延伸至少可以追溯到古希腊。 It was probably used by Greek playwrights such as Euripides for incantatory effect and to make long passages easier to memorize.这可能是用希腊剧作家,如欧里庇得斯的incantatory作用,使长期通道更容易记住。

TheEnglish Renaissance saw the height of dramatic verse in theEnglish-speaking world, with playwrights such as Ben Jonson,Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare developing new techniques,both for dramatic structure and poetic form.英国文艺复兴时期看到的高度戏剧性的诗句在讲英语的世界里,剧作家,如本琼森,克里斯托弗马洛和威廉莎士比亚开发新的技术,无论是戏剧结构和诗的形式。 Thougha few plays, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, feature extendedpassages of rhymed verse, the majority of dramatic verse is composed asblank verse; there are also passages of prose.虽然几个剧本,如仲夏夜之梦,功能扩展段落韵诗,大多数戏剧诗的组成韵诗;也有一些段落散文。

Dramaticverse began to decline in popularity in the nineteenth century, whenthe prosaic and conversational styles of playwrights such as HenrikIbsen became more prevalent, and were adapted in English by GeorgeBernard Shaw.诗开始急剧下降的声望在19世纪,当平淡无奇和会话风格的剧作家,如易卜生变得更加普遍,适应英语萧伯纳。 Verse drama did have a role in the development of Irish theatre.新诗戏剧也有一个发展中的作用的爱尔兰剧院举行。

Closet drama壁橱戏剧
Animportant trend from around 1800 was the closet drama: a verse dramaintended to be read from the page, rather than performed.一个重要趋势是从1800年的壁橱戏剧:一个诗戏剧拟改为从该网页,而不是表演。 LordByron and Shelley, as well as a host of lesser figures, devoted muchtime to the closet drama, in a signal that the verse tragedy wasalready in a state of obsolescence.拜伦和雪莱,以及一系列较小的数字,投入了大量的时间来壁橱话剧,在一个信号,即诗的悲剧已经在一个国家的陈旧老化。 Thatis, while poets of the eighteenth century could write poetic dramassincerely, the public taste for new examples was already moving away bythe start of the nineteenth century, and there was little commercialappeal in staging them.这就是,虽然诗人的十八世纪可以写杂剧真诚,市民口味的新的例子已经逐渐由开始的19世纪,并没有什么商业吸引力的分期他们。 Instead, opera would take up verse drama, as something to be sung: it is still the case that a verse libretto can be successful.相反,歌剧会拿起诗戏剧,为东西来唱:它现在仍然如此,一个诗歌词,才能取得成功。 Versedrama as such, however, in becoming closet drama, became simply alonger poetic form, without the connection to practical theatre andperformance.新诗戏剧等,但是,在成为壁橱话剧,成为一种长期的诗的形式,但连接到实际戏剧与表演。

Accordingto Robertson Davies in A Voice From the Attic, closet drama is“Dreariest of literature, most second hand and fusty of experience!”.根据罗伯逊戴维斯声音从阁楼,壁橱戏剧是“ Dreariest的文献,大多数二手和发霉的经验! ” 。 Butindeed a great deal of it was written in Victorian times, andafterwards, to the extent that it became a more popular long form atleast than the faded epic.而确实是一个很大的这是写的维多利亚时代,此后,只要它成为一个长期的形式更受欢迎,至少比褪色史诗。 Prolific in the form were, for example, Michael Field and Gordon Bottomley.多产的形式是,例如,迈克尔场和戈登利。

Dramatic poetry in general戏剧诗歌总体
Dramatic poetry is any poetry that uses the discourse of the characters involved to tell a story or portray a situation.戏剧性的诗歌是,利用任何诗歌话语的字符参与讲故事或描绘的局面。

The major types of dramatic poetry are those already discussed, to be found in plays written for the theatre, and libretti.主要类型的戏剧诗歌是那些已经讨论过,必须在发挥书面的戏剧和libretti 。 Thereare further dramatic verse forms: these include dramatic monologues,such as those written by Robert Browning and Alfred Tennyson.有进一步显着诗的形式:其中包括戏剧独白,如撰写的罗伯特勃朗宁和阿尔弗雷德坦尼森。


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