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分类: 四级资料

绝对实用的四级高频动词词组 (1)

abandon oneself to★  沉湎于;纵情于
【例】   Don’t abandon yourself to pleasures. 不可一味享乐。
accord with★★  相符合;相一致;相和谐
【例】   Our information doesn’t accord with his report. 我们所了解的情况和他的报告不相符。
account for★★  ①是……的原因 ②(在数量、比例方面)占
【例】   ① He couldn’t account for the missing funds. 他无法对丢失的资金作出解释。
  ② Senior citizens in this state account for more than 25 percent of the population.
accuse of★★★  指责;控告
【例】   He was accused of murder. 他被指控犯有谋杀罪。
acquaint ...with★★★  使认识;使了解;使熟悉
【例】   She acquainted them with the facts. 她让他们了解了事实真相。
  You must acquaint yourself with your new duties. 你必须熟悉自己的新职责。
act on/upon★  ①遵照……行动,奉行 ②作用于,影响
【例】   ① He gave me good advice, but I didn’t act on it.
  ② Alcohol acts on the brain. 酒精影响大脑。
adapt to★★★  ①适应 ②使适应
【例】   ① Our eyes slowly adapted to the darkness. 我们的眼睛慢慢地适应了四周的黑暗。
  ② She had to adapt herself to the life in Paris. 她必须适应巴黎的生活。
add to★★★  增添
【例】   The balloons added to the festival atmosphere. 这些气球增添了节日的气氛。
add up★★  ①把……加起来 ②说得通,合乎情理
【例】   ① Add up these figures for me, please. 请帮我把这些数字加起来。
  ② His story didn’t add up. 他的叙述不合情理。
add up to★★  ①合计达 ②意味着
【例】   ① These figures add up to 245. 这些数字的总和是245。
  ② Your answer adds up to a refusal. 你的回答意味着拒绝。
adhere to★★★  ①黏附,附着 ②坚持(意见、信仰等)
【例】① The mud adhered to his feet. 泥巴黏在他的脚上。
  ② He resolutely adhered to what he had said at the meeting.
adjust to★★  ①适应 ②使适应
【例】   ① Astronauts in flight must adjust to weightlessness.
  ② We adjusted our watches to local time. 我们按当地时间校准了手表。agree on/upon★  对……取得一致意见
【例】   They agree on the terms of the contract. 他们就合同条款取得了一致意见。
aim at★★★  ①瞄准,对准 ②以……为目的
【例】①I aimed at the door but hit the window. 我瞄准的是门,却击中了窗户。
  ②She was aiming at a promotion. 她当时一心想得到晋升。
allow for★★★  考虑到,顾及,为……留出余地
【例】Allowing for the bad weather, we should set off soon.
amount to★★  ①总计,共达 ②意味着
【例】   ① The cost amounted to $240. 费用共计240美元。
  ② What you say amounts to a direct accusation. 你的话等于直接指责。
answer for★  对……负责
【例】   You will have to answer for your violent behavior in court.
appeal to★★★  诉诸;求助于
【例】   He appealed to reason to win his argument. 他靠理性在辩论中获胜。
apply to★★  ①向……提出申请(或要求)   ②适用于,与……有关
【例】   ① We have applied to the government for a home improvement grant.
  ② The question in the second half of the form applies only to married men.
approve of★★★  赞成;认可;喜欢
【例】   My father did not approve of my marriage to Mary. 我父亲不赞成我和玛丽结婚。
arise from★★★  由……引起;起源于
【例】   The country’s present difficulties arise from the reduced value of its money.
arrive at★★  达成(协议) ;得出(结论) ;达到(价格、年纪)
【例】   After many hours’ talk, the committee arrived at a decision.
ask after★  ①问候 ②要求;需要
【例】   ① He always asks after you in his letter. 他每次来信都问候你。
  ② The miners are asking for another increase in pay. 矿工们要求再次加薪。
    This matter asks for immediate attention. 这件事需要立刻处理。
associate with★★★  结交,与……交往
【例】   I don’t like you associating with such people. 我不喜欢你和这样的人交往。
assure of★  ①使对……确信不疑 ②保证(某人)得到
【例】   ① He assured us of his ability to solve the problem.
  ② He assured his clients of a pleasant holiday.

attend to★★★  ①注意,留意;倾听 ②致力于;处理 ③照料,照顾

【例】   ①  I wish that I had attended to his advice. 我当初要是听他的忠告就好了。
  ② He has a great deal to attend to today. 他今天有许多事要处理。
  ③ You’d better attend to the children first—they need their breakfast.
attribute to★★★  把……归因于
【例】   She attributes her great age to a carefully planned diet. 她认为自己的高寿是饮食得当
back up★  ①(使)后退 ②支持
【例】   ① Will you please back your car up? 请把你的车往后退好吗?
  ② The police wouldn’t have believed me if you hadn’t backed me up.
bargain for★  ①为……讨价还价 ②[通常用于否定句] 预料;指望
【例】   ① They spent hours bargaining for the valuable painting.
  ②  I hadn’t bargained for such heavy rain, and got wet without a raincoat.
base on/upon★  把……建立在……的基础(或根据)之上
【例】   Direct taxation is usually based on income. 直接税通常是以收入为依据的。
be about to★★★  刚要;马上
【例】   We were just about to leave when you called. 我们正要走的时候,你来电话了。
be bound up in★  专心致志于,忙于
【例】   I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you. I was bound up in committee meetings.
be bound up with★  与……有密切关系
【例】   Economic progress is closely bound up with educational development.
be composed of★★  由……组成
【例】   Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. 水是由氧和氢组成的。
be made up of★★★  由……组成
【例】   The new company is made up of several smaller organizations.
be to blame★  该受责备;应承担责任
【例】   She is in no way to blame. 她决不应该受到谴责。
bear in mind★  记住,把……记在心里  (=keep in mind)
【例】   I’ll bear your advice in mind. 我会记住你的忠告的。
bear with★  忍受,容忍
【例】   I could not bear with his hot temper. 我忍受不了他的急脾气。
beat about the bush★  转弯抹角地说,旁敲侧击
【例】   Say what you have to say and don’t beat about the bush. 有什么就说吧,别拐弯抹角了。become of★  [主语为what或whatever] 结果(如何) ;遭遇(如何)
【例】   What became of the people who lived next door? 以前住在隔壁的人怎么样了?
believe in★★★  信仰;相信
【例】   I believe in his good character. 我相信他品德良好。
belong to★  ①为……所拥有 ②属于,是……的成员
【例】   ① The blue coat belongs to Mary. 那件蓝外套是玛丽的。
  ② He has never belonged to a trade union. 他从没加入过工会。
blame...on/upon★  把……归咎于
【例】   You can’t blame the rise in prices on the government. 你不能把物价上涨归咎于政府。
block off★  阻挡;隔开;封锁
【例】   The police blocked off the street where the gunman was hiding.
blow up★  ①爆炸 ②(使)充气 ③大发脾气,大怒
【例】   ① A chemical factory blew up in that state. 那个州的一家化工厂发生了爆炸。
  ② Help me to blow up the tires, will you? 帮我把车胎打足气,好吗?
  ③ She had never thought he’d blow up so violently. 她从没想到他会发这么大的脾气。
boast about★★  吹嘘,夸耀
【例】   She is always boasting about how clever her son is. 她总是吹嘘自己的儿子多么聪明。
book in★★  ①(替……)签到 ②(为……)预订(房间)
【例】   ① He booked in immediately on arrival at the office. 他一到办公室就签到了。
  ②  I have booked you in at a hotel close to my house.
break away★★★  ①突然离开;逃脱 ②脱离;脱落
【例】   ① Several prisoners broke away last night. 昨晚好几个囚犯逃跑了。
  ② A lot of members of the Labor Party have broken away. 许多工党成员退党。
break away from★★  摆脱;从……退出;放弃
【例】   Can’t you break away from old habits? 难道你就不能改掉旧习惯吗?
break down★★★  ①坏掉;失灵 ②(健康等)垮掉,崩溃
【例】   ① The lift broke down, so we had to walk up the stairs. 电梯坏了,我们只好走上楼去。
  ② His health broke down under severe strain. 他的身体在极度紧张状态下垮掉了。
break in★★★  ①破门而入 ②打断谈话,插嘴
【例】   ①  I came home to discover that thieves had broken in and stolen everything.
  ② Listen attentively; don’t break in so often. 注意听,别老插嘴。
break into★★  闯入,强行进入
【例】   We had to break into the house as we had lost the key.
break off★★★  中断,突然停止
【例】   He broke off his work to answer the telephone. 他停下手头的工作去接电话。
 break one’s heart★  使某人伤心
【例】   Her husband’s death broke her heart. 丈夫的去世使她悲痛欲绝。
break the ice★  打破僵局;打破冷场
【例】   The President broke the ice by asking me how I liked New York.
break through★★  ①突围 ②冲破 ③作出重要发现(或创见)
【例】   ①    The soldiers have managed to break through. 战士们艰难地突出重围。
  ②    The crowd broke through the lines of police. 人群冲破了警察的警戒线。
  ③ They have broken through in various fields of research. 他们在各个研究领域都有所
break up★★★  ①打碎;拆散 ②破裂;分裂;分解 ③(使)分散 ④(使)结束
【例】   ① The frost will break up the soil. 霜冻会使土壤开裂。
  ② The marriage later broke up. 这桩婚姻后来破裂了。
  ③ They tried to break up the meeting. 他们企图驱散集会的人。
  ④ They decided to break up the partnership. 他们决定终止合作关系。
bring home to★  使清楚,使明白
【例】   A teacher should bring home to children the value and pleasure of reading.
bring about★★  导致;带来;引起
【例】   He brought about a quarrel between his parents. 父母因为他而吵了一架。
bring around★★  ①说服 ②使恢复知觉(或健康)
【例】   ① He wasn’t keen on the plan, but we managed to bring him around.
  ②  I am sure the doctor’s new medicine will soon bring him around.
bring down★★  ①使落下(或倒下)  ②降低,减少
【例】   ① The storm brought down almost all trees. 这场暴风雨几乎把所有的树都刮倒了。
  ② Measures are taken to bring down the temperature in the workshop. 车间里采取了
bring forth★★  ①产生;引起 ②提出
【例】   ① These efforts will surely bring forth good fruit. 这些努力必将产生良好的结果。
  ② He brought forth a new plan at the meeting. 他在会上提出了一项新计划。
bring forward★★★  ①把……提前 ②提出;提供
【例】① They have brought forward the date of their wedding by one week.
  ②  I can bring forward more cases to illustrate my argument.
bring up★★★  ①养育;教养 ②提出
【例】   ① She brought up five children. 她养育了五个孩子。
  ② Don’t bring up that embarrassing topic. 别提出那个令人尴尬的话题。
build in★★★  使成为固定物;使成为组成部分
【例】   The cupboard in the kitchen was built in the walls. 厨房里的碗橱是嵌在墙上的。build into★★  使固定于;使成为……的一部分;
【例】   A completion date was built into the contract. 完工日期写入了合同。
build on/upon★  把……建立于……的基础上
【例】   Insurance business is built on trust. 保险业是建立在信任的基础之上的。
build up★★★  ①逐步建立 ②增加;增强;增进 ③聚集;积累;集结
【例】   ① They have built up a good reputation. 他们逐步建立起了良好的声誉。
  ② You must build up your strength after your illness. 病愈后你必须增强体力。
  ③ Clouds are building up over the sea. 云在海面上聚集。
bump into★★★  偶然遇见,碰见
【例】   He hopes to bump into some of his old classmates at the party.
burn out★  ①烧尽,烧完 ②熄灭; (热情、怒气等)消失
【例】   ① The candle burnt out. 蜡烛烧尽了。
  ② Don’t let the fire burn out. 别让火熄灭了。
burst into★★★  ①闯入,冲进 ②突然……起来;爆发出
【例】   ① Bill burst into the conference room. 比尔闯进了会议室。
  ② She burst into song. 她突然唱起歌来。
burst out★  ①大声叫喊 ②突然……起来
【例】   ①“Don’t go out!”  he burst out.  “别出去!”他喊道。
  ② He burst out crying like a child. 他突然孩子似的哭了起来。
call for★★★  ①喊着要(某人)来 ②要求;需要
【例】① The baby is calling for his mother. 宝宝正喊着要妈妈。
  ② Such delicate negotiations call for great patience. 这样微妙的谈判需要极大的耐心。
call in★★★  ①请……来;召……来 ②叫……进来(或进去)
【例】   ① As the child’s condition grew worse, the parents called in a doctor.
  ② Please call another student in. 请叫另一个学生进来。
call it a day★  收工,今天到此为止
【例】   It’s getting pretty late — let’s call it a day. 天很晚了,今天就干到这儿吧。
call off★★★  取消
【例】   He phoned me and called the appointment off. 他打电话给我,取消了约会。
call on/upon★★  ①访问,拜访 ②要求;请求;号召
【例】   ①  I hope to call on you at your office this afternoon.
  ②  I now call upon the chairman to address the meeting. 现在请主席为会议致词。
call up★★★  ①打电话(给)  ②召集;征召……入伍 ③使人想起
【例】   ①  I’ll call you up from the airport as soon as I land. 我一下飞机就从机场给你打电话。
  ② The commander called up all the forces for the attack. 指挥员集中了全部兵力来进攻。
  ③ The smell of those flowers calls up my childhood. 那些花儿的气味让我想起了童年。cannot (help) but★  ①不得不 ②[后面跟不带to的不定式] 不由得,不禁要
【例】   ① He cannot but admit that he was wrong. 他只好承认自己错了。
  ②  I could not but weep at the sad news. 听到这则不幸的消息,我禁不住哭了。
cannot help★★  [后面跟动名词] 不禁要,忍不住要
【例】   I couldn’t help laughing when I saw his haircut. 看到他的发型,我忍不住笑了。
care for★★★  ①照顾,照料 ②喜欢;喜好;爱
【例】   ① He is caring for his elderly parents. 他照顾着年迈的父母。
  ② He cares for her deeply. 他深深地爱着她。
carry forward★★  推进;发展;发扬
【例】   After the death of the store’s founder, his sons carried forward the business.
carry off★★★  拿走;夺走;偷走
【例】   Thieves carried off the farmer’s sheep during the night. 小偷夜里把农民的羊偷走了。
carry on★★★  继续,进行下去
【例】   We can carry on our discussion after lunch. 我们可以午饭后继续讨论。
carry out★★★  ①实行;执行;进行 ②完成;实现
【例】   ① We expect him to carry out his promise. 我们期待着他履行诺言。
  ② Once  the work  is started,  it must be resolutely carried out. 工作一旦开始,就必须
carry weight★  有分量;有影响
【例】   Any recommendation of  this professor carries (great) weight. 这位教授的任何推荐都
cast off★  抛弃,丢弃
【例】   Some people cast off clothing long before it is worn out. 有些人衣服还没有穿破就扔了。
catch at★★  试图抓住;拼命抓住
【例】   He caught at the ball but missed it. 他想去接球,但没接住。
catch hold of★  抓住;得到
【例】   He caught hold of a log and was saved from drowning. 他抓住了一根木头,因而没有
catch on★★★  ①流行起来 ②懂得,理解
【例】   ①  I don’t think this strange new fashion will catch on. 我看这种奇特的新样式不会流行
  ②  It took me a while to catch on. 我过了一会儿才明白过来。
catch sight of★★★  发现;突然看见
【例】   We caught sight of the boat as it emerged from the thick fog. 船从浓雾中出现时,我们
catch up with★★★  赶上
【例】   When will this country catch up with Japan in industrial production? 在工业生产上,这
个国家什么时候能赶上日本?centre around★  以……为中心;集中于
【例】The discussion centred around reducing waste. 讨论集中在减少浪费的问题上。
check out★★★  结账后离开(旅馆)
【例】   Bob checked out an hour ago. 鲍勃一小时前结账离开旅馆了。
check up★★  检查(身体) ;核实
【例】   I asked the doctor to check me up. 我请医生检查一下我的身体。
check up on★★  检查;调查;核实
【例】   Let’s check up on our stocks of fuel. 咱们检查一下贮存的燃料吧。
cheer up★★★  高兴起来;振作起来
【例】   She’ll cheer up when she sees her son. 她看到儿子后会高兴起来的。
clean up★★★  (把……)收拾干净
【例】   She cleaned up before we arrived. 我们到达之前她就收拾干净了。
clear away★★★  拿走;移开;清除
【例】   Please clear your papers away so that I can serve dinner. 请把你的报纸拿走,我好把
close down★★★  停业,停产
【例】   When  the supermarket opened, many small shops had  to close down. 这家超市开业
close in★  逼近,迫近;包围过来
【例】   Darkness was gradually closing in. 夜幕渐渐降临了。
collide with★★  与……相撞
【例】   As the bus turned the corner, it collided with a van. 公共汽车在拐角处转弯时和一辆货
come about★★★  发生,产生
【例】   How did this accident come about? 这个事故是怎么发生的?
come across★★★  偶然遇见,碰上
【例】   She came across some old letters in the course of her search. 她在找东西时发现了一
come at★★★  ①攻击;冲向 ②获知;发现;了解到
【例】   ① That man came at me with a big stick. 那名男子拿了根大木棍向我冲来。
  ②  It was a long time before we came at the truth. 过了好长时间我们才了解到事实
come between★★  ①使分开;离间 ②妨碍;打扰
【例】   ① We shouldn’t let a little thing like this come between us. 我们不应该让这样的小事使
  ② He won’t let anything come between him and his daily work. 他不让任何事情妨碍他
come into effect★★  实施;开始生效【例】   New laws to control rising prices have come into effect. 控制物价上涨的新法律已经开
come out★★★  ①出现,显露出来 ②被披露;被获知 ③结果是
【例】   ① The stars came out as soon as it was dark. 天一黑,星星就出来了。
  ② At last the truth has come out. 真相终于大白了。
  ③ How did the story come out? 故事的结局如何?
come to★★★  ①苏醒,恢复知觉 ②总数为,共计 ③涉及;谈到
【例】   ① He fell unconscious and didn’t come to until he reached the hospital. 他失去了知觉,
  ② The bill came to $130. 账单共计130美元。
  ③ When it comes to politics, I am completely at sea. 说到政治,我是一窍不通。
come true★★  (预言、期望等)实现,成为事实;应验
【例】   His hope of living to 100 did not come true. 他想活到100岁的愿望没有实现。
come up★★★  出现,发生
【例】   I’ve been looking for a new job, but nothing suitable has come up yet. 我一直在找一份
come up to★★  (在质量等方面)比得上;达到(标准等)
【例】   Your recent work hasn’t come up  to your earlier standards. 你最近的工作没有达到以
compare to★★★  把……比作
【例】   Poets have compared death to sleep. 诗人把死亡比作睡眠。
compare with★★★  ①把……和……相比 ②比得上
【例】   ①  If we compare French schools with British schools, we  find  there are many
differences. 如果把法国的学校和英国的学校相比较,我们会发现许多不同之处。
  ② Social life in a village cannot compare with that of a large city. 乡村的社交生活比不
compensate for★★  赔偿;弥补
【例】   Nothing can compensate for the loss of one’s health. 失去的健康无可弥补。
concentrate on★★★  ①集中精力于 ②将……集中于
【例】   ①  I can’t concentrate on my work when I am hungry. 我饿了就无法集中精力工作。
  ② We must concentrate our efforts on improving our quality of service. 我们必须致力
consist of★★★  由……组成(或构成)
【例】   The committee consists of twelve members. 该委员会由12个成员组成。
contrast with★★  (通过比较表明)与……有差异;与……形成对照
【例】   Her actions contrasted sharply with her promises. 她的行动和她的诺言有天壤之别。
contribute to★★★  有助于;促成;导致
【例】   Fresh air and exercise contribute to good health. 新鲜空气和运动有助于身体健康。
cope with★★★  有效地应付;妥善处理【例】   There was too much work for our computer to cope with. 需要我们的计算机处理的东
correspond to★★  相当于;与……相似
【例】   The American Congress corresponds to the British Parliament. 美国的国会相当于英国
count for★★★  有……价值;有……重要性
【例】   Such men do not count for anything. 这样的人没有什么用处。
count on/upon★★  依靠,指望
【例】   We can always count on him (for help/to help us) in any emergency. 在任何紧急情况
cover up★★★  ①把……盖起来 ②隐藏;掩盖;掩饰
【例】   ① Cover up the soup so that the flies don’t get at it. 把汤盖起来,免得让苍蝇碰到。
  ② She tried to cover up her nervousness as she waited to make her speech.
cut back★★★  减少,缩减
【例】   They were forced to cut back the education budget. 他们被迫削减教育预算。
cut down★  削减;减少
【例】   The doctor told him to cut down his consumption of fat. 医生建议他减少脂肪的摄入量。
cut in★★  插嘴,打断
【例】   She always cuts in when other people are talking. 别人谈话时她老插嘴。
cut off★★★  ①切断;阻断;打断 ②使分离;使隔绝
【例】   ① The fence cuts off our views of the sea. 篱笆挡住了我们观看大海的视线。
  ② Why did he cut himself off from society like that? 他为什么那样与世隔绝?
date back to★  追溯到(=date from)
【例】   My interest in stamp collecting dates back to my schooldays. 我从学生时代开始就爱好
deal in★★★  经营,做……生意
【例】   Do you still deal in paint and wallpaper? 你还在经营油漆和墙纸生意吗?
deal with★★★  处理;对付
【例】   I’m used to dealing with matters of this sort. 我习惯于处理这类事情。
deceive into★★  欺骗……(去做某事)
【例】   They deceived us into buying a house that would be pulled down soon.
depart from★★  背离;违反
【例】   We cannot depart from our regular practice in such cases. 在这种情况下,我们不能背
depend on/upon★  依靠,依赖;取决于
【例】   Health depends on good food, fresh air and enough sleep. 健康靠的是有营养的食物、
新鲜的空气和充足的睡眠。derive from★★★  从……中得到
【例】   He derives a lot of pleasure from meeting new people. 他从结识新交中得到许多乐趣。
descend from★★  起源于;从……传下来;是……的后裔
【例】   This house descended from our ancestors. 这所房子是从我们祖上传下来的。
descend to★  (境况、声誉等)降低到,堕落到
【例】   You ought to be ashamed of yourself for having descended to such falsehood. 你竟然
devote to★★★  把……专用于;把……献给
【例】   I have to devote part of my income to paying my debts. 我得把部分收入用于还债。
die away★    (声音、风、光等)  变弱,逐渐消失,逐渐止息
【例】   The hum of conversation died away as the curtain rose. 大幕拉开时,嗡嗡的谈话声渐
die for★★    [仅用于进行时态]  渴望,热切期望
【例】   I’m dying for a cup of water. 我真想喝杯水。
die of★★  因……而死
【例】   They died of hunger and cold. 他们死于饥寒交迫。
die out★★★  ①(习俗、做法等)消失,过时 ②(家族、物种等)灭绝,绝迹
【例】   ① Many old customs are gradually dying out. 许多旧习俗正在逐渐消失。
  ② Elephants would die out if men were allowed to shoot as many as they wished.
direct to★★★  ①对……讲(或写)  ②给……指去……的路
【例】   ① Please direct your complaints to the manager. 请你去向经理投诉。
  ② Can you direct me to the post office? 请问到邮局怎么走?
dispose of★★★  丢掉;除掉,处理掉
【例】   We have disposed of the rubbish. 我们已经对那些垃圾进行了处理。
do away with★★★  废除;除掉;取消;摆脱
【例】   It is time to do away with some of the old laws. 该是废除某些旧法律的时候了。
do one’s utmost★  竭尽全力
【例】   The ambassador did his utmost to prevent the outbreak of war. 大使竭尽全力防止战争
do without★★★  没有……也行,无须
【例】   No one can do without sleep for very long. 长时间不睡觉,谁都受不了。
draw in★★  ①(天)渐黑; (白昼)渐短 ②(汽车或火车)到站
【例】   ① We got near our destination as day drew in. 快黄昏时我们接近了目的地。
  ② That express drew in ten minutes late. 那列快车晚点10分钟进站。
draw up★★★  ①起草,拟订 ②(使)停住
【例】   ① He drew up a list of the guests for the dinner. 他拟出一份出席宴会的客人名单。
  ②  I drew the horse up only in time to avoid hitting the child. 我刚好及时勒住了马才没
有撞上孩子。dream of★★★  ①梦见,梦到 ②向往,渴望
【例】   ①  I dreamed of my grandmother last night. 昨晚我梦见了奶奶。
  ② When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a surgeon. 我年轻时渴望成为一名外科
drop by★★★  顺便(或偶然)访问(=drop in)
【例】   Drop by some time. 有空就顺便过来坐坐。
drop out★★★  退出;辍学;
【例】   She got a scholarship to Cambridge but dropped out a year later. 她得到了剑桥大学的
dwell on/upon★★  老是想着;细想,全神贯注于
【例】   She is a person who dwells upon her grieves. 她是个老想着伤心事的人。
emerge from★★★  从……中出来(或出现)
【例】   The moon emerged from the clouds. 月亮从云层后面显露出来。
end in★★★  以……为结果,结果是;导致
【例】   Their marriage ended in divorce. 他们的婚姻以离婚而告终。
end up★★★  终结,告终
【例】   If you don’t slow down, you’ll end up in hospital. 你要是不减速,最后会出事进医院的。
enter into★★★  ①进入;进入……状态 ②开始;开始考虑;着手处理
【例】   ① These words have entered into general use. 这些词已经被广泛使用。
  ② They entered  into negotiation with  their business  rivals. 他们开始同生意的对手
entitle to★★★  [常用于被动语态]  使……有权(做某事) ;使有获得……的资格
【例】   Only members of the company are entitled to use the facilities. 只有公司职员才有权使
expel from★★  ①把……从……中赶走(或开除)  ②把……从……中排出
【例】   ① The headmaster may expel the boy from the school. 校长可能要开除这个男孩儿。
  ② The whale expelled water from his blowhole. 这头鲸从鼻孔把水排出。
expose to★★★  使受……的作用(或影响)
【例】   Stay indoors and don’t expose your skin to the sun. 呆在室内,别让皮肤在太阳下暴晒。
face up to★★★  勇敢地应付;正视,承认
【例】   You must  learn  to  face up  to your  responsibilities. 你必须学会勇敢地承担起自己的
fall back★★★  后退;退却
【例】   The crowd fell back to let the policemen through. 人群向后退去,以便让警察通过。
fall behind★★  落后
【例】   He always falls behind when we are going uphill. 我们登山时,他总是落在后面。
fall in love (with)★  爱上,喜爱
【例】   I’ve fallen in love with your beautiful house. 我已经喜欢上了你这座漂亮的房子。fall short of★★★  达不到(目的、要求等)
【例】   Your work falls short of the expected standard. 你的工作没有达到预期的标准。
fall to★★  开始(做某事)
【例】The old friends met and fell to talking about their school days. 老朋友一见面就开始谈
feed on/upon★★  以……为食
【例】   Sheep feed mostly on grass. 羊主要以草为食。
feel like★★★  想要
【例】   I feel like a cup of tea. 我想喝杯茶。
fgure out★  理解;弄明白
【例】   I’ve never been able to figure him out. 我一直不能理解他。
fle for★★★  正式要求,申请
【例】   They have filed for divorce. 他们已经正式申请离婚。
fll in★★★  ①填满;填平 ②填写;填入
【例】① They filled in the hole with dirt. 他们用土把这个洞填平了。
  ② Please fill in this application form. 请填写这张申请表。
fnd fault with★★  抱怨;挑剔,找……的岔子
【例】   Mary seems to find fault with everything. 玛丽好像对什么都吹毛求疵。
fnd out★★★  找出,查明,发现
【例】   They have found out the truth. 他们已经查明了真相。
ft in★★★  相处融洽,适应环境
【例】   Sophie joined the local drama club but didn’t seem to fit in, so she left.
ft in with★  与……相符(或一致、相配等)
【例】   Her account fits in with the facts. 她的叙述跟事实相符。
focus on/upon★★  聚焦于;集中于
【例】   Many firms are focusing on increasing their markets overseas. 许多公司注意扩大海外


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