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(2007-07-01 13:07:29)




1. Job-Hunting 工作-狩猎

Nowadays, Chinese college graduates have to depend completely on themselves who deal with everything from where to look for a job to what kind of work to take up, which once was done by the government or by their parents. So it is quite important now for them to take a proper position on job hunting. From my point of view, when we step into the society, we ought to give priority to improving own adaptability and developing our ability to apply the knowledge to real society. Once we have adjusted our recognition, values and attitudes about choosing a career, we will find that a variety of job opportunities are still there.

现今, 中国学院毕业生必须完全地依靠他们自己处理一切从在哪里寻找工作对什么样的工作占去, 由他们的父母曾经完成由政府或。如此这是相当重要现在使他们接受适当的职位在工作狩猎。从我的观点, 当我们跨步入社会, 我们应该制定优先权改善拥有伸缩性和开发我们的能力向真正的社会申请知识。一旦我们调整了我们的认识、价值和态度关于选择事业, 我们发现各种各样的工作机会仍然是那里。

2. Generation Gap  代沟

With the increase of pace in modern society, the tasks and thoughts of young generation seem to be less and less in common with those of the old. Young people long for parents to understand their interpretation of the changes in social reality while parents hope from their experience that the youth learn more from the traditional beliefs. Then, it is easy to see that how to bridge the young and old lies in their attitudes towards the generation gap.

以步幅增量在现代社会, 年轻世代任务和想法似乎是越来越少与相同那些老。青年人长期使父母了解变化的他们的解释在社会现实上当父母从他们的经验希望青年时期学会更多从传统信仰。然后, 它容易看那怎么跨接年轻和老谎言在他们的对于代沟的态度。

3. Football Fan 足球迷

Nowadays, a passion for sports has taken possession of millions of people, who either take sports as their life career or speculate them as sole means of relaxation. Some may be strongly attached to popular sports, such as basketball, table tennis, and badminton whereas others may be crazy about those still in China, like rugby and cricket. However, I pour my emotion and attention into the progress of the football game. Why does football attract me so deeply? First, the football world is a men’s kingdom. What’s more, football match watching is an artistic treat.

现今, 激情为体育占有了成千上万人, 或作为放松单一手段采取体育作为他们的生活事业或推测他们。一些也许强烈附有普遍的体育, 譬如篮球、乒乓球, 和羽毛球但是其他人也许仍然是疯狂的对那些在中国, 象橄榄球和蟋蟀。但是, 我倾吐我的情感和注意入橄榄球赛的进展。为什么橄榄球那么深深地吸引我? 首先, 橄榄球世界是人的王国。更多是什么, 足球比赛观看是一种艺术性的款待。

4. My Life-Long Pursuit 我的终身追求

What does one live for? — An appealing but puzzling questions that often haunts most college students. To turn it off, some are resolved to pursue the goal of perfection in their own lines, some are already in pursuit of pleasure each day offers, and some of the others are about to suit their pursuits to changing conditions. My pursuit, upon which my life has centered since childhood, is simply comprised of three key elements: inmost passion for love, great zeal for knowledge, and intense longing for the rise of our nation.

什么你活为? - 一个呼吁的但困惑的问题经常困扰多数大学生。关闭它, 一些被解决追求完美的目标在他们自己的线, 一些已经是追求乐趣每天提议, 并且其中的某些人将适合他们的追求与改变的情况。我的追求, 我的生活集中了从童年, 简单地包括三个关键元素: 最内在的激情为爱, 伟大热忱为知识, 和强烈渴望我们的国家的上升。

5. Reading Selectively or Extensively 有选择性地或广泛地读

Along with the arrival of the knowledge economy age, knowledge is being renewed at a higher speed than ever before, and books on variety of new subjects are bringing greater effects on our study and work. Facing more and more books, however, people show quite different attitudes towards how to read effectively and efficiently. As a college student, I think that reading and learning the materials based on textbooks is far from enough because textbooks only present us a fixed world while the development of any subject never stops.

与知识经济年龄的到来一起, 知识被更新以更高的速度, 并且书在新主题品种带来对我们的研究的更加了不起的作用和运作。面对越来越书, 然而, 人们显示相当对于怎样的不同的态度有效地和高效率地读。作为大学生, 我认为, 读和学会材料根据课本是离足够很远的地方因为课本只提出我们一个固定的世界当任一个主题的发展从未停止。

6. Health—a Serious Issue on Campus健康——严重的问题

According to a recent survey made in a certain university, there are 43.8 percent of male students and 38.3 percent of female students either facing problems with nutrition or having to miss classes because of illness each term. The results are typical of the health conditions of all the students on the Chinese campus, for all the available data show that college students’ health has become a serious issue. The reasons are various. In most cases, students groan under such an increasing burden of studies that the university hardly finds it necessary to set up facilities to cater for their health. This really is an urgent matter worth considering and improving.

在校园根据一次最近勘测被做在某一大学, 有男性学生的百分之43.8 和女性学生或饰面问题的百分之38.3 有营养的或必须错过类由于病症各个期限。结果是特点所有学生的卫生状况在中国校园, 为了所有可利用的数据表示, 大学生的健康成为了一个严重的问题。原因是各种各样的。在许多情况下, 学生呻吟在大学坚硬发现它必要设定设施顾及他们的健康的这样研究之下的增长的负担。这真正地是一件迫切事情值得考虑和改善。

7. My Idea of an Ideal Teacher一位理想的老师的我的想法

An ideal teacher, in my opinion, is a learned, strict and aloof one.

Naturally, his students always welcome a learned teacher for they can learn a lot from him. What’s more, his rich knowledge in a wide range of fields will earn the students’ admiration and set an example for them to follow. He ‘s strict with his students and never yields to their laziness, which urges the students to work hard so as to meet his requirements. As a student, I’d like a teacher with a sort of aloofness. That is, he concentrates on teaching his lessons and never shows any emotions or tries to establish personal relationships with his students. It helps to create an atmosphere in which students take full responsibility for their studies.

一位理想的老师, 以我所见, 是博学, 严密的和无动于衷一个。自然地, 他的学生总欢迎一位博学的老师为他们能学会很多从他。更多是什么, 他富有的知识在大范围领域将赢得学生的倾慕和将树立一个榜样使他们随后而来。他` s 严密与他的学生和从未产生对他们的懒惰, 敦促学生艰苦工作以便符合他的要求。作为学生, 我会要一位老师以有点儿冷漠。那是他集中教他的教训和从未显示所有情感或设法建立与他的学生的私人关系。它帮助制造里学生承担对他们的研究的充分的责任的气氛在。

8.The Pleasure of Reading读书乐趣

    Reading has always been my greatest pleasure. I have derived from good books experiences as well as instructions. But what I have enjoyed most is the companion bestowed by books.

I never feel lonely with a good book in my hands. Cinderella, Snow-white and many others have been my good friends since my childhood. Growing older, I have come across more such friends like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet. These friends are so attractive that they can absorb my attention fully and make me forget all my displeasure. I share with them their sadness and happiness and enjoy the sympathy and encouragement they offer me. During the dark lonely nights, I always find myself lost in the pleasure of being with the friends in books.

If you want to have a lot of friends, why not come into the world of books!

读书总是我的最巨大的乐趣。我从好书经验获得了并且指示。但什么我享用了多数是伴侣由书赠送。我从未感觉孤独与一本好书在我的手里。灰姑娘, Snow-white 和许多其他是我的好朋友从我的童年。生长更老, 我遇到了更多这样朋友象哈姆雷特、罗密欧和Juliet 。这些朋友很可爱,他们能充分地吸收我的注意和使我忘记所有我的不快。我与他们分享他们的悲伤和幸福和享受他们提供我的同情和鼓励。在黑暗的偏僻的夜期间, 我总找到自己失去在乐趣是以朋友在书里。如果您想要有很多朋友, 为什么没进入书世界!

9. Have a Friend of the Opposite Sex有相反性的朋友

We can surely have a friend of the opposite sex. Both males and females have their merits and demerits. And being friends, they can learn from each other and help each other. Females and males are complementary to each other. For example, females are careful while males are careless; females are unable to manage hard physical labor while males are born for that. It is obvious that they can really learn from each other. What’s more, they can help each other. Males and females think in different ways, which is helpful when they are working together, especially when making a decision, because various opinions can widen their horizon and broaden their mind so that they can finish their tasks perfectly.

我们能肯定有相反性的朋友。男性和女性有他们的优点和记过。并且是朋友, 他们能学会从彼此和互相帮助。女性和男性补全互相。例如, 女性小心当男性是粗心大意的; 女性无法处理坚硬物理劳方当男性是出生为那。它是显然的, 他们能真正地学会从彼此。更多是什么, 他们能互相帮助。男性和女性认为用不同的方式, 是有用的当他们共同努力,特别是当做出决定, 因为各种各样的观点可能加宽他们的天际和扩展他们的头脑以便他们能完全完成他们的任务。

10. Entering College进入的学院

After ending the campaign of College Entrance Examination, I fulfilled my dream successfully and became a new host of the college---Lanzhou Medical College. When I first arrived, everything seemed very strange yet interesting. I knew, from then on, I would have a new start mad live a new and independent life. As the time went by, the college became smaller but more familiar. I also slipped to the college life and adapted to my new surroundings gradually as a freshman. In the future, I will get myself well prepared both mentally and physically for my college study. I learn not only from books but put my knowledge into practice through various social activities.

在结束大学入学考试竞选以后, 我成功地实现了我的梦想和成为了学院兰州医疗学院的一个新主人。当我第一次到达了, 一切似乎非常奇怪感兴趣。我知道, 从然后, 我会安排一个新开始疯狂居住新和独立生活。当时间流失, 学院变得更小但更加熟悉。我滑倒了对学院生活和逐渐并且适应了我的新周围作为新生。在将来, 我将得到好精神上和完全为我的学院研究做准备。我学会不仅从书但投入我的知识入实践通过各种各样的社会活动。

11. Joining College Associations加入的学院协会

I should perfect myself and develop my ability from every aspect. Fortunately, there are many associations here about basketball, chess, invention, calligraphy and any other kinds of associations. It’s an opportunity for me, so I take part in some of them. Like the English associations, which provides a chance to improve my spoken English, and enlarge my information about English. Similarly, like many other boys, playing basketball is my favorite sports. I think giving myself a break to play basketball isn’t a waste of time but is good to my study and health. But I will not spend much time and energy on activities, which are not relevant to my study. 

我应该完善自己和开发我的能力从每个方面。幸运地, 有许多协会这里关于篮球、棋、发明、书法和任何其它协会。这是一个机会为我, 因此我在有些参与。象英国协会, 提供一次机会改进我的讲话的英语, 并且扩大我的关于英语的信息。同样, 象许多其它男孩, 打篮球是我喜爱的体育。我认为给断裂戏剧篮球不是浪费时间而是是好的对我的研究和健康。但我在活动上不会花费时刻和能量, 与我的研究不是相关的。

12. Way of Campus Life校园生活方式

Now, I have much more spare time than ever before. It means that I must find a way to make full use of it. Some people said “College is a heaven where you can do what you want. So free yourself, and don’t care for study.” Is it really right? Should I follow it? I doubt it. As a college student, I know, study is the main purpose. A college should have a good command of up-to-date knowledge in certain fields of science and technology. If I haven’t much knowledge in this knowledge explosion time, I will be a useless man.

现在, 我有更多业余时间。它意味, 我必须发现方式充分利用它。某些人民说的"学院是您能做的天堂什么您要。那么任意你自己, 和对研究不关心。" 这是真正地不错吗? 如果我会跟随它? 我怀疑它。如同大学生, 我知道, 研究是主要目的。学院应该有最新知识一个好命令在某些科学和技术领域。如果我没有知识在这知识爆炸时间, 我将是一个无用的人。

13. Where to Go for Our Holiday何处去在我们的假日

As college students, traveling is becoming more and more popular during our holiday. It is now common to see lighthearted people on sightseeing tours to places of interest. In general, there are two kinds of places in sightseers’ better graces, one being historic sites and the other natural scenic spots. While many choose the former as attraction for them, I prefer to explore the romantic scenery of natural spots unspoilt by modern civilization. Natural wonders can not only mould people’s sentiments but also make them aware of the truth that man would have no chance of displaying superiority without other inferior living things.

当大学生, 旅行变得越来越普遍在我们的假日期间。这现在是共同性看见轻松愉快的人在观光旅游中对地方利益。总之, 有二地方在观光者的更好增光, 一个是古迹和其它自然风景点。当许多选择前作为吸引力为他们, 我喜欢探索自然斑点浪漫风景unspoilt 由现代文明。自然奇迹可能不仅铸造人的情绪而且使他们明白真相, 人不会有显示优势的机会没有其它下等生存事。                                                                     14. The Way to Achieve Success方式达到成功

Time and tide wait for no man. Everyone wishes to achieve success in his career. But no great work can be performed without pains. So about the way to achieve success, different people have different opinions. In my opinion, the following four rules will certainly lead you to success if you always stick to them: diligence, perseverance, facing the failure and catching the changes. I believe that where there is a will, there is a way. If we always stick to them, the final success will belong to us!

 时刻和浪潮等没有人。大家希望达到成功在他的事业。但了不起的工作无法进行没有痛苦。如此关于方式达到成功, 人各有己见。以我所见, 以下四个规则一定将带领您成功如果您总黏附对他们: 努力, 坚持不懈, 面对失败和捉住变动。我相信有志者事竞成。如果我们总黏附对他们, 最后的成功将属于我们!

15. Patriotic Education爱国教育

 With more and more weight being attached to economy and material wealth, patriotic education no longer draws as popular attention as ever before. Some of its centers have been closed down or kept open to people for other profitable purposes; many national heroes have given way to pop stars in people’s minds. This is what we are most unwilling to see, however, because a nation will lose its power without patriotism in the same way as a pile of sand goes without cohesion.

与越来越重量附有经济和物质财富, 爱国教育不再画作为普遍的关注作为曾经以前。一些它的中心被关闭了或被保持开放对众人为其它有益的目的; 许多全国英雄让路了对流行音乐明星在人的头脑里。这是什么我们是最不愿意看, 然而, 因为国家将丢失它的力量没有爱国心以与堆沙子去没有内聚相似的方式。

16. Under Undue Stress在过度的重音之下

     We live in a time when, more frequently than ever before in history, people are living under undue stress: School-goers are under pressure to hit too many books in too little time; wage-earners complain about no chance to lighten the heavy burden that life imposes upon them; and officials are also said to be overloaded with duties. According to the results of scientific researches, however, too much stress exerts an unwanted hold on one’s health. As college students, if you are often under terrible tension of study, it is time for you to do something about it. You should better not grumble about your surroundings, you could keep on pleasant terms with classmates and friends so as to live in a cheerful mood.

我们居住在时候, 更加频繁地在历史上,人们是生存在过度的重音之下: 学校goer 是在压力下击中许多本书在太一点时刻; 挣工资者抱怨没有机会照亮生活强加给他们的重的负担; 并且官员并且说被超载以责任。根据结果的科学研究, 然而, 许多重音施加不需要的举行在某人的健康。当大学生, 如果您经常是在研究之下可怕的紧张, 是时间为您做某事对此。您应该改善不是埋怨关于您的周围, 您能保持以宜人的方式与同学和朋友以便居住在一种快乐的心情。

17. Failure Is a Bad Thing 失败是一件坏事

Failure is unavoidable in our daily life though we all long for success in everything we do. People’s attitudes towards failure, however, vary greatly from person to person. It is true, I think, that failure is never pleasurable, but it can make a positive contribution to our life once we learn how to use it. Whenever we come across a failure, we should use it to take stock courageously. And I never doubt that there is no short-cut to success while there is an awareness of new possibilities in failure.

失败是难免的在我们的日常生活中虽然我们为成功在一切我们所有长期。居于了对于失败的态度, 然而, 很大地变化从人到人。它是真实的, 我认为, 失败从未是享受的, 但它可能做对我们的生活的正面贡献一旦我们学会怎么使用它。每当我们遇到失败, 我们应该使用它勇敢地采取股票。并且我从未怀疑, 没有捷径对成功当有新可能性的了悟在失败。

18. Competition and Cooperation竞争和合作

As two main pushing forces behind social development, competition and cooperation draw more attention of the public than ever before. Some place more stress on the former while others attach heavier weight to the latter. To me, I would not hesitate to choose the latter over the former. Cooperation enables people to feel the strength of unity, as in a football game; one team’s victory results from the better cooperation between its members than that of the other team. 

作为二主要推挤的力量在社会发展之后, 竞争和合作引起更多公众的注意。一些安置更多重音在前当其他人附有更加大量的重量后者。对我, 我不会犹豫选择后者在前。合作使人感觉团结力量, 和在橄榄球赛; 一次队的胜利起因于更好的合作在它的成员之间比那另一队。

19. Social Practice社会实践

Social Practice has been more and more popular in universities and colleges. Students are asked to enter into the society and try to get in touch with society in order to get some ideas of the society. Surely social practice has many advantages. Firstly, social practice can offer the students a chance to contact the society and get some idea of the society. In some ways the students can gain some valuable social experience, which will be helpful to their future career. Secondly, the students can apply what they have learned in class to the practical work, which will make them know themselves more clearly. Thirdly, some social practice can bring you some profit and it can make you more independent of your family.

社会实践是越来越普遍在大学和学院。学生请求开始社会和设法与社会联系为了有社会的一些想法。肯定社会实践有许多好处。首先, 社会实践可能提供学生机会与社会联系和有社会的某一想法。学生能在一些方面获取一些可贵的社会经验, 对他们的未来事业将是有用的。第二, 学生能申请什么他们学会了在类对实用工作, 将做他们更加清楚知道自己。第三, 一些社会实践可能带来您某一赢利并且它可能使您独立您的家庭。

20. Computer Network计算机网络

Computer network has been playing an increasing role in our day-to-day life. It has brought us a lot of benefits but it can also create some serious problems as well. Computer network has enabled us to do a lot of things more easily and quickly. For example, we can communicate freely by electronic mails with people from all over the world. However, if not managed properly, computer network can create many problems too. Sometimes we spend too much time sorting out the junk mails jammed in our mailbox to do more meaningful things. All in all, we cannot live without computer network now. 

计算机网络充当一个增长的角色在我们的每日生活中。它带来了我们很多好处但它可能并且制造一些严肃的问题。计算机网络使我们更加容易地和迅速做很多事。例如, 我们能自由地通信用电子邮件与人从全世界。但是, 如果适当地没处理, 计算机网络可能制造许多问题也是。有时我们花费许多时刻排序在邮寄宣传品之外被阻塞在我们的邮箱做更加意味深长的事。总之, 我们无法现在居住没有计算机网络。

21. Praise称赞

Saying something good and encouraging is very useful and important to a person. When a person has done something good and is praised, he feels fine. On the contrary, a person may feel upset when he has done something good and not received praise. We should learn to praise others in our everyday life. It can promote understanding between us and others. It can ease the tension among colleagues and neighbors. So we should learn to praise others and help to create a light, pleasant atmosphere in which to study..

说好事和鼓励是非常有用和重要对人。当人做了好事和被称赞, 他感觉优良。相反, 人也许感觉翻倒当他做了事好和没被接受的称赞。我们应该学会称赞其他人在我们的日常生活中。它可能促进了解在我们和其他人之间。它可能缓和紧张在同事和邻居之中。如此我们应该学会称赞其他人和帮助创造光, 里学习的宜人的大气在。


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