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(2007-10-28 15:43:54)



Global Citizenship begins at home. Do you know what is the connotation of the Global Citizenship ? To be honest I don’t understand the exactly meaning of the sentence ,so only can I explain it simply .Global Citizenship ,in my opinion ,is not something in word only ,but a kind of responsibility and undertaking ,a way of behaving and thinking .So Global citizenship begins at home ,with a commitment to live responsibility ,to regard all human begins as fellow citizens ,and to be proactive in seeking the common good.
  For us university students ,usually we are busy with exams or focusing on the incidents in daily life .We hardly pay attention to the global issues. However , as university students ,we should take the responsibility to think about them ,think about the life around us.
  A month ago ,a serious outbreak of blue algae in the Taihu lake in Wuxi made the water undrinkable, which brought so much unconvenient to the citizens in Wuxi .It warned that we broke the balance of the nature ,it began to punish the human.
  Apart from the environment we had broke at home ,we Chinese also have no sense to protect it when traveling abroad. Therefore Chinese travelers’ behaviors in foreign countries have made the native intolerable .And the foreigners have the bad influence about our country.
  So I think the sentence of Global Citizenship begins at home means that everyone should be the global citizen ,should take the responsibility to protect our mother land .Global citizenship begins at home ,let we do it through the children and the parents ,through the school and the society, thou the government .There’s an old saying : Action speaks louder than words. Let’s act now .

1For some time now, the debate over U.S. immigrant policy (which addresses the needs of immigrants already residing here, as opposed to immigration policy, which concerns how many and which immigrants should be admitted) has been stuck in an unproductive and divisive pattern. On one side are immigrant advocates, a relatively well-defined and cohesive coalition of civil rights organizations, immigrant activists, minority spokesmen and elected officials, human rights activists and civil libertarians, religious and church groups, and most recently labor unions—all of whom have been pushing for increased programmatic benefits and expanded rights for immigrants. On the other side are the immigrant-policy skeptics, a diffuse and disparate lot of fiscal conservatives, cultural conservatives, and business interests, who tend to embrace high levels of immigration but are not very enthusiastic about programs to support immigrants once they are here. What these skeptics share is the pervasive laissez-faire ideology that today's immigrants, just like yesterday's, can and do fend for themselves in taking advantage of the opportunities America affords them. In other words, immigrants do not need or merit any special help to become part of American society.
Both perspectives have strengths and weaknesses. Advocates are not wrong to focus on the material needs of immigrants, but as advocates tend to be, they are insufficiently attentive to the concerns of the broader political community. Moreover, the advocates' emphasis on immigrant rights may place their demands squarely within the American political tradition, but nevertheless it reduces the array of obstacles confronting immigrants to a monocausal preoccupation with racial discrimination. While this perspective affords immigrant advocates the considerable moral capital of the civil rights movement, it fails to address the need for the structure and order that most of us—but especially economically marginal and geographically uprooted immigrants—need. (“Globle Citizen ”的一员,我们不应把自己的幸福建立在别人的痛苦之上。)

Every time when it comes to the topic of globalization, the word economy would appeal to our mind automatically. This stereotype grows even more rigid after China's entry to WTO some five years ago. As the Chinese economy keeps growing at a matchless rate in the world, we, Chinese people ,are gathering more confidence and pride in our country. The upcoming 29th Olympic Games in 2008 gives us another reason for the disillusion of experiencing all-time high.
Judging from the economic status of our country, it seems we are now only a couple steps away from the top of the world, currently with only Americans and Japanese ahead of us. The Chinese are poised to win ourselves the dignified citizenship in globalization. But in reality, the global citizenship for Chinese is far from secured. Economic power is by no means the only decisive factor in winning dignity in the world community. Over one and half century ago, China remained the world's economic superpower, well in possession of a quarter of annual wealth created in the world. Despite of its economic supremacy, China lost out in the Opium War,subsequently reducing itself a colony of Western powers.
China is now on its way of reinvigoration, with its fast expanding economy as home, this country should harbour an amibition to gain a upper hand in the process of globalization, politically and culturally. With its territories, such as Taiwan, and Diaoyu Islands left beyong its control, China is yet to reach the threshhold of a world power. The steps to secure a dignified global citizenship do not begin no other place but from home. The efforts to achieve reunification of Chinese territory proved long and trecherous because of the weakness of the country. To strengthen Chinese economy is merely the first step to win the dignity for China as a global citizen. Now the seperatist regime in Taiwan is speeding up its seperatist drive in huge noise, Chinese people have every right to bring this island into reunification by any means available. Taking this second step will be crucial in securing the dignity in the global community, giving our great mother country an access to the club of world powers. A dignified global citizenship requires both economic and political status, and the achievment of territorial integrety is a crucial step at home for that goal

2With the globalization of the blowing, global citizens became our popular vocabulary. Well, what kind of a person be called global citizens? If someone wearing the shoes German,  used the computer United States, listening to MP3 Japanese, with a Finnish mobile phone, it may not be that he is a qualified citizen of the world.  I think as citizens of the world is the primary condition for the Overall Situation in a global sense of mission and services worldwide.So how can we do this ? I think everyone in China has a familiar story. In 1938, Bethune went to Yan'an doctor immediately after the disregard of the Ministry of Health to discourage the Eighth Route Army, into the forefront of the war. In the days and nights where he experienced a severe test, but he said: "I did not come for the enjoyment of life." As Canada's two hospitals, director of thoracic surgery, he lived in the affluent and the practical life. But back in 1936 he left his motherland to Spain and China, the two anti-fascist people sent superb skills, made a remarkable contribution. Eventually, he sacrificed his life struggle of the operating table.We have to ask, what is he willing to make efforts for the cause of the Chinese people sacrificed their precious lives? Responsibility. I would like to have a dedicated doctor Norman Bethune is the responsibility of all mankind, he has made us a great feat prevented. Then, as the contemporary college students in a, how should we assume globalization has brought to our responsibilities? In efforts to learn book knowledge, I think we more active use of the various channels understanding widen their vision, understanding the world and should, serve the community. I said these are not an empty talk.For example: 08, world-renowned Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, when China will be a new attitude on display in the world. To meet the Olympic Games, are actively preparing for the entire country. We naturally can not be excluded. Although perhaps I did not visit the scene and no opportunity for the march to cheer the athletes; Even though you might not have a chance to play and they were hastily face. But please remember that your actions represent China. You have to learn to smile around so people; Understanding and patience with the Institute, the Institute of humility, courtesy Institute. Of course, you have the right nor the guests and tourists from afar. If you do, then adhered to and remind around friends, enabling them to like you, act and do a qualified citizens of the world.          全球公民从我做起随着全球化浪潮的扑面而来,全球公民成为了我们的热门词汇。那么,什么样的人才称得上全球公民呢?假使有人穿着德国的球鞋,用着美国的电脑,听着日本的MP3,拿着芬兰的手机,那也未必说明他就是一个合格的世界公民。我认为,成为世界公民的首要条件在于放眼全球的大局观和服务全球的使命感。那么怎样才能做到以上这两点呢?我想到了一个在中国人人耳熟能详的故事。1938年,白求恩大夫来到延安后,便立即不顾八路军卫生部的劝阻,投入到了抗战的最前线。在那里他日日夜夜都经历着血与火的考验,但是他却说:“我不是为生活享受而来的。”作为加拿大两所医院的胸外科主任,他本该过着富裕而踏实的生活。然而他早在1936年便离开了自己的祖国前往西班牙和中国,为两国的反法西斯人民送去精湛的医术,做出了卓越的贡献。最终,他牺牲在自己为之奋斗一生的手术台上。我们不禁要问,是什么样的力量使得他甘愿为中国人民的事业献出自己宝贵的生命?责任。我想正是白求恩大夫有着奉献全人类的责任感,他才做出了令我们高山仰止的伟大壮举。那么,作为当代大学生中的一员,我们应该怎样去承担全球化带给我们的责任呢?在努力学好书本知识的同时,我想我们更有关积极利用各种渠道了解开阔眼界,了解世界,立足本职,服务社会。我说的这些,并不是一句空谈。举例来说。08年,举世瞩目的奥林匹克运动会将在北京举行,届时,中国将以一种崭新的姿态展示在世人面前。为迎接奥运,举国上下都在积极备战。我们自然不能作壁上观。虽然也许我没并没有机会亲临现场去为挥汗如雨的健儿们加油助威;虽然你也许甚至没有机会和他们匆匆地打个照面。但请你记住,你的一举一动都代表着中国。你要学会对周围所以人微笑;学会跟理解和忍让,学会谦逊、学会礼貌。当然,你也要不卑不亢地对待客远道而来的游客。如果你都做到了,那么坚持并提醒周围的朋友,让他们也能像你一样,开始行动,做一个合格的世界公民。

世界公民从我做起——Global Citizenship Begins At Home

Ladies and gentlemen, honorable judges, good morning!

女士们先生们, 尊敬的各位评委, 早上好!

To be honest, I made careful preparations for this special occasion, thinking about my wardrobe over and over again. So, just take a look at me: this cute yellow dress is from London, heels from France, watch from Switzerland, necklace from Italy and hair clip from Korea. Do you think I'm a global citizen just because of these? Not really. A lot of people can be even better global citizens with none of these, as they define global citizenship in their particular ways. They are doing something great in ordinary environments, serving the world at home, where their hearts belong. The following story will prove this.

坦率地讲, 为了这次演讲, 我做了精心的准备, 之前曾一遍又一遍地打量琢磨我的衣柜看看现在的我:这件可爱的黄色长裙来自伦敦, 高跟鞋来自法国, 腕表来自瑞士, 项链来自意大利, 发夹来自韩国看到这些, 您是否觉得我因此就是一个世界公民?也许未必很多人并不具备这些东西, 却照样可以成为更好的世界公民, 他们用自己特有的方式诠释着“世界公民”这个概念他们在平凡的环境中做着不平凡的事情, 身在家中, 服务世界, 而这个家, 就在他们心灵所属的地方下面这个故事可以证明这一点

About 100km away from here is a special school located on a far-away mountain. In the school, there is only one teacher and 2 students. The living conditions are poor, and hardly any teacher would stay there for long. Some years ago, when the last teacher left, he asked the successor Meixiang whether she would like to stay for a longer time, she said yes. Six years have passed by and she is still there. All through those years, she had many chances to leave the mountain and teach at better places. But she chose to stay. With her beauty and kindness, she had a lot of pursuers, including a number of rich men in nearby cities. But her criteria(是否应为criterion,Fairex注) for selecting a husband was special --anyone who wanted to marry her had to move to the mountain and help her with school affairs. This requirement scared away most pursuers, and she remained single until recently.

离这儿100公里左右一座遥远的山上, 有一所特殊的学校之所以特殊, 是因为只有一个老师和两个学生生活条件很差, 几乎没有老师愿意在此长待几年前, 当最后一名老师离开的时候, 问其接替者梅香(http://news.tom.com/2007-02-02/OI9P/19270084.html)愿不愿待得久些, 梅香答应了6年过去了, 梅香依然在那儿这些年里, 她有很多机会离开这所学校, 到条件好些的地方当老师然而她选择了留下由于她的美丽和善良, 她曾有很多追求者, 其中不乏很多附近城市的富有人士但她选择丈夫的标准非常特殊——想要娶她的人必须搬到这个山上, 帮她料理学校的事这个要求吓跑了大部分追求者, 所以, 这使她单身了很久

In many people's eyes, Meixiang may be silly. But she herself takes it differently. “I just want my students better than me, get out of the mountain and contribute more to the society.”

在很多人眼里, 梅香可能很傻但她自己并不这样看她说:“我只希望我的学生能够过得比我好, 能够走出这座山, 为社会多做贡献

She is poor but helping the poorer. She is weak but helping the weaker. She may not be armed with advanced technology, but she does what she can with her heart –the home of everything.

梅香贫穷, 但帮助着比她更贫穷的人;梅香孱弱, 但扶持着比她更孱弱的人;她没有先进的科学技术助力, 但她在用心做着她力所能及的一切, 而心, 正是一切事业的起点As a village teacher, Meixiang may not have the opportunity to be a great success in terms of money, but she has planted seeds in her students' hearts as well as ours. With these seeds, our souls will be purified. With purified souls, her students will leave the mountain and contribute more to the world. With purified souls, we college students are able to cross any cultural barriers and cherish a real global vision. With purified souls, we will go beyond material lust and calm down to anything, big or small, as long as it is beneficial to the society.

作为一个乡村教师, 梅香也许的确无法获得金钱意义上的成功, 但她在其学生及我们心里播下了一些种子有了这些种子, 我们的灵魂就得到了净化有了净化的灵魂, 梅香的学生就能够走出大山, 为社会多做贡献;有了净化的灵魂, 我们大学生就能够跨越任何文化障碍, 拥有一个全球化的视野;有了净化的灵魂, 我们就能够跨越物质欲望, 从容地面对任何事情——无论大小, 只要它对社会有益

Ladies and gentlemen, let's be global and start from our hearts!

女士们先生们, 成为世界公民, 让我们从心做起!


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