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(2007-06-28 12:21:26)


分类: 空中英语教室
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sc070108[Formula One Races Ahead 2-1][PDF笔记]
January 8, 2007 - Speed
Formula One Races Ahead F1錦標賽全速前進
The world's leading motor sport attracts new fans in Asia 世界首要的汽車賽事招來新的亞洲車迷
by Linda Ludwig
  Sleek cars race at high speeds as top racecar drivers compete for millions of dollars in prizes. Welcome to Formula One Grand Prix racing, the world's premier motor-racing competition!
1. sleek 表面十分光滑的,这里可以做流线型,如海豚游水般。
2. speed, hurry, hasten, quicken, accelerate, precipitate
Speed  指快速的运动或行动:at speed 飞快地
The train sped through the countryside.火车飞驰而过乡间。
Postal workers labored overtime to speed delivery of the Christmas mail.
Hurry  意指比通常快得多的速度,经常伴随着混乱或骚动:
If you don't hurry, you'll miss the plane. 如果你不迅速些,你将会错过班机了。
Quicken  ,特别是accelerate 是指增加活动、成长或进步的速度:
The dancer's breathing quickened as she approached the end of her solo.
2. racecar 赛车 Formula One Grand Prix racing(F1国际汽车大奖赛) premier 首要的,第一的。
  Each racecar must meet certain specifications in everything from the engines to the tires. These make up the "formula" in Formula One (F1). The F1 cars are not only the most technologically advanced but also some of the fastest in the world. At times, they reach speeds of over 190 mph. In addition, F1 cars are the world's most expensive racecars. Millions of dollars go into their research, manufacturing and operation.
1.meet the requirement/specification 一个外企常用的表达,达到要求或规格。
2.in everything=over all,全部,遍及(adv.)
3.tire/tyre, 美国和英国的拼写不同
tire, weary, fatigue, exhaust, jade
Tire  是一个笼统的,非特定的词;这个词通常表示由于努力、过度、烦闷或无聊产生的一种状态:
Long hours of arduous hiking tired the scouts. 长时间的艰苦跋涉把这些童子军给累坏了。
Weary  和tire 一样,可以指力量或忍耐力的消退, 但通常带有一种很强的不满的含义,如由于让人讨厌或厌烦的事所导致:
found the journey wearying; 觉得旅行很累人;
fatigued by the day's labors; 被一天的劳作弄得疲惫不堪;
Exhaust 指筋疲力尽, 这个词表示体力或情感力量的完全耗尽:
“Like all people who try to exhaust a subject, he exhausted his listeners”  (Oscar Wilde).
“象任何想详尽无遗地论述一个题目的人一样,他把他的听众弄得疲惫不堪”  (奥斯卡"王尔德)。
Jade  主要指由于过度放纵所致的厌倦
4. Make up 构成,组成=form/create
5. not only…but also 不仅也是   at times 不时,time可以理解为次数
6.In addition=What’s more  go into 投入,探究/此处可扩展句子
  It's the drivers’ skill, however, that makes or breaks the race. The driver who can turn corners the
fastest without losing control is often the winner. And the winner can earn big money in these races. Forbes magazine listed F1 racecar driver Michael Schumacher as the second highest-paid athlete in 2005 after Tiger Woods.
1. make or break 成败 u make it.你对了
2.Without control/without losing control 前者是无控制,后者是不失控
3.The second highest 最高级加排序的用法
4. athlete运动员,player(比赛者,演奏者,演员) track and field(田径)
[Key Word] sleek ; premier ; specification ; in everything from ... to ... ; not only ... but also ... ;
technologically ; make or break sth.

[Word Bank]
premier (adj) 一流的;首要的: Only top players can compete at Wimbeldon, England's premier tennis tournament.
specification (n) 規格: What are the specifications of your new kitchen cabinets? How big are they going to be?
technologically (adv) 工藝上;科技上: Right now, living on the moon is technologically impossible.
make or break sth. (idiom) 決定……的成功或失敗: A politician's ability to connect with voters can make or break a political career.

[Usage Tips] "Millions of dollars go into their research, manufacturing and operation."
我们可以说:people pay millions of dollars for their research, manufacturing and operation. 句中的go into有“投入”的意思,它使文章的句子显得灵活轻巧。例句:
1. A lot of preparation goes into making a good speech.
2. Much of her effort goes into raising funds for children with disabilities.
Amount of money or a resource + go into + sth.:
1. The detective used much of his time solving this crime. = Much of his time went into solving this crime.
2. We used all our money on this new house. = All our money went into this new house.

[Today's Word Skit] make or break
[Chat Room] Forbes magazine ; an authority on ... ; Forbes 500 ; informative & information
[Language Tips]
sleek (流线型的/光滑的/剪裁合身的): a sleek convertible ; The cat had sleek black fur. ; He wore a sleek
pin-striped suit to the party.
specifications (缩写:spec): The product was made according to the customer's specifications. The computer's specifications were listed and ...
make or break sth.: A star ... can ... make or break a movie.
 The ... can make or break a product's sales.



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