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汉英36500 +他们 字篇1-100

(2007-07-25 23:50:34)


汉英36500 十 他们 字篇1-100
汉英36500 +他们 字篇1-1002006-07-14 20:42:44
1. 他们四点左右回家。The children are at school. They will be home around four.
2. 他们说这里要再建一所学校。They say another school will be built here.
3. 他们已经放弃了一切希望。They had abandoned all hope.
4. 他们在此建立了永久居所了。They established their permanent abode here.
5. 他们紧急请求国际援助。They're made an urgent request for international.
6. 他们是哪国人?What nationality are they?
7. 他们在去北京的途中停了一会儿,欣赏风景。They stopped for a while to admire the scenery during a trip to Beijing.
8. 他们正在建造一幢公寓房。They’re building a block of flats.
9. 他们对房子索价很高。They’re asking a lot of money for their house.
10. 他们拒绝接受这一建议。They refused to accept the proposal.
11. 他们互相帮助。 They help each other.
12. 他们从早到晚一直在干活。They’ve been working from morning to night.
13. 他们将走回来。They will come here on foot.
14. 他们会从火车站走回来。They’ll walk from the station.
15. 他们刚刚到达。They’ve just arrived.
16. 他们正在客厅看书。They’re reading in the living room.
17. 他们两人关系密切。They live in each other’s pocket.
18. 他们过着幸福的生活。They are living a happy life.
19.  他们是否已有决定。Have they reached a decision yet?
20. 他们打碎了窗子。They broke the window.
21. 他们是我见过的最幸福的两口子。They are as happy a couple as I’ve ever been.
22. 他们彼此了解各自的爱好。They know each other’s favorites.
23. 他们跳舞一直到了午夜后。They went on dancing until after midnight.
24.  他们现在不常见面了。They don’t often see each other now.
25. 他们做买卖赚了些钱。They made a lot of money by trading.
26. 他们像躲瘟疫一样躲着我。They avoided me like the plague.
27. 他们必须试试这辆新车。They must test this new car.
28. 他们很担心。They are worried.
29. 他们在帐篷里生火取暖。They made a fire in the tent.
30. 他们是星期日来的星期一就走了。They came on a Sunday and went away on the Monday.
31. 他们还未指示我们到何处去。They haven’t instructed us where to go.
32. 他们每人有两本书。They each have two books.
33. 他们发现这个小女孩又聪明又好学。They find the girl diligent and clever.
34. 他们来自法国。They come from France.
35.  他们把食物和野营用具都搬到了车上。They packed the food and camping equipment into the trailer.
36. 他们晚上有时做什么?   What do they sometimes do in the evening?
37. 他们晚上通常做什么? What do they always do at night?
38. 他们总是一块儿吃午饭。They always sit at the same table for lunch.
39. 他们中三人是党员。Three of them are party members.
40. 他们其余的人能随后就来。All the rest of them are coming later.
41. 他们的理想变了。Their ideals had changed.
42. 他们每天往返穿过丛林,已在茂密的矮丛林中踩出了一条小路。Their daily trips through the jungle have made a path in the thick undergrowth.
43. 他们把钱全丢了。所以我们把我们的全给了他们。They lost all their money, so we gave them ours.
44. 他们出租各种聚会用的玻璃器具。They hire out glassware for parties.
45. 他们力量增加了。They have gained in strength.
46. 他们正在打扫他们的房间。They are cleaning their room.
47. 他们很快情绪失控,互相骂人。They lost their tempers easily and called one another names.
48. 他们相互对望。They looked at one another.
49. 他们彼此一时相对无语。They looked into each other’s eyes for a silent moment.
50. 他们分手很久了。They have been separated from one another a long time.
51. 他们正在厨房做饭。They are cooking in the kitchen.
52. 他们三人参加了校队。They three joined the school team.
53. 他们老是在闲荡。They are always dawdling.
54. 他们在大门口等你。They are waiting for you at gate.
55. 他们应该马上动身。They ought to start at once.
56. 他们不敢说真话。They dare not tell the truth.
57. 他们是去年结婚的。They got married last year.
58.  他们没有在写东西。They are not writing.
59. 他们要去南极探险。They’re going to make an expedition to the South Pole.
60. 他们什么时候在家? When were they all at home?
61. 他们8月25在家。They were at home on august 25th.
62. 他们正在公园里玩耍。They are playing in the park.
63. 他们打算在校门口见面。They are going to meet outside the school gate.
64. 他们上个月生了个小孩儿。They had a baby last month.
65. 他们的脚步声最后消失了。Their steps finally died away.
66. 他们正在看一部英文电影。They’re seeing an English film now.
67. 他们会给我们多少本书呢?How many books will they give us?
68. 他们会给我们60本书。They will give us sixty books.
69. 他们每天骑车上班。They cycle to work every day.
70. 他们每天7点起床。They often get up at 7 o’clock.
71.  他们刚刚到达。They’ve just arrived.
72. 他们没有提出具体的意见。They haven’t put forward any concrete proposals.
73. 他们不懂英语。They did not understand English.
74. 他们需要很多面包。They need a lot of bread.
75. 他们昨天一直在等你。They were expecting you yesterday.
76. 他们从小彼此相识。They’ve known each other since childhood.
77. 他们正在那里为无家可归的人建房子。They’re building some houses there for the homeless people.
78. 他们是第一次来中国的。They were the first to come to China.
79. 他们有许多事情要谈。They have a lot of things to talk about.
80. 他们请我吃了一顿美餐。They treated us to a good dinner.
81. 他们要他偿还欠他们的债务。They asked him to pay what he owed them.
82. 他们在街上到处走。They walked around the street.
83. 他们正在谈论他们的学校。They are talking about their school.
84. 他们想走。They want to go.
85. 他们不住在上海。They don’t live in Shanghai.
86. 他们说是下星期天来吗?Was it next Sunday they were coming?
87. 他们会在车站上接我们。They will be meeting us at the station.
88. 他们现在大概在看电视呢。They’ll be watching television now.
89. 他们认为他是个天才。They recognized him as a genius.
90. 他们不得不拒绝了他。They couldn’t but refuse him.
91. 他们根本不应该对我们隐瞒那件事。They shouldn’t have concealed it from us.
92. 他们问我们想不想先去四下转转。They asked us if we would have a look-round first.
93. 他们只想成功。They desired nothing but to succeed.
94. 他们接着又谈别的事情。They went on to talk about other matters.
95. 他们建议我们在车站见面。They suggested that we should meet at the station.
96. 他们把头远远的丢在后面。They left her well behind.
97. 他们过一会儿就回来。They will come back a little later.
98. 他们进行了一场苦斗。They fought a hard fight.
99. 他们都想见他。They all wanted to see him.
100. 他们要迁到北京去。They’re moving to Beijing.


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