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20071224  圣诞礼物:我翻译著作 天谷鸟巢圣谛克劳斯的故事  4

(2007-12-22 11:26:42)


Chapter Three 第三章 


"Get in this house`n shut that icebox door!" Tommy hollared and motioned big time with his arms and hands.      



"B-A-N-G!" The door slamed tight.     



"Stranger,who are you,why, that be you Miss Huneysuckel, well goldurn look at you. I thought you were a man under all them clothes.Lordie mercy, what`s chewin on you, look at that pretty little face, where`s that smile always make folks happy?"   



"My family is  belly hungry and Christmas mornin is less than two days off and I don`t have a scrath of no chance of doin nothin bout it, done tried everthang includin my  dang old Uncle Skinflint Willie and that dang Brother Polly! I just need a measley yellar chicken and some toys to make it through."     



"Miss Huneysuckel, don`t you know, everybody in the s-a-m-e shape all around. Only chicken and toys locked up in yonder General Store and that be the same as the only money in this here town, all locked up in that old rusty vault of old man Willie Saul,shut up tight to folks like you and me and them high and mithty muck-i-dee-mucks aint goina share nothin with poor folks like all of us."



"Guess……"Miss Huneysuckel took off Bub`s hat and ran her fingers through her hair, then put that hat back on,"Guess……"   



"Mam, stop guessin, you aint no different from nobody else in these parts, we`re all broke and all the guessin in the world aint goina change that, so sit down and have some of Tommy`s special cyidee and stop thinkin bout chickens`n toys," Tommy smiled real big,"its goina be alright, Mam." 



The Widder walked behind the  counter and drug out Tommy`s harp and held it in her arms like it were some kind of sweet baby. She always played Tommy`s harp when she came to town. She played a tune and Tommy got his mouth organ and played along with her, it seemed to cheer her up or maybe it was the hot cider she just gulped down. 



"Mam, you got real magic with that harp." Since his own sweet wife died Tommy looked forward to Miss Huneysuckel forward to town cause she was the only one left around those parts could play it and its sweet angel sounds reminded Tommy of his late wife Willie Mae and all her bein in heaven now, playin the Lord`s amen-harp fer all the angels. Tommy was a real lonely man without his Willie Mae.      



"What`s all that stuff in the corner over there,Tommy?"     



"My good luck and some cityslicker salesman`s bad luck, see, dang fool tried comin over the mountain on the old Stage Coach Road and he tore the whole bottom outfromunder his audid-mow-bill, so`s he had to trade me all them there mops and brooms fer the wurk, cause he was plum out of money. Good swap i`m athinkin, folks always goina need brooms and mops,might even go in competition with old man Polly and open me up a combination gas station broom and mop store."     



Miss Huneysuckel got up and walked over to the corner and rummaged through the stuff," lookie there, a whole crate of baby mops, lands sakes, what you guess them be for."  



"Shucks, who else but almighty dumb sidewalk city fer-i-ners I guess, Hee-haw-haw-haw," Tommy got a big laugh just thinkin bout how dumb he thought city folks were. 



They both had a big laugh, "Haw-haw-haw-de-harr-haw," then Miss Huneysuckel started thinkin a minute and then she got up and asked Tall Tommy somethin private like, whisperin so nobody could hear, even though wern`t nobody there.



Without one word, Tommy got up, picked up a big burlap bag and went over to the corner and put somethin in that bag."don`t know what you can do with them, but you`re welcomed to them."     



"Tommy, you`re the only friend I got, thanks." She near shook Tommy`s hand off when she looked inside that bag,then Miss Huneysuckel drug that harp back of the counter and slung that bag over her shoulder, picked up Bub`s old gun and headed out the door. " Thanks Tommy! You`re a good man."      



Miss Huneysuckel headed down Main Street towards the Bank. In front of the Bank she stoped and looked at the clock her Pa had put in the window, six aclock, and she could still see Miss Eller, Uncle Willie`s secretary, sitting at her desk with a stack of them papers her mean old Uncle was talking about, but them just wern`t no ordinary papers, them were families with feelin`s and they would soon be out in the snow, put out of their houses fer Christmas, Miss Huneysuckel wondered if her Uncls Willie would take their Santie Claws presents if they had any."Mercy.... what a shame," Miss Huneysuckel thought outloud.   




Miss Huneysuckel must have been thinking that if her father was still alive, Miss Eller would be home in her warm little house and all the good folks starving in the Hollar would have soup enough for everybody on the stove, real gravy soppin soup aromanizing Willie Saul almighty Gizzard was in charge now and he was going to get his way, putting folks out of their houses and keeping hot soup just a dream and keepin Santie Claws out of the Hollow and Gizzard Falls for the Christmas of Nineteen and Thirty-Three.



She shook her head again real sad like and thought wouldn`t be no Santie Claws stoping at her house except maybe if she could figure out a way to make those baby mops, Tall Tommy gave her, look like little doll babies.    



"Maybe I am just a noaccount Widder never amount to nuthin without another old man." she talked out loud to herself and watched her frosted breath disappear in the cold air in front of her face looking like white frosting on a coconut cake."maybe I aint never goinna be able to feed my family....dang it, when`s all this misery goina end?"  



"BURRRRRRRRR!" She got the bone shakin shives,"Gota think warm, gota   get home, gota think warm, gota get home!" Miss Huneysuckel thought of as many pretty warm thoughts as she could,thinking that butterflies and daisies and roastin hens, cornbread and quilts spread out on green grass at Sunday church socials would get her mind off how cold she really was, but no matter how hard she tried thinking warm, the Widder couldn`t help but remember what her Uncle Willie Saul Lord Almighty called her, deadbeat dreamer thinkin she could make it without another man, or was that what the ladies at church called her, BURRRRR, didn`t matter cause all she was was cold and one of them nothins without a man. Weren`t her shame ever goina end? Would she be able to feed them children of hers?      




"Whup-tee-du!" It was a welcomed sight to see a little fire up on the top of the mountain when she got to the place the Indians had always called Stone Door, it was always called Stone Door cause the little slit in the top of the mountain let folks through like a door to a cabin, made it easier goin over the mountain.   



"Whup-tee-du!" But then she thought, most likely it would have to be outlaws hideing out on a night like this and fer dang sure they would probably take her rifle, but more than likely they`d alaugh at them baby mops she was tryin to make dollies out of fer Santie Claws presents fer them six youngens who didn`t know that stingy and Mr. Willie Saul Gizzard were interchangable words with the same heartless meaning.



"BURRRRRRRR!" Then bad thoughts crossed her mind,"if they find out I`m a woman somethin terrible might happen to me."   



"I don`t care if they be outlaws, I`ll just change my voice and talk like Bub use to talk,they aint never goina find out, man, I just gota have me a piece of that fire." she marched straight for that warm blazein fire, stompin around and cussin just like a man.    



"Aint no night to be out in the cold stranger," it was just on big man, not narry a gang and he was sittin behind the fire restfull like just smoking his pipe, sittin there with the kind of surity about him that said I aint afraid of nothinor nobody.      



Still he probably was an outlaw, but Miss Huneysuckel didn`t mind cause when the stranger talked it reminded her of honey dripping over the edge of a hot stack of flapjacks, mellow and smooth, anyway Miss Huneysuckel thought about it and said to herself that she`d rather get skinned by this outlaw than her own flesh and blood Mr.Willie Saul a-l-m-i-g-h-t-y Gizzard. Miss Huneysuckel bellied up to that fire like a coon dog to a coon.      



"There`s coffee in that pot and tin cups in yonder sack,plenty,so help yourself." The stranger laughed and his breath looked like another one of them cakes with sugar frosting, guess you can tell Miss Huneysuckel be mighty hungry cause almost everything be remindin her of  somethin to eat and she still didn`t have no chicken, dag-nab-it. 



"Where you from stranger?" She gruffed her voice and slurpped her coffee,"grrrrrahhhhhh!"



"Way up north."     “从北方来。”


"grrrr where you headed?"     “啧……那你到哪里去?”


"Way down south." “到南方去。”


"soooo," whoops she forgot,"grrrr you aint no outlaw, is you?" 



"Why you asking," the stranger looked at her real strange,"do I look bad like an outlaw?" I think he was suspecting that she was a mighty funny soundin man.  



"aint no sheriff or possee hot on your trail……" Miss Huneysuckel looked all around.     



"Farmer,you worry an all-full lot." “嘿,我可爱的农妇,你是不是太多心啦……”


"grrrr aint no worrin bout nothin,just seein where I got to jump when the lead starts a flyin."  



"Don`t fret yourself, I`m just travelin through farmer, I got my delivery truck over yonder." Miss 

Huneysuckel looked all surprised and strained to see and could actually see the truck`s windows glowing in the dark blizzardy snow, reflecting the fire`s light.      



"man,grrrr don`t you know, grrrr that be near impossible, draging a truck all the way up here, grrr on top of thishere mountain, hu, grrrr how`d you get way up here with all that rig,anyway?"      



"Weren`t easy."       “那很简单。”


"easy, hu, grrrr near impossible! Stranger, you know where you are?"      



"Expect you gointo tell me."   “愿闻其详。”


"You be totterin on the edge of Gizzard Mountain, just the tallest mountain in these whole parts, tallest mountain till you get to the Great Smokey Mountains in the east and them Rocky Mountains in the west and just any wrong wiggle and you and all that rig gointobe buzzard bait somewhere way down there!" Miss Huneysuckel pointed into the dark.



"What you got in that big bag, farmer?"       “你那大袋子里装的什么东西啊?”


"grrrrrr, why you askin?"      “呵,呵,你干嘛问这个呢?”


"What you got in that bag?"   “袋子里到底装的什么东西?”


"nothin, grrrrr not narry a thing you`d be interested in, i`m thinkin."  



"something you steal, something real valuable? Maybe the sheriffs after you."  



"naw, grrrr I aint stole nothin, just somethin I got fer my youngens, grrrrrrr just tryin to make Santie Claws out of nothin."



"Give me a look, i`m good at making things out of nothin, might say, that`s my trade."    



"nope, no need to bother yourself, grrrrr you`d probably make fun of me, anyway I`ll tell you right now, i`m just a deadbeat dreamer tryin to hold my family together, can`t afford to buy store bought Santie Claws this here year, no what i`m sayin?"      




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