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[转载]Speak and Live the Truth (说出来,让生活更真实)

(2010-04-19 00:03:41)


分类: 2010上半年课文翻译



2009年 9月版河北省学位英语第10课 


Speak and Live the Truth (说出来,让生活更真实)


It happens all the time. A boss asks us to do something we don't believe in, but we do it anyway. Or we see a neighbour abuse their child, but we don't say anything. Or we have a special gift to share, but we don't.



But now, many of us are rethinking such compromises. We're speaking up more, and doing what's right for us. Even if it means someone might dislike us or ridicule us. We're beginning to speak and live our truths.



Many of us are finding the courage—not because it's so special to do, but because it's harder not to. When we suppress the truth, part of us dies inside, and pretty soon, we compromise too much and are no longer ourselves.



"It takes a lot of courage to be who you are," says Patrick Tan, a trainer for a personal development course which highlights integrity principles.

“做回自己需要很大的勇气。帕特里克 坦说,一位教授自身发展课程的老师,这门课程就是强调诚实原则。


For those who live this way, the potential rewards are great. Living our truths can create more aliveness, a clean conscience, more love, and contribution to others.



"When you're honest and living with integrity, you feel good," says Tan. "And your positive energy will influence the people around you."



Living your truth takes courage. In doing so, we often risk disapproval from family, friends and colleagues.

Patricia Perera was in love with a young businessman, whom she admired for his honesty, integrity and sense of humour. But because of their different backgrounds (she is Indian and he is Malay), her mother disapproved.



But Perera insisted on staying with the man she loved.



By the time she was 22, she had known her boyfriend for three years, and had many fights with her mother over it. Perera constantly felt afraid that she would be thrown out of the house. One day, the straw broke. Her mother exploded, "1 forbid you to see him! As long as you live in my house, you will live by my rules!"



Perera shot back, "Fine, you can have your rules!" Then she calmed down, and explained, "Hey Ma, I love you, but I don't want to live with regrets, so I have to do what I have to do. And I will face all the consequences of my decisions and my choices, because they are mine." Perera then packed her things and left. She knew that she had to lead her own life. And though it meant losing her mother's support, Perera spoke the truth of her heart.

佩里拉继而愤道:“好吧,你可以有你的制度”一会平静下来后,她解释“妈妈,我爱你,但是我不能在懊悔中生活,我要做我要做的。我将要面对所有的我的决定和选择带来的困惑,因为那是我的。佩里拉然后带着她的东西,离开了家。她知道她必须拥有自己的 生活,即使失去了母亲的支持,佩里拉说出了自己的心声。


Living your truth can also mean admitting something painful about yourself or those close to you.



Sanath Ee, a programme coordinator, felt great shame in admitting that his son has attention deficit disorder (ADHD), resulting in poor memory, a short attention span, wild movements and anger tantrums > m^c).



"Usually as a father, you wouldn't accept that your child has this kind of problem. I just refuse to accept this kind of thing in my family," said Ee. "We'd been living a lie to ourselves, that everything is fine, everything will be fine."



 But eventually, Ee started to accept his son's condition. "No matter what, he's still my son."



In admitting one's truth, one doesn't know what the rewards will be—one can only see the possible consequences. Sometimes, the rewards may take years to materialize. One must simply trust in one's convictions, and know that by living your truth, it will be for the highest good of everyone involved.



After she moved out, Perera stayed in an empty apartment, with no facilities. She struggled to save money. Eventually she got a promotion and a raise.



Sometimes, the process is painful. As Ee learned about his son's disorder, he increasingly blamed himself, "I felt, why was I being punished? What did I do wrong? Why is fate so unfair to me?" But slowly, Ee stopped blaming himself and started dealing with the problem. He sent his son to special classes. He joined a parents' support group for ADHD kids, and encouraged other fathers to participate.



"Such experiences strengthen one's character," says Tan. "When you live your truth, you seem to have tremendous courage, to be able to face whatever situation. It seems that nothing can stop you."      
    “ 这样的经历锻炼一个人的性格。Tan说。当你活在现实之中,你将拥有巨大的勇气去面对所有的问题,没有什么能够阻挡你。


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