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About Love 恋爱地图

(2007-11-11 18:45:09)
分类: 蒼穹流影~~電影
    About <wbr>Love <wbr>恋爱地图    Tokyo、Taibei and Shanghai;Meeting、lovelornness and secret admire.
    Chapter Tokyo:Painter Mejiko is thrown by his boyfriend with words in 4 minutes although they have a relationship of 3 years. In the rushing crowds, Yao who studies abroad comes across Mejiko who is cring for the lost love and is attracted by her. On the same night, Yao sees Mijiko's works on that there is a road stretching to the horizon under a clear sky. But in the second, the blue sky has changed as a grey one, the golden haulms besides the road as grey ones.After then, in order to inspire Mijiko,Yao begins to cartoon to record Mijiko's mood,one day one works, and then afflixes to the door of her atelier.  She gets better day by day.The works is finally completed. The road is still under a blue sky but staight, and have an end. In the street of Shegu, Yao catches up with Mijiko bravely .Finally, they meet.On this day, there is a colourful cartoon in Yao's hands.
    Chapter Taibei:Lovelorn Asi calls her Japanese friend Atie to carry the bookshelf.In the sense of lone, they braces eachother and kiss.suddenly, Asi pushes Atie away and tells him that she is just use his body to miss other man.Asi let Atie to call out her former boyfriend but fails.In order not to hurt the feeling of Asi, A tie delivers to Asi illegibly with his broken Chinese.But Asi knows.They return by motor, Asi feels relived and waves to the palce in which the former lover lives.
    In the poured rain, the motor comes to a long tube.The yellow light of tube lamp brings infinite wormth to Asi.Nevertheless, Asi knows that the tube is short and after it there still comes the rainy journey. But she says silently----thank you, tube;thank you Atie. 
    Chapter Shanghai:Yunyun is a student of high school and Japanese boy Kepen lives in the second floor of her house. Kepen's girlfriend sends a postcard from Barcelona telling him to break up. Kepen with great pain tears the postcard into pieces.Yunyun picks up the pieces carefully and adhibits in order to find out the reason why they break up.Yunyun curls her hair for Kepen said his former girlfriend had curled hair and very cute. Angry Mom staitens Yunyun's hair and Yunyun looks at Kepen with tears in her eyes. Kepen seems to understand something but he wards.
    Kepen is going to return homeland,Yunyun says "Te quiero" to fairwell.She tells him this means "goodbye" in Spanish.In the leaving car, he waves and say loudly "Te quiero", and leaves her behind with tears all over her face.
    修平要回国了,蕴蕴说“Te quiero”跟修平告别,她说这是西班牙的“再见”。在远去的汽车里,修平挥手大喊着“Te quiero”,蕴蕴泪流满面。
    A year later, Kepen returns Shanghai,he is told that "Te quier"means "I love you" in Spanish by a sudden chance. The former houses where he lives has come to ruin.In front of the wall where they play baseball together, he sighs with deeply emotion. 
    一年后,修平重返上海,偶然的机会,他知道,西班牙语中“Te quiero”是“我爱你”的意思。过去租住的平房已经犁为平地,在那面曾经一起玩过棒球的墙前,修平无限感慨。
      About <wbr>Love <wbr>恋爱地图
     This is a pure love literary film。In every story, there is something impresses us. The paint, the tube and the "Te quiero", tell love of different style,different language,different results.
     这是一部很纯粹很纯粹的爱情文艺片,在每一段故事里,都有让人记忆深刻的点滴。那幅画,那段隧道,还有那句“Te quiero”,讲述着不同方式的爱情,不同的语言,不同的方式,不同的结局。
    Dramatis personaes are experiencing confusions on future, entanglemant with past, struggle with life and disconsolateness with love.More of that,there is the loneliness of a person and privity of two persons.In the flow of people,they  meet, lie and depart.Yes,there exists regrets.But ,the film is meant to tell us hope,wormth and memory,and this is more important. 
    The paint of Mijiko , an beyond horizon road under grey clouds at once,becomes clear sky and a road with an end.At the same time, in the cartoons of Yao,Mijiko has changed from crying to smile. All of this stands for hope.In the rain ,on the motor, Asi braces hardly of Atie;in the tube, the worm lignt shines on them, it is wormth. In front of ruins, lost Kepen has thin sorrow but the memory will go with him for life.
    This is a young film,telling young storys,young casual actions.The casual incidences leave worm snippets one by one.
    As to actors,youth sometimes has its fault----not so good acting.For example,the stiff monolog of Chenbolin drew the chapter of Tokyo back.Besides, in the grasps of lovelornness, the shyness of secret admire,the young actors also have some flaws.
     To sum up, this film is able to worm out heart and brings out resonance.


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