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Friday, November 21st, 2008 星期五, 2008年11月21号

TheGreek cuisine is Greece’s traditional cuisine, a typical Mediterraneancuisine, sharing similar characteristics with the cuisines of Italy,the Balkans, Anatolia, and the Middle East.希腊美食是希腊的传统美食,一个典型的地中海菜肴,分享类似特点的美食,意大利,巴尔干,土耳其和中东。

ContemporaryGreek cookery is typical of Mediterranean cuisine, making wide use ofolive oil, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats, includingpoultry and rabbit.当代希腊烹饪是典型的地中海菜肴,使广泛使用橄榄油,谷物和面包,葡萄酒,鱼,各种肉类,包括家禽和兔。 Typicalingredients in the Greek cuisine are the meat of the lamb or pork,kalamata olives, feta cheese, grape leaves, zucchini and yogurt.典型的成分在希腊菜是肉类的羊肉或猪肉,卡拉马塔橄榄,希腊芝士,葡萄叶片,西葫芦和酸奶。 The desserts are dominated by nuts and honey.的甜点主要是坚果和蜂蜜。 Some dishes use phyllo pastry.有些菜肴使用phyllo糕点。

Themost characteristic and ancient element of Greek cuisine is olive oil,which is frequently used in the dishes of the Greek cuisine.最具特色和古老的元素希腊菜是橄榄油,这是常用于菜肴的希腊美食。 It is produced from the olive trees prominent throughout the region, and adds to the distinctive taste of Greek food.它产生于橄榄树突出整个地区,并增加了独特的味道希腊食物。 The basic grain in Greece is wheat, though barley is also grown.基本的粮食在希腊是小麦,大麦虽然也有所增加。 Important vegetables include tomato, aubergine (eggplant), potato, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions.重要的蔬菜包括番茄,茄子(茄子) ,马铃薯,青豆,黄秋葵,青椒,洋葱。 Honeyin Greece is mainly honey from the nectar of fruit trees and citrustrees: lemon, orange, bigarade (bitter orange) trees, thyme honey, andpine honey from conifer trees.蜂蜜主要是在希腊蜂蜜的花蜜果树和柑橘树:柠檬,橙, bigarade (枳实)的树木,百里香蜂蜜,蜂蜜和松树针叶树木。 Mastic (aromatic, ivory coloured resin) is grown on the Aegean island of Chios.乳香(芳香,象牙色树脂)是生长在爱琴海的希俄斯岛。

Greekcuisine uses some spices more often than other Mediterranean cuisinesdo: oregano, mint, garlic, onion, dill and bay laurel leaves.希腊菜肴使用了一些香料多于其他地中海菜做的事:牛至,薄荷,大蒜,洋葱,莳萝和月桂叶湾。 Other common herbs and spices include basil, thyme and fennel seed.其他常见的药草和香料包括罗勒,百里香和茴香种子。 ManyGreek recipes, especially in the northern parts of the country, use“sweet” spices in combination with meat, for example cinnamon andcloves in stews.许多希腊食谱,特别是在该国北部地区,使用“甜”香料结合肉类,如肉桂,丁香在炖肉。 Greek flavouring is often characterised by the use of mint and nutmeg.希腊香料往往特点是使用薄荷和肉豆蔻。

The terrain has tended to favour the breeding of goats and sheep over cattle, and thus beef dishes are more rare.地形已倾向于赞成滋生的山羊和绵羊的牛,牛肉菜,从而更罕见。 Fish dishes are also common, especially in coastal regions and on the islands.鱼类菜肴也很常见,特别是在沿海地区和岛屿上。 Agreat variety of cheese types are used in Greek cuisine, includingFeta, Kasseri, Kefalotyri, Graviera, Anthotyros, Manouri, Metsovone andMizithra.各种奶酪类型中使用的希腊菜,其中包括费塔, Kasseri , Kefalotyri , Graviera , Anthotyros , Manouri , Metsovone和Mizithra 。

Toomuch refinement is generally considered to be against the hearty spiritof the Greek cuisine, though recent trends among Greek culinary circlestend to favour a somewhat more refined approach.太多完善通常被认为是对的衷心精神希腊菜,尽管最近的趋势希腊烹饪界往往有利于建立起了较为完善的办法。

Dining out is common in Greece, and has been for quite some time.外出就餐常见于希腊,并已相当长的一段时间。 TheTaverna and Estiatorio are widespread, serving traditional Greek homecooking at affordable prices to both locals and tourists.在Taverna和Estiatorio是很广泛的,提供传统希腊家常菜负担得起的价格向当地居民和游客。

Recently, fast-food has also become more popular in Greece and Europe, with local chains such as Goody’s springing up.近年来,快餐食品也越来越受欢迎,在希腊和欧洲,与当地的连锁店,如古迪的崛起。 Althoughfast food is gaining popularity and many major fast-food chains haveopened all over Greece, the Greek people still rely primarily on therich and extensive dishes of the Greek cuisine.虽然快餐食品越来越受欢迎,许多重大的快餐连锁店已开全希腊,希腊人民仍然主要依靠丰富的和广泛的菜希腊菜。 Inaddition, some traditional Greek foods, especially souvlaki, gyros,pita/pites, for example tiropita and spanakopita (savory or sweetstuffed phyllo dough) are often served in fast food style.此外,一些传统的希腊食品,特别是索瓦兰吉,陀螺仪,皮塔/ pites ,例如tiropita和spanakopita (咸或甜面团塞进phyllo )常常担任快餐风格。

Greecehas an ancient culinary tradition dating back several millennia, andover the centuries Greek cuisine has evolved and absorbed numerousinfluences and influenced many cuisines itself.希腊有一个古老的烹饪传统可以追溯到几千年,并在过去几个世纪希腊菜已经演变,吸收了许多影响和影响,许多菜肴本身。

Somedishes can be traced back to ancient Greece: skordalia (a thick puréeof potatoes, walnuts, almonds, crushed garlic and olive oil), lentilsoup, retsina (white or rosé wine sealed with pine resin) and pasteli(candy bar with sesame seeds baked with honey); some to the Hellenisticand Roman periods: loukaniko (dried pork sausage); and Byzantium: fetacheese, avgotaraho (cured fish roe) and paximadi (traditional hardbread baked from corn, barley and rye).有些菜可追溯到古希腊: skordalia(厚菜泥马铃薯,核桃,杏仁,粉碎大蒜和橄榄油) ,”舛固溃 retsina (白或桃红葡萄酒盖上松脂)和pasteli(直板芝麻种子烤蜂蜜) ;一些的希腊和罗马时期: loukaniko (猪肉干香肠) ;和拜占庭:希腊奶酪, avgotaraho(治愈鱼卵)和paximadi (传统的硬面包烘烤的玉米,大麦和黑麦) 。 Thereare also many ancient and Byzantine dishes which are no longerconsumed: porridge as the main staple, fish sauce, salt water mixedinto wine, etc.还有许多古代和拜占庭菜肴不再消耗:粥作为主要的主食,鱼酱,盐的水混合后,葡萄酒等

Manydishes’ names come from the Ottoman cuisine tradition and their namesreveal Arabic, Persian or Turkish roots such as moussaka (layers ofground minced lamb meat, eggplant and tomato baked in oven), tzatziki(yoghurt with garlic and cucumber), yuvarlakia (meatball in sauce),keftethes (meatball).许多菜的名字来自奥斯曼美食传统和他们的名字显示阿拉伯语,波斯语或土耳其根如慕沙卡(地面层碎羊肉,茄子和西红柿烤箱烤) , tzatziki (酸奶大蒜,黄瓜) , yuvarlakia (肉丸酱油) , keftethes (肉丸) 。 Manydishes’ names probably entered the Greek vocabulary during Ottomantimes, but there was earlier contact with the Persians and the Arabs.许多菜的名字很可能进入希腊词汇在奥托曼时代,但先前与波斯人和阿拉伯人。 Somedishes may be pre-Ottoman, only taking Turkish names later; Ash andDalby, for example, speculate that grape-leaf dolmathes were made bythe early Byzantine period.有些菜可预先奥斯曼,只有考虑土耳其的名字后,粉煤灰和多尔比例如,推测,葡萄叶dolmathes发了言早期拜占庭时期。

Afew dishes are influenced by Venetian (Italian) cuisine, such aspastitsio, makaronia me kima, (pasta with meat) found mostly in Greeceand Anatolia and Asia Minor and regions of that influence.一些菜肴的影响威尼斯(意大利)的美食,如pastitsio , makaronia我基马, (面食肉) ,多见于希腊和土耳其和小亚细亚和地区的影响力。

Legend has it that Klephtico (or Kleftiko), which is slowly cooked lamb (or other meat), can be translated as ’stolen meat’.传说Klephtico (或Kleftiko ) ,这是慢慢煮熟的羊肉(或其他肉类) ,可译为'偷肉' 。 TheKlephts, not having flocks of their own, would steal lambs or goats andcook the meat in a sealed pit to avoid the smoke being seen.该Klephts ,没有成群的自己,将窃取的羔羊或山羊和煮熟的肉类密封进站,以避免烟雾被视为。

Typical dishes特色菜肴
Greekcuisine is very diverse and although there are many commoncharacteristics amongst the culinary traditions of different regionswithin the country, there are also many differences, making itdifficult to present a full list of representative dishes.希腊美食是非常多样,虽然有许多共同的特点之一,烹饪传统的不同区域内的国家,也有许多差异,因此很难提出一个完整清单,代表菜。 Forexample, the vegetarian dish ” Haniotiko Mpoureki” (oven baked slicesof potatoes with zucchini, myzithra cheese and mint) is a typical dishin western Crete, in the region of Chania.例如,素食菜“ Haniotiko Mpoureki ” (烤箱烤土豆片的西葫芦, myzithra奶酪和薄荷)是一个典型的菜克里特岛西部,在该地区的干尼亚。 A family in Chania may consume this dish 1-2 times per week in the summer season.一个家庭干尼亚可能消耗这道菜每周1-2次在夏季。 However, it is not cooked in any other region of Greece.但是,这不是煮熟的任何其他地区的希腊。

Thelist will present some of the most representative Greek dishes that canbe found throughout the country and the most famous of the local ones:该清单将介绍一些最具有代表性的希腊菜,可以发现全国各地最有名的地方的:

Mezeis a collective name for a variety of small dishes, typically servedwith wines or anise-flavored liqueurs as ouzo or homemade tsipouro. Meze是一个集体名称为各种小料理,通常配葡萄酒或茴香味利口酒作为ouzo或自制tsipouro 。 Orektikais the formal name for appetizers and is often used as a reference toeating a first course of a cuisine other than Greek cuisine. Orektika是正式名称为开胃,并经常被用来作为参考吃了第一期培训班的菜肴以外希腊美食。 Dips are served with bread loaf or pita bread.深坑是送达面包面包或皮塔面包。 In some regions, dried bread (paximadhi) is softened in water.在一些地区,干面包( paximadhi )是软化的水。


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