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“多收了三五斗” – 之英国房产版

(2010-02-05 20:58:43)





分类: 北纬54度的生活

昨天 BBC 新闻报导英国的房市连续第二个季度正增长,现在把我去年年初写的多收了三五斗模仿版放出来,应该不会让人读了后那么沮丧。当时写完之后,我翻译成英文,让当时的语言夥伴Ian改语法,结果他email 回来说,it's too depressing (这实在是太沮丧).  当时他也面临换工作搬家的压力,和我是拴在一根绳上的蚂蚱。


我在谢菲尔德的房子已经低价卖了,虽然是可惜了,但早了早安心。所以,这是我北纬54度的生活 系列的最后一篇了。5 Feb 2010



“多收了三五斗” – 之英国房产版

多收了三五斗” – UK Property market


那些房东们大清早开车出来,经历了堵车的高峰期,穿越了几个拥挤的街区,到了Campo Lane,那里有谢城大部分房产经纪公司的办公室。他们早饭也不吃一下,便来到柜台前面占卜他们的命运。

The house owners left their homes in the early morning.  After the rush hour congestion and a few blocks of busy traffic, they finally parked at Campo Lane, where the head offices of most estate agencies are located.  They were not bothered to have any breakfast, being extremely eager to find out the answers.


“独立洋房15万,半独立12万,8万以上的公寓我们不接。” Blundell’s 房产经纪公司的前台小姐有气没力地回答他们。

“Detached for 150k, semi for 120k, and we wouldn’t take on any flats for more than 80k.  The Blundell’s receptionist did not even look up at them, whispering the answer.


“什么!” 房东们几乎不相信自己的耳朵。美满的希望突然一沉,一会儿大家都呆了。

“Excuse me?!”  The house owners could not believe in their ears.  Being woke up from their sweet dreams, they were all shocked.


“在去年春天,你们不是说Hillsborough 的半独立房至少15万么?”

“But in last Spring, didn’t you say that semis in Hillsborough could ask for at least 150k?”



“Many buyers even bid for 170k, not even mention 150k.”



“How come it’s slumped so sharply”



“Don’t you know what time we are currently in?!  Credit crunch, recession, unemployment, so many houses are coming forward for sale, and the price is to drop even further a few days later!”



The eagerness has now all gone.


这最近三年天照应,很多人都已毕业就找到了工作,银行的房贷部门也不来作梗,工作后很快就买了自己的房子,有的还是在中上社区,固定房贷利息也不算很高,谁都以为在卖的时候该得赚上小一笔了,至少不会比租房亏吧。  哪里知道临到最后的占卜,却得到比无(房)产阶层高更坏的预兆!

The last three years had been lucky for many of them.  Most found jobs easily after graduation, and the banks were willing to provide them loans.  They soon had their own first properties, and some of them even bought in good neighbourhoods.  They all thought their houses would make some money when it came to sale; at least buying would be better off than renting.  But end of the day, it was even worse.



“We better to keep the houses.  We could let them out!”  Words were spelled without thinking.


“嗤,”小姐冷笑着,“你们不卖,人家就关门了么?各社区多的是想出卖的房源,去年夏天的几批还没买出去呢,城中心新盖好的公寓几百几百的就要落成了。现在城西边Fulwood, Sandygate, Dore几个社区的独立和半独立洋房也多得是,那些社区的中学小学都是数一数二的质量,高点的价格是为它们留着的。”  

“Well”, the receptionist sneered, “we’d still operate our business.  There are lots of house owners across the city who want to sell theirs.  Some of them struggled to sell since last summer, and hundreds of new city centre flats are to complete for sale very soon.  Even the South West Sheffield such as Fulwood, Sandygate and Dore has more supply of detached and semis, and they are all within the catchments of top schools.  Those houses would be valued for higher asking prices.”    


Fulwood, Sandygate, Dore,那是全谢城最好最贵的社区,仿佛可以不管。而房子不卖,却只能作为一句愤激的话说说罢了。怎么能够不卖呢?新工作在几百公里外的大都市,需要更为体面的衣装头面,一家老小的吃喝,新的住房交通的开销,又要重新结交朋友联系老友社交,都是要钱来开道,房子要是不卖,自己签约向银行贷的房款是每月要还的,现在就是租房的出价降更多,还要交房管中介管理费,不是长久之计。

Fulwood, Sandygate, Dore.  These are the best neighbourhoods in Sheffield, and are not comparable.  To hold from sale would only be a word other than a way out.  How can the house be held?  The new job is a few hundred miles away in a big city.  New dress and clothes, living cost of the whole family, new accommodation and higher travel expense, to socialize with new people and old friends, these are all expenses.  If the house was not sold, there was the mortgage on top of everything.  The rent in Sheffield has now already gone down a lot, and in addition there would be management fees to pay the agency.   Letting could not be a long term solution. 



“Let’s try Haybrooks.”  Maybe the estimate would be higher there, thought some house owners.


但是,小姐又来了一个“嗤”,眨着微翘的睫毛说道:“不要说Haybrooks,就是找到ELR, Barstow Eves, Saxton Mee去也一样。我们同行公议,独立洋房15万,半独立12万”

“Well,” the receptionist sneered again, and looked up with her curling mascara, “not even Haybrooks, but ELR, Barstow Eves, Saxton Mee, all estate agencies have now agreed on the estimated values, that is Detached for 150k and semi for 120k.”


“到Barstow Eves, Saxton Mee去没有好处,”同伴间也提出了驳议。“他们没有分驻各个社区的办公室,每带买主看一次房还要另收钱,天知道他们多收我们多少呢!就说依他们给,小经纪哪里招揽来那么多的买主?”

“It doesn’t help trying Barstow Eves or Saxton Mee”, some one suggested, “they don’t have local offices, but charge additionally showing potential buyers.  God knows how much more they’d charge us for!  Even if we pay them more, they are smaller agencies.  How can they attract more buyers?”



“Ma’am, could you start from a slightly higher estimate?” it is nearly begging.



“A higher estimate?  Well, it’s easy to say.  We have operational cost too.  Higher asking prices mean fewer buyers.  If your houses can’t be sold, we get paid for nothing.  No one would do that.”



“But this is too low for us to expect, and the buyers’ offers would be even lower.  Two years ago, the semis were sold for 140k, and last year the price went up to 150 and half, no, as you said people even bid for 170k.  We thought the price now would be at least higher than that of two years ago.  But it is merely 120k!”



“Ma’am, let’s try the same price to two years ago, 140k.  My house has been re-deco throughout.”



“Ma’am, this is terrible for us.  Please would you try advertising for 140k.”



Another receptionist has now lost patience.  She throws out the empty coffee cup into a bin, talking with her eyes open widely, “if you think the estimates are too low to accept, then don’t sell.  It would be even worse in the next year when the deeper recession comes.  We didn’t ask you to sell.  Stop haggling.  Many other people want us to sell or let their houses.  Look, new people are coming along.”


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