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(2010-01-28 10:16:44)


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来自经典电影剧本中的Marriage Proposal (求婚) 片段-献给正在苦恼的词友们



(音乐之声 Sound Of Music)
-Well, uh...-这个,呃……
-Nothing was the same when you were away and...-从你来后,家里一切都变了……
-it'll be all wrong again after you leave.-你走后,一切可能又会变糟了。
-And I just thought perhaps you might, uh...-我只是在想你也许会……
-change your mind?-改变一下心意?
-I'm sure the baroness-我想夫人
-will be able to make things fine for you.-一定会把家里的事替你布置得妥当的。
-there isn't going to be any baroness.-男爵夫人不再留下来了。
-There isn't?-真的吗?
-I don't understand.-我不能明白。
-Well, we've, um, called off our engagement, you see, and---我们取消婚约了,你知道,还有……
-Oh, I'm sorry.-我真抱歉。
-You are?-你是这样的吗?
-You did?-你真的这么做了吗?
-Well, you can't marry someone when you're...-你不能娶了某人……
-in love with someone else.-却是爱着另外一个人。
-Can you?-你能吗?
-The Reverend Mother always says,-大修女一定会说,
-"When The Lord closes a door,-“主关上了一扇门,
-somewhere he opens a window."又打开了一扇窗。”
-What else does the Reverend Mother say?-大修女又说了什么事了呢?
-That you have to look for your life.-你必须追寻自己的生命。
-Is that why you came back?-这就是为什么你回来的原因?
-And have you found it...-那你有没有找到它……
-I think I have.-我想我找到了。
-I know I have.-我知道我找到了。
-I love you.-我爱你。
-Maria. Is there anyone I should go to, to ask permission to marry you?-玛丽亚。我们应该去问谁,求他让你嫁给我?
-Well, why don't we ask---我想我们去问……
- The children? - The children?-孩子们吗?-孩子们吗?


Gone With The Wind)
-So I'll change the subject and say what I came to say.-那我还是告诉你我要说的话吧。
-Say it, then, and get out!-说吧,说完了马上走!
-What is it?-是什么?
-That I can't go on any longer without you.-我没有你就活不下去了。
-You are the most ill-bred man to come here at a time like this -with your filthy---你真是一个没有教养的男人!
-I made up my mind that you were the only woman for me...-在十二橡园第一次见到你的时候……
-...the first day I saw you at Twelve Oaks.-……我就知道我要的就是你。
-Now that you've got the lumber mill and Frank's money...-现在你已经很富有了……
-...you won't come to me as you did to the jail.-……不必像来监狱找我时那样对我了。
-So I see I shall have to marry you.-所以我知道自已不得不娶你了。
-I never heard of such bad taste.-我从没听过如此差的谎话。
-Would you be more convinced if I fell to my knees?-要我跪下来求你才相信我吗?
-Turn me loose, you varmint, and get out of here!-放开我,你这个无赖,快点出去!
-Forgive me for startling you with the impetuosity of my sentiments...-原谅我吧,我的冲动令你受惊了……
-...my dear Scarlett. I mean, my dear Mrs. Kennedy.-……我亲爱的思嘉丽,甘太太。
-But it cannot have escaped your notice that for some time past...-但是难道你现在还没有发觉……
-...the friendship I have felt for you has ripened into a deeper feeling.-……我对你的感情已经很成熟了吗?
-A feeling more beautiful, more pure, more sacred.-那种感情,是那么美好纯洁和神圣。
-Dare I name it? Can it be love?-我敢问那不就是爱情了吗?
-Get up off your knees. I don't like your common jokes.-快点起来。我已经厌倦你那些低级笑话了。
-This is an honorable proposal of marriage...-这可是一次十分庄严的求婚啊……
-...made at what I consider a most opportune moment.-……我觉得时机已经很适当了。
-I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands.-我不能让自已再等了。
-You're coarse, and you're conceited.-你很卑鄙,而且很自负。
-And I think this conversation has gone far enough.-我想我们的对话应该到此为止了。
-Besides, I shall never marry again.-还有,就是我不会再结婚了。
-Oh, yes, you will, and you'll marry me.-不,你会再结婚的,你要嫁给我。
-You? You!-你?你!
-I don't love you!-我不会爱你的!
-And I don't like being married.-我也不喜欢结婚。
-Did you ever think of marrying just for fun?-你想过结婚只是为了玩吗?
-Marriage, fun? Fiddle-dee-dee. Fun for men, you mean.为了玩乐?对男人来说就是的。
-Hush up! Do you want them to hear you?-安静点!你想他们也听到吗?
-You've been married to a boy and an old man.-你曾嫁过一个小男孩和一个老男人。
-Why not try a husband of the right age, with a way with women?-为什么不找个合适一点的呢?
-You're a fool, Rhett Butler, when you know I shall always love another man.-你知道我会喜欢其他男人的。你这个笨蛋!
-Stop it! Do you hear me, Scarlett? Stop it! No more of that talk.-不要说了!思嘉丽,不要再说那种话。
-Rhett, don't, I shall faint.-不要啊,我会晕的。
-I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for.-我就想你晕。
-None of the fools you've known have kissed you like this, have they?-没有人像我这样吻你的,是吧?
-Your Charles, or your Frank, or your stupid Ashley.-那个小男孩,老男人,或者那个笨蛋爱希礼。
-Say you're going to marry me. Say "yes." Say "yes! "-说你愿意嫁给我吧,说吧。说“我愿意!”
-Are you sure you meant it? You don't want to take it back?-你说真的吗?不会反悔吗?
-Look at me and try to tell me the truth.-看着我说真心话。
-Did you say "yes" because of my money?-你说“我愿意”是为了我的金钱吗?
-Yes. Partly.-是,有一点的。
-Well, you know, Rhett, money does help, and, of course I am fond of you.-当然了,瑞德,钱总是好的,我当然很喜欢你。
-Fond of me.-喜欢我。
-Well, if I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying...-如果我说我很疯狂地爱你,那我肯定是在说谎。
-...but you always said we had a lot in common....-……但你常说我们有很多相同的地方……
-Yes, you're right, my dear.-没错,我亲爱的。
-I'm not in love with you any more than you are with me.-有你和我在一起就好了。
-Heaven help the man who ever really loves you.-上帝会保佑真正爱你的人的。
-What kind of a ring would you like, my darling?-你喜欢什么样的戒指呢,亲爱的?
-Oh, a diamond ring. And do buy a great big one, Rhett.噢,钻石戒指。要大颗点的,瑞德。
-You shall have the biggest and the most vulgar ring in Atlanta.-那将是这里最大的钻石戒指了。
-I'll take you to New Orleans for the most expensive honeymoon...我会和你去新奥尔良度蜜月……
-...my ill-gotten gains can buy.-……那将是最豪华舒适的。
-Oh, that would be just heavenly.-噢,太好了。
-And I think I'll buy your trousseau for you, too.-我还要给你买嫁妆。
-Rhett, how wonderful, but...-瑞德那太好了,可是……
-...you won't tell anybody, will you, Rhett?-你不会告诉其他人的,对吧?
-Still the little hypocrite.-还是有点要面子。
(心火 Firelight)
-Your asked to see me?-是你想见我?
-I wanted a moment alone with you before I go.-我想在离开前与你单独聚一聚。
-Please. Have a seat.-请坐吧。
-Miss Laurier...-罗小姐……
-... I won't waste your time.-我不会浪费你的时间。
-I'm a single man,-我是个单身汉,
-with 5,000 acres to my name.-名下有五千亩地。
-If you would consider a life in America,-你肯考虑在美国生活,
-I would be proud to take you there,-我很乐意带你去的,
-as my wife.-把你当作妻子般带去。
-You pay me a very great compliment, sir.-你实在令我受宠若惊了。
-But the answer is no.-但你还是拒绝我的建议。
-I'm afraid so.-你说对了。
-You don't know till you ask.-总得问过才知结果嘛。
-You're not too disappointed, I think.-我想你不致太失望吧。
-I hardly know you.-我并不太熟悉你。
-So I won't act as if I can't live without you, but...-总不致于没有你就活不下去,但……
-A man can get his hopes up pretty high pretty quick.-不知你会不会改变初衷。
-I'm sorry.-很对不起。
-Just so I know...-我想请教你……
-I'll be doing this again one of these days.-我迟一些可能还会向人求婚。
-Is there anything I can fix?-我还有什么可以自我改善呢?
-Like my dress...-例如我的衣着……
-...how I talk?-我的言行举止?
-No, Mr. Taylor.-不必了,戴先生。
-Any lady would be fortunate to be courted by you.让你求婚的女士其实都三生有幸。
-Any lady but you.可惜你不是这样想。
(爱情故事 Love Story)
- I mean you should keep at it. - Who said I won't?- 我的意思是你应该坚持不懈。- 谁说我不会?
-I'm going to study with Nadia Boulanger.-我要和拿迪尔布兰格学习。
-Next year. I have a scholarship in Paris.-明年。我在巴黎有份奖学学习。
-Yeah, I've never been to Europe. I can hardly wait.-啊,我从没去过欧洲。我都等不及了。
- How long have you known? - Come on, Oliver. it's stupid. Would you please. It's inevitable.- 知道多久了?-别这样,奥列弗,别这样愚蠢, 这是不可避免的。
-What is?-什么意思?
-That we'll graduate, we'll separate. You'll go to Law School.-我们会毕业然后我们会分手。你会去法学院。
-What are you talking about?-你在说什么?
-You're a millionaire, I'm a social zero.-你是富家子弟,我是一文不名。
-What do you mean? We're together, we're happy.-你什么意思?我们在一起,我们快乐。
-Harvard is like a bag full of toys, but when the holiday is over, -you have to go back where you belong.-哈佛就象个充满玩具的袋子,但是假期结束,你得回到属于你的地方。
- Back to bake cookies? - Pastries. Don't make fun of my father.- 回去烤蛋糕?- 不要拿我父亲开玩笑。
-Then don't leave me, Jenny!-不要离开我,珍妮!
-What about my scholarship and Paris, which I've never seen in my -whole god damn life?-那我的奖学学习和巴黎怎么办,我还没见过呢?
-What about our marriage?-那我们的婚事呢?
-Who said anything about marriage?-谁在说什么婚事?
-I'm saying it, now.-我现在说。
-You want to marry me?-你想娶我?
-That's a good reason.-那是个好理由。
(毕业生 The Graguate)
-Good god.太好了。
-We can go get our blood tests tomorrow.-我们明天可以去体检了。
-Tomorrow? - Or this afternoon.-明天?-今天下午也行。
-It's a good day for it.-今天很好啊。
-Benjamin, I haven't even said I'll marry you yet.-班,我还决定要嫁给你呢。
-We'll need our birth certificates.-要我们出生证明的。
-I happen to have mine with me. Where's yours?-我刚好带在身上,你的呢?
-I just don't think it would work. - Why wouldn't it?-我觉得不太可行。-为什么?
-Why wouldn't it? - I just don't think it would.-为什么?-我就觉得不会。
-Tomorrow, then. Can we get our blood tests tomorrow morning?那我们明天再去体检好吗?
-Why don't you just drag me off if you want to marry me so much?-如果你那么想和我结婚为什么不直接把我掳走呢?
-Why don't I just drag you off?-为什么不直接把你掳走?
-All right. I will, right after we get the blood tests.-好。体检之后我会做的。
-I have to see Carl first.-我要先见卡尔。
-Carl who?-卡尔是谁?
-Carl who?-卡尔是谁?
-Carl smith. He's a medical student. We've known him for years.-卡尔史密斯读医学的,我们认识很久了。
- Who, that guy at the zoo? - Yes.-在动物园的那个?-是的。
- Why do you have to see him? - Well, I said I might marry him.-为什么你要见他?-我说过可能会和他结婚的。
-You what?!-什么?!
-How did he do it?-他是怎么做的?
-Did he get down on his knees?-他跪在地上吗?
-He didn't get down on his knees, I hope.-我想,他没有那样吧。
-No, Benjamin.-他说了什么?我很好奇。
-He said he thought we'd make a pretty good team.-他说我和他会组织一个好家庭的。
-Oh, no. He said that? - Shh!-噢,他这样说了?-嘘!
-Where did he do it?-他在哪里做的?
-'d like to know where it happened.-我想知道在哪里。
-It wasn't in his car, was it?-不会在他的车上吧?
-Good night.-晚安。
-Are we getting married tomorrow?-我们明天可以结婚吗?
-The day after tomorrow?-后天呢?
-I don't know. Maybe we are, and maybe we're not.-不知道。也许可以,也许不可以。
(阿甘正传 Forrest Gump )
-Will you marry me?-你能嫁给我吗?
-I'd make a good husband, Jenny.-我会做个好丈夫的,珍妮。
-You would, Forrest.-你会的,福雷斯。
-But you won't marry me.-但你不能嫁给我。
-You don't want to marry me.-你不愿意娶我。
-Why don't you love me,Jenny?-你为什么不爱我,珍妮?
-I'm not a smart man,-我不是很聪明,
-but I know what love is.-但我知道什么是爱。
(四个婚礼一个葬礼 4 Weddings and 1 Feneral )
-Hi! You're soaking. Come in.-你湿透了,进来。
-No, no. l'm fine.-不,我没事。
-Comes a point you can't get wetter.-湿到一个程度就不能再湿。
-Okay, l'll come out. -No, please don't.-那么我出来。-不,请不要。
-l just wanted to check you're okay.-我只想来看看你好不好。
-Not busy killing yourself or anything, but....-有没有忙着自杀之类,但……
-But you're fine, so....-但你都好好的,那么……
-l shouldn't have come to the church this morning. l'm sorry.-我今天实在不应该去观礼,对不起。
-No! No!-不!
-Wait. lt was all my fault. l mean, l'm the bastard here.-等等,是我不好,坏蛋是我才是。
-And it definitely sorted out one thing, which is, marriage and me...-起码弄清楚了一点就是,婚姻和我……
-...we're very clearly not meant for one another.-显然没甚么缘分。
-Sorted out another big thing as well.-也弄清楚另一件重要的事。
-There l was, standing there in the church...-我当时站在教堂里……
-...and for the first time in my whole life l realized l...-……我生平第一次意识到……
-...totally and utterly loved one person.-……我全心全意爱著一个人。
-And it wasn't the person standing next to me in the veil, it's...-却不是身旁戴面纱的那位……
-...the person standing opposite me now...-而是现在在我面前的这一位……
-...in the rain.-……雨中的你。
-ls it still raining? l hadn't noticed.-雨仍在下吗?我感觉不到。
-The truth of it is...-真相是……
-..l've loved you from the first second l met you.-……我对你是一见钟情。
-You're not suddenly going away again, are you?-你不是又打算掉头就走吧?
-No. l might drown, but otherwise, no.-不,我可能会被淹死,否则我不会走。
-Okay, okay. We'll go in.-我们进去。
-But first, let me ask you one thing.-但先让我问你一句。
-Do you think...-你说……
-...after we've dried off...-……待我们干透了……
-...after we've spent lots more time together...-……待我们共处更久之后……
-...you might agree...-……你会不会答应……
-...not to marry me?-……不嫁给我?
-And do you think...-你是否愿意……
-...not being married to me might be something you could - consider...-……考虑不嫁给我……
-...doing for the rest of your life?-……然而以此作你的终身大事?
-Do you?-你愿意吗?
-I do.-我愿意。


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